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  1. GolferPGA

    I am sorry

    I am sorry for my behavior in the Tour Pro AMA last year. I was a immature person looking for attention. I apologize for causing a disturbance to this site. If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask. I would like for this to become a new start, something we can all laugh about.
  2. Thanks Carl. Treat the practice rounds the same jsgolfer. I get a game plan for where to miss and my "green light" opportunities. But the game plan is adjustable depending on the situation.
  3. I have read the Sand Trap for last month really, as a guest. I always play in Pro-Ams. But I do it because it is a fun relaxed round with amateurs. Wednesday is about them, not me. I have not played with anyone really famous. I just try to commit to my shots. Physical errors will happen, but you can't compound it. Bad shots are ok, dumb shot are not. Please note I am in Las Vegas for Shriners now and am under PDT time. The grind starts now.
  4. Funny you mention the logos. More of an advantage to me and my sponsors. The more airtime I get the happier the companies are with the large sponsor logos on my shirts. Chris, I just treat it the same as any other day. You simplify golf. Make it basic. What motivates me to compete is to get a win. and hopefully that will come this week.
  5. Same answer jsgolfer. 18th at Sawgrass. But the 7th at Baltusrol could give that a run. Built as a par 5 in my opinion. Hole is 505 uphill and unless you want to get super risky makes you hit long iron or 3 wood off tee. Then you have 240 in (Generous tee shot) Fast greens that run like glass added to the equation and a par is like a eagle.
  6. Statistically, I am not sure. I am sure you could check it. The stats might not back this one up but the 18th at Sawgrass is one intimidating hole. Water left on tee shot, approach shot and not an easy green. Tough closing hole.
  7. I wear soft spikes on my shoes. I am okay with the 18th at Muirfield. I like a closing hole that can have a birdie or a bogey. A fair hole. I don't like a hole like 18th at Merion where a birdie is a miracle or 18th at Baltusrol where a par feels like a bogey.
  8. I played there last year, Carl Never got to meet Jack in person until I was a pro.
  9. Favorite course is Muirfield Village. I caddied there when I was a kid. I like the Players because of the 17th, but the Barbasol Championship is number 1. Low pressure. Feel like I can just play golf for the week. Thank you for the support, Gunther. Always nice to gain another fan.
  10. No, I rarely go flag hunting. Unless it is a wedge/short iron or I need to make birdie on 72nd hole. And if it is in the middle of the green i guess. I don't because the PGA makes it where if you miss it in the wrong spot, it is a double bogey. At the pro level, it is about misses, not great shots and picking your opportunities.
  11. I hope so Carl. They need to send a message tonight, though. A victory is a victory but if they beat Cleveland down, they will show them that it isn't over. Get to game 7 and all bets are off. Anything could happen. But to answer your question, no. The Cubs drought will continue.
  12. Natural Patrick, if you mean Monday Qualifying, it is about $400. If you don't need to Monday qualify, it is just a locker room tip/fee of 50 dollars minimum. But most guys always tip more.
  13. Chef Cuts during a round. (Sponsors) But I rarely eat during rounds. Always keep water bottle in the bag... I spend the first day of the week for a tournament getting my numbers squared away on Trackman. All that time in the gym might have messed up some yardages! You are very welcome. It is always good to give advice to those looking for help.
  14. Very astute analysis iacas. I will try to improve upon my ball striking. Adam Scott is an absolute machine though. I will pass on the book, but it sounds like a good read. Thanks for the offer. Mop Bucket, if you mean mini tours (swing thought, pepsi) it takes 16 under over 4 days with conditions the same as PGA tour courses. It is so tough. And the prize money is not what it is on the PGA. So I would say unless you are a solid +4, you won't break even. Sorry but that is the truth. Those guys are ex-pros and college players. However, if you do get to a plus handicap, I would suggest your club championship and state golf association events. These will provide you with the competitive sense, with little pressure. And a lot less money out of the wallet...
  15. Short game. When someone is on (playing great), we all can strike the ball great. But short game helps to cover up bad ball striking. I think I was something like 150th on tour for strokes gained around the green. Not good...
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