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  1. Hi Carl & iacas, Thanks for the welcome. My youngest son is living in Winter Park and is hoping to graduate from UCF (you can't finish) in Dec.
  2. I believe that I will be somewhat better than the 10.0 I am now in a year. My 71st birthday is a few weeks away and I fully believe I can get back to mid single digits with practice. I was in the 4 range for most of my 46 years of playing golf but got Ocular Melanoma 7 years ago and believe me very poor vision in your dominate eye will wreck your game. I retired a few months back and have been playing a lot and and practicing some. I am now going to play a little less and practice a good bit more. I have gotten the long game back to where I can normally hit 10 or more greens a round, shooting high 70s to low 80s. I am now practicing the short game more so I have high hopes of soon eliminating most of the 80s. My best year ever was age 59/60, qualifying for and making Match Play in the USGA Senior Amateur, having Rule 10-3 put on me because as a 4 I shot 2 under in qualifying and 1 under in one of the Medal Play rounds. That made me a +1 for a year.
  3. A beautiful North Florida Golf day to everyone out there. I just joined and just bought "Lowest Score Wins". Cannot wait for it to arrive
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