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  1. That's probably because i'm not a troll. For the record i was referring to 88 Tour wins - the top number posted (and most important), which is the most on her major tour (in this case LPGA Tour). Sam Snead has 82 to top his major tour (PGA Tour). Who knows, or cares, what other minor professional tour the other wins come from. I stand by my statement that nobody will pass 88 Tour wins.
  2. Her win total will likely never be surpassed by anyone, male or female.
  3. Could be related to launch angle, 2 degrees less loft is significant.
  4. I don't recommend hitting one from 2x,0y I did my last time out and it wasn't good.
  5. Welcome and good luck, swagger is not easily retrieved
  6. Quite an interesting history, born out of the desire to putt better in order to beat the games best players. https://www.oteygolf.com/pages/history
  7. Can't really tell from the photos, it does look to be a several years old model and that is probably why it was only $20. If you hit it good and enjoy having it in your bag then you should keep it, thats my opinion anyway. Good luck.
  8. Option A, have you seen the typical PGA Tour wife? Plus i'd be about a 10x better golfer than i am now and i would make my current annual salary in one 50th place finish. Traveling the world and playing the best courses seals the deal.
  9. Happy Birthday Shannon! I'll honor your day with a photo of you on the links in my avatar.
  10. Don't know why you just can't answer my question.
  11. OK, missed it, the text is really small. Who is the author?
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