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  1. Check the Playgrounds forum for tons of Phoenix/Scottsdale information.
  2. I played Grayhawk (Raptor course) last weekend and the rough was longer and the greens faster than usual in preparation for the frys.com open in a couple of weeks.
  3. As a rule I find anything shouted at a golf event, other than a cheer, annoying and generally moronic.
  4. Ignoring my avatar for a moment I would play Murphy Creek before I played Arrowhead. Arrowhead is great for the scenery which appeals to those form out of town but as far as golf goes Murphy Creek is, in my opinion, a better course.
  5. I would take a new set of irons. My driver is "old" but I think I would benefit more from a new set of irons.
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys. Might be tough to pull off this time, maybe another time. I lived in Seattle for awhile not too long ago and I remember all too well the traffic. No es bueno.
  7. For those of you that have played Chambers Bay can you give me an idea of how long your round took? I ask becaue I am going to be in Seattle for a wedding in a few weeks and would LOVE to play the course on Saturday before the wedding. Thanks.
  8. Not quite. Give Eagle Vail Golf Club a shot. I think you can play for about $100 until noon and about $75 after that.
  9. Any thoughts on the Westin Kierland? My wife are staying there but haven't heard much about the course and at $130 I would prefer leaving the grounds to play a better course. Right now I'm booked at We-Ko-Pa Saguaro and TPC Stadium and would like to play Gold Canyon and Grayhawk. I have 4 days available for golf so if I hear really good things about Kierland I will most likely drop the round at the Stadium course. I don't mind these tough decisions!
  10. FTW I'll add this for what it's worth; if you conclude a post with "mods, please feel free to delete at any time" then you probably shouldn't submit the post.
  11. I'm at a point where I am striking the ball fairly well and consistently but that has not translated to lower scores so I would vote for scoring well.
  12. It's one thing to post a score that is +/- a few strokes from your actual score but to post a score that is 22 shots lower than your actual total is crap. Not sure what he is trying to accomplish because if you tell folks that you are a +1 and you go out and shoot 19 over then your credibility starts to take a hit.
  13. I use it each time I play. The sun in Denver can really blast you if not properly protected. I usually apply a lotion based sunblock at the house before I go out and then use a spray bottle at the course as I don't want my hands slimey from the lotion.
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