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  1. 2017 Presidents Cup Thread

    So, thru the first 3 days of play the USA was only 1 point shy of the points needed to win the Cup. What if that one match had gone to the USA, giving them enough points to claim the cup? Would they just cancel the Sunday singles matches?
  2. Hello from Toronto

    Welcome from Texas
  3. 303 Yd Par 3 at the Walker Cup

    Seems like they are going from one extreme to the other - (the 78 yd par 3 was mentioned in another thread). Today they are playing a 303 yd Par 3, yes its a little downhill but still. I've never played a par 3 where I would need to hit Driver then wedge to get to the green. These young studs don't seem too phased by it, however.
  4. Best places to live with great muni golf

    Lots of great muni golf in Texas
  5. Favorite golfer

    A. Jimmy Walker B. Tom Watson, Paul Azinger, Corey Pavin, Fred Couples
  6. 2017 Solheim Cup Official Discussion Thread

    USA sweeps the afternoon fourball to take a 5.5 to 2.5 lead. The first ever Session sweep for Team USA.
  7. What are you doing for the total solar eclipse?

    I'm not looking directly at the sun.
  8. Concentration tips

    BE THE BALL sorry, had to
  9. Golf ball in pocket.

    It's called LOIBIP (Loy-Bip) Loss of interest, Ball in Pocket just kidding
  10. First hole in "one" (par 3 course)

    First off, "real" par 3s are anywhere from 80 yds to 250 yds. The Postage Stamp, one of the great par 3s in the world, plays at only 85-90 yds. '
  11. plumb bobbing

    It supposedly will show you which side of the hole is higher thus telling you which way the putt will break.
  12. Hello from Sweden

    Welcome I watched a lot of the The Nordea Masters on TV last week, were you in the field Henrik?
  13. Shoes

    Soccer shoes? Seems like they would tear up the greens, so my answer would be no.
  14. What's In Your Bag?

    This is my bag almost exactly, only difference is my wedges are 51, 55, 60
  15. 2017 Dean & Deluca Invitational

    Zach said that he was mad over being put on the clock & making a double bogey. He said he was taking his putter out of the bag and it got stuck on several other clubs, he pulled the putter out with force and several other clubs went flying. Believable story as I've had that happen to me as well.