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  1. 40 years of playing 0 holes in one
  2. The hole measures +/- 145 yds I thought, and the drop zone shot is about 80 yds
  3. 11 on a par 4 don't want to talk about it
  4. Exactly. Besides, anybody watching the LPGA tour is likely a die hard golf fan that understands match play and is not going to turn it off just because the top names might get eliminated early.
  5. I understand your points but honestly that is pretty lame; don't televise an event because, maybe, lesser known players might upset better known players and the viewers wouldn't know who they were watching? That's one of the things that makes match play so cool
  6. I thought the LPGA was a big enough deal now to have every event televised; guess not.
  7. Don't know about anyone else but I find this very disappointing.
  8. You definitely need a 54 to fill the large gap between your 60 and PW (probably about 48*). You likely know that you can get a quality used one online for a fraction of the cost, that's the route I would probably take. I'd also recommend Titleist or Cleveland, I have one of each and they are both great (also, bought both second hand for very little $ compared to new).
  9. Golf Funk? I'd love to play like Fred.
  10. Welcome, i've had the opportunity to play some courses in the Houston area. What are your favorite courses to play in H-town?
  11. Lexi Thompson played great all week and lapped the field, shooting 18 under par, 4 shots clear of 2nd place. Too bad history will say this never happened. Simple solution: Do away with the stupid policy that allows TV viewers to call or email in potential rules violations. Instead have a rules official parked in front of a TV all day during the telecasts watching for violations, if this official sees something that was missed then they can notify the tournament official and player involved and get things corrected. This all must also be done during that days play, once the sun comes up the next morning there is no going back to change something that happened during a completed round.
  12. Welcome Gunsmoke, say hello to Festus for me
  13. Love watching match play; makes me miss the old Piccadilly World Match Play at Wentworth.
  14. BuckeyeNut, Any chance this guy was a Michigan fan? (It's a joke guys, no offense meant to any Michigan fans on here)
  15. The quickest way to lower your score and increase your enjoyment is by improving your short game (particularly from 50 yards & in plus putting). Work on lag putting from 20, 30, 40, 50 feet - getting down in 2 shots from all distances, minimizing 3 putts, is fundamental in lowering your score. Also work on hitting different wedges from all lies, all distances from 50 yds & in with the ultimate goal of getting down in 3 or less from anywhere. Hit high shots that stop quick if the pin is close & you have little green to work with; hit low shots that take a couple small bounces then roll like a putt if the pin is in the back with a lot of green to work with.