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  1. Hi, I'm wondering how do you practice, and how have your practice techniques developed over time? I'm starting to learn golf myself. I felt the best way was to start off with putting as that could save me some shots overall. I'm never really used a driver/irons before, but I did have an understanding of putting, albeit rather basic. I bought myself a little putting mat off Amazon and started off at 1ft, moving a foot further back every 20 successful strokes in a row. Next for me will be chipping, before going onto driving. I'm tempted by some lessons too, just so I can improve as I'm at the start of my golfing career. How about you?
  2. Hello from the UK

    Thanks for the welcome!
  3. Hello,I'm here to try and learn how to play golf but in order to do that, I feel that I need to lose weight, with the advice of others helping me along the way.I'm currently about 18st 6lb, and at 5ft 8, it certainly isn't "healthy" at all. That's mainly because with my job it means sitting around at a desk for 8 and a bit hours, before going back to the hotel and eating "bad" food, meaning next to no exercise at all.I'm looking for hints and tips along the way. I've had a look at 'My Protein', which suggests having 3 meals (breakfast, dinner and tea) along with 2 protein shakes a day. Normally, my meals are high carbohydrates and fat too which won't help at all.Does anyone recommend the Weight Loss bundle found on My Protein? It comes with one Diet Whey Protein, CLA, Thermopure, Omega 3 and Daily Vitamins. The last 4 are all capsules. (Tried posting link but because I'm new it won't let me).Would that help? What exercise do you suggest?The more advice the better to be honest. It'll all help.Cheers,Andy
  4. Hello from the UK

    Hello, A new member here. I'm considering playing golf a lot more, to give me something to do when I have a quiet weekend, or when I want to use my holidays up at work. Currently, I've never played before at all, apart from taking a putter around when my Dad used to play and throwing the ball on the green and seeing if I could quickly putt it. Also, I occasionally have a game of Crazy Golf too. Other than that, I have no experience at all. I'm thinking about taking some lessons with a local pro and seeing how it goes from there. Also, I want to play golf to hopefully lose some weight that I have. So my current set up is nothing, no clubs, no balls, no bag. Any hints and tips that you could give me would be great though, starting from scratch! Cheers, Andy