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  1. What's up with Cleveland?

    i went to a demo day. and i was talking with a guy from cleveland, and asked him about vijay and his drivers. and it turns out this guy built vijays latest driver. he said as of now, vijay is playing a hibore, 9.5 loft, 4 degrees open, and a XXX flex shaft adam
  2. Titleist 680 and Nike blades

    i forgot to add, that i meant they have weaker loft than other blades, such as titleist and mizuno. thanks for the info, ill look into the J33
  3. Titleist 680 and Nike blades

    my iron play is probably the best part of my game. im not worried about forgiveness. as a matter of fact, im looking for a very unforgiving iron, as i want to know when i make a mistake. i have hit the nike 9 and 6 blade at a demo day, i liked it very much. but it was the only iron i hit that day and so i didnt have anything to compare the trajectory with on that day. the only thing that is keeping me from getting them is the fact that they have a little more loft than standard and from what i heard is that they have a naturally high trajectory.
  4. im looking for new irons after i got rid of my CG1 black pearls because i didnt like the shape of them, a little to long heal to toe for my liking. now, its between the nike blades and the rac mb tp. but on the titleist i came across the 680. but it is listed un 2005 models. and my question is, would i still be able to custom order the 680, as they are listed as custom order only. and my other question, for those that have hit the nike blades, how are they? how is the trajectory? im looking for a low trajectory, with a CG that is high and close to the face. thanks adam
  5. i just got the CG1 BP 2 days ago and i played them for the first time yesterday. and during the round i noticed that in places on the club head, namely the hosel and back, it appeared as if the finish was getting scraped off by the other clubs. I took extra good care of them, no banging around or anything, but i found the scrape marks. So my question to others that have the CG1 BP, or maybe if u have CG10 in the BP finish, is this considered normal? i have never seen anything like is in my old set of 735CM chrome, maybe its just a natural part of the black pearl finish? adam