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  1. Didnt break 80 but I did break my wrist. Im so mad. I was getting somewhere and now its just over. Six to Eight weeks til I can even try to hit a ball. Its my right wrist so I cant even play one handed. Bummed
  2. Nice round !! Its good when the feeling comes back into your fingers on the back 9. Been there , geeze.
  3. Hey guys/gals !! Im anxiously awaiting the mailman today. I have a Metal X Milled #9HT coming today, hopefully. I already have the #6 but the #9HT will be a welcomed addition to the arsenal. It will be my first experience with a mallet style putter. Ive test drove a few and they seem to square up nicely. Mailman should be here by now , dang it !!
  4. Terrible weather , rainy and just miserable. So putting and workin in the mirror. Hit Em Good if you can get out folks !
  5. Went to the range and tested my flat wrist at the top...Contact is real good , an alignment adjustment is needed now. Maybe I should have left myself alone, haha. Keep workin Rick !!
  6. Im practicing in the mirror right now !!! Yesterday I noticed my left wrist was cupped a bit at the top. So Ive been over exaggerating a bowed left wrist. Ive got the feel grooved into my brain right now. I didnt notice how lazy ive been getting at the top. Im gonna hit the range tomorrow and hit some balls and see if i can get my ball flight back. This surely has been why my cut has turned into a "power fade" !!!! Man you have to stay on top of yourself. Mirror work is so important , I will not let that slide again. Bet on it !! Also, it feels like my swing is a little flatter when I flat
  7. Long Iron practice this afternoon !!! Im practicing al the second shots at my home course on the back of the range. Excluding par 3's and short par 4's. Basically gonna practice the shot shapes needed to hit those greens. This is a tip my buddy offered up and im gonna try it. Hit Em Good Yall !!
  8. Went to dinner and im running late !!! Putting on my practice green (birdie ball) too cool and cheap , haha. Doing 3-4 ft circles since I couldnt make one Sunday, geeze.
  9. Wow !! Happy Birthday Yall !! Its a good day. Thanks @iacas !
  10. @mcanadiens haha, Well im with you but we're getting better !! Hit Em Good !!
  11. We have all seen the guys on the golf channel use a hula-hoop. I was watching this morning and Breed was talking chipping so I was glued. I tried it and keeping your hands coming around instead of down the target line feels weird to me while chipping. Is this something worth focusing on ? I sure will if it is a good thing , It just feels odd. I do not want to practice in the wrong direction. Chipping and pitching is something Im trying to dial in so Im willing to try anything. Hula-Hoop really ??
  12. Loving the response to this...Callaway has a mixed set of APEX PRO/APEX CF irons. Im happy with my CF 16's but I would like to hit those APEX Pro Short irons just to see.
  13. @rkim291968 I might be on a mission , haha. Thats probably good advice but I cant help it. This year is all about improvement so I can enjoy golf later in life. Good luck with your game this year and congrats on the Index bud !!!
  14. AHHA !! Here it is.... Just got back from the range. Ball position practice forward , middle and back. Also distance from the ball. Ive been crowding the ball a bit with my longer irons, I think. Get off to a good start this year everybody and Hit Em Good !!
  15. I just got back from the range. Not surprised but it was busy busy. Everyone is ready to start the new year right , myself included. I went through my bag paying close attention to ball placement. Not just forward , middle and back but also distance from the ball. I think ive been crowding the ball a bit with my longer irons. I just completed the 5 minutes daily challenge but im staying the course. Its a good habit and Ive noticed a difference in my game for sure. Couldnt find the January 5 min daily thread to post there but im sure I will. Get off to a good start everyone and Hit Em Good !!
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