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  1. Checking out the Chili Wacker

    The Chiliwacker was built out of necessity. As a PGA Director of Instruction I felt it would help me be more efficient during a group lesson if I could just make something to hold the foam. It's placement and knowing where to put it, is the key! Thanks for the feedback. -Eric Chiles
  2. Checking out the Chili Wacker

    Guys. ? = a thumbs up Emoji. Sorry for the confusion.
  3. Checking out the Chili Wacker

    Gents, What he said! ???. The end goal is to not need the feedback provided by The Chiliwacker with enough reps. After some serious reps- The ball flight and your contact with the ground (divot) should be telling you without the Chiliwacker. But, until it's mastered- it's the best way I have come up with so far after 22 years instructing to 'dictate someone's path'. Thanks guys, Eric C. PS. I am seeing all your requests for a tripodless version. The committee has been notified. ?
  4. Checking out the Chili Wacker

    Hi guys. It's Eric the inventor of The Chiliwacker. I just joined your site. I appreciate the feedback both positive and negative. I am 45 and not all that computer savvy. I am going to do my best to answer your questions as to how or why The Chiliwacker is designed, built, or used. Be patient with me at first, I'll try to catch on fast! Cheers, EC The tri pod we finally went with is the most 'heavy duty' of multiple that we tried over multiple generations until we felt ready to go into production. We included a tri pod based on the assumption that not all of our users are teaching professionals or camera/photography enthusiasts. However, as a teaching pro myself it was talked about. The connection between the foam bumper mounts and the tripod also took more than one attempt to get strong enough to take the impact and energy transfer from one of my best player/students. Clayton Rask (PGA Tour Canada) has Driver speeds in excess of 120mph so we definitely broke a few while maximizing the Chiliwackers durability. Thank you, Eric Hi Denny, My first prototypes were pvc. But they kept breaking. Lol. I went through a lot of epoxy in the early stages. (5minute epoxy in between lessons sometimes) It's taken multiple generations and multiple years to get something that I trust will represent me and the company. She can take some serious abuse, but direct hits to the tri-pod are a failure in common sense. I appreciate the kudos. I never realized how many hoops there are to take a prototype to production- it's been eye opening but worth it in my opinion. The reason the foam is elevated higher is due to my years teaching swingplane based positions. After years of teaching plane/path (ESPN Schools and Hank H) I came to the conclusion that if a player can get the shaft on plane and proper at (position 4 we'all call it) halfway down on the downswing - the party is pretty much already over at that point. (Face not included- but let's hope that's proper) From that position you are either correct and can just 'let it go' or if not, you need to manipulate that shaft and club head - which, over time is just not repeatable nor is it as fast as possible. Hope this helps. Thank you, Eric Chiles? PS. Just swing it through the foam bumpers and your plane/path will be proper and in the 'speed pocket' as Roberto Diaz calls it.