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  1. It's called LOIBIP (Loy-Bip) Loss of interest, Ball in Pocket just kidding
  2. First off, "real" par 3s are anywhere from 80 yds to 250 yds. The Postage Stamp, one of the great par 3s in the world, plays at only 85-90 yds. '
  3. It supposedly will show you which side of the hole is higher thus telling you which way the putt will break.
  4. Welcome I watched a lot of the The Nordea Masters on TV last week, were you in the field Henrik?
  5. Soccer shoes? Seems like they would tear up the greens, so my answer would be no.
  6. This is my bag almost exactly, only difference is my wedges are 51, 55, 60
  7. Zach said that he was mad over being put on the clock & making a double bogey. He said he was taking his putter out of the bag and it got stuck on several other clubs, he pulled the putter out with force and several other clubs went flying. Believable story as I've had that happen to me as well.
  8. I agree, drives me nuts; and I see both all the time. Who are these people anyway, its just simple golf etiquette.
  9. Sad news Roger Moore was indeed a very good Bond, much better than any of the Bonds since imo
  10. 40 years of playing 0 holes in one
  11. The hole measures +/- 145 yds I thought, and the drop zone shot is about 80 yds
  12. 11 on a par 4 don't want to talk about it
  13. Exactly. Besides, anybody watching the LPGA tour is likely a die hard golf fan that understands match play and is not going to turn it off just because the top names might get eliminated early.
  14. I understand your points but honestly that is pretty lame; don't televise an event because, maybe, lesser known players might upset better known players and the viewers wouldn't know who they were watching? That's one of the things that makes match play so cool
  15. I thought the LPGA was a big enough deal now to have every event televised; guess not.