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  1. MrGolfguy67

    My Swing (billchao)

    That's great, glad you're happy.
  2. MrGolfguy67

    Putting Tips

    Its not BS when its reality. Have a great night.
  3. MrGolfguy67

    My Swing (billchao)

    OK, thanks for answering. I always practice in the shoes i play in, to keep everything consistent.
  4. MrGolfguy67

    Putting Tips

    What? For me its one quick look and fire, when its my turn to putt the ball is rolling at the hole in less than 30 seconds. It's all the over analyzing and walking around trying to find the break that makes rounds take over 3 hours. Its maddening.
  5. MrGolfguy67

    Putting Tips

    Wrong. Dunit507 is asking for advice on making more 8-10 foot putts. I relayed my experiences that i have found many putts that range can be played inside the hole with good success, therefore suggesting to him to try that out (noting the exception of very slopey greens).
  6. MrGolfguy67

    Putting Tips

    Have you ever played the courses i play regularly? If not then it seems you could not know.
  7. MrGolfguy67

    My Swing (billchao)

    Do you play actual rounds of golf in those sandals? Are they golf sandals? If not it seems like your feet would slip because the soles are probably not designed to secure your feet during a golf swing.
  8. MrGolfguy67

    Putting Tips

    I can't speak for anybody else, just stating what i have observed and found to be true.
  9. MrGolfguy67

    Putting Tips

    That's what i'm saying, a surprising number of putts are 'pretty flat' and the correct line is inside the hole.
  10. MrGolfguy67

    Sub Par Round?

    Frame that bad-boy and hang it on the wall. Just because the course was short doesn't take away from the accomplishment; after all you still have to hit the shots and make the putts. Nobody gave you anything. Congrats on your score.
  11. MrGolfguy67

    Putting Tips

    I've found that a surprising amount of putts in the 8-10 ft range can be played 'inside the hole', that is they don't break very much. It seems that many players read and re-read putts trying to find a break and ultimately play a line outside the hole only to miss the putt because it doesn't break that much. Of course there are exceptions on very slopey greens but a good majority of these putts can be played inside the hole with great success.
  12. MrGolfguy67

    How often do you buy new irons?

    My current irons are 10-12 years old and i'm very happy with them, i don't plan on replacing them any time soon.
  13. MrGolfguy67

    What are you listening to?

    The world lost a legendary artist today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBCWLhlJV0Y
  14. MrGolfguy67

    Hello From New Member

    Welcome, enjoy your 'rebirth' into golf
  15. MrGolfguy67

    Shortening Driver Shaft

    It will change the swing weight, you will need to add weight to the head to offset the change in length.

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