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  1. The reason I asked for advice on this board is because after 5 years I thought he could give some real perspective. Hindsight is 20/20. Who better to ask? The time difference was the reason I responded at all. I also agree about the crazy golf parents wanting their 5 yr olds to go pro, but if you notice the question was about teenagers who’ve only been playing a couple of years and are independent golfers, not the ones who's parents are dragging out the toddlers to the range. Independent is the key, it has to be the player’s passion. As for why I didn't let my 14 yr old daughter post the question on a message board full of older men, Really? I'll parent my own kid, you parent yours. We just wanted some advice about golf from someone with relative perspective. There has been some great advice from some about golf, let’s leave the social issues on another board. Thanks.
  2. My 14 yr old is having the exact same issues. Playing 2+ years and one full year of tournaments. She is a +2.4 hdcp but shoots mid 80's on easy courses in tournaments. She plays a lot of tourneys. I figure it has to be in her head. She plays most days and shoots at or under par on difficult courses from the men's tees. Put her in a tournament and it's a different golfer. Did any of this work out for your son? Which advice did you try and what would you recomend? How is his game now? Thanks for any advice.