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  1. Backswing length practice !! If I dont fix this 30-40 chip shot I cant break 80. So close
  2. working on short game around the greens. Ive been struggling with short pitches and chips. If I can shorten my 1st putts 80 will fall. Opening my wedges up and working on good ball first clean contact. I guess im changing the brakes on my game, haha.
  3. Went to the range early and then played 36 (both courses ) Awesome day !!! Back to work tomorrow , dang it !!
  4. I shot 84 today with 34 putts. Short chips around the green killed my shot to break 80. Putts just to long to hole a high percentage of 1-putts. Great contact all day though, good round for me.
  5. I use a 58 for everything 50yds and in. I tried a 60 and it just gets me in trouble. 58 is all the loft i need at my current talent level. I use a 54 as my sand wedge and 70 yds and in, front pin stuff.
  6. Had the second best round of my life today !! No lucky bounces, no hole outs, no crazy smoke and mirror scores at all. Just a solid 84 with 34 putts. Only had one 3-putt today. I changed my driver from 11.5 to 9.5 and I have never driven the ball so well. I gained 20 yds easy and the roll out is just awesome. Ive been struggling with the driver just going high and dropping like a rock. That adjustment has just changed everything. I hit one today that rolled out 280yds. It was down hill after the first 200yds but still. I hit it good and it set the tone for the day. I made great contact all day
  7. !st at the course today. Had a great round for me ...84 with 34 putts. All this practice is paying off, 79 is coming. It was a pretty windy day and I played the wind better than I ever have.
  8. Walked 18 today for the first time ever. Course was closed for Christmas but its tradition to play if you walk,no trouble. I must say walking gives you time to think about what you are doing and I shot pretty decent today (89). I have a lot of respect for the pros and caddies that walk every single round. Im so tired but it was worth it. Merry Christmas , Nap time for me, geeze
  9. Merry Christmas Everybody !!! Walked 18 today for the first time. No push cart and no caddie either, haha. What an experience, thats the best. I learned alot about slowing down and thinking between shots. Im tired but sports are hard work. Great practice at the chipping green afterward too. Really great day
  10. Hey YAll, Im relatively new to this forum and apparently Ive missed some crazy stuff in the past, haha. I was reading through posts on improvement drills and stuff like that, like I always do. I came across this guy that was looking for financial backing for the Senior Tour !!! Not to pick a scab, (he is banned now ) but ive never laughed so much in my life. This dude was off the chain ridiculous. Im way off our normal topic here and im sorry but I couldnt help but tell you about it. Read that for yourself, Its almost unbelievable. This guy might just be crazy or something. Back me or sack m
  11. Played 18 again and grip practice has paid off. More consistent than usual but still not where I want to be. Hitting wedges in the back and putting while watching football
  12. @Fairway_CY Sorry about you day man. It must be in the air, I had a similar round today myself. Trying to hard and making bad decisions. Tomorrow will be better, Bet On It !! I hope you can ! Perfect gift to yourself, haha. Hit Em Good !!
  13. Played a terrible round today !! Hit the range and worked on my grip and longer irons until I had a ball flight I could work with. Gonna play better tomorrow
  14. Shot a FAT 90 today !!! I couldnt get off the first tee and had a few penalties on the front nine. 47 out, dang it.43 in dang it. Not so good, I dont know. I will get em tomorrow. I did work on a grip issue after the round and found something that should help tomorrow. Ive had a small re-grip at the top with my longer irons for some reason. I set my grip where my re-grip was from the very beginning and bingo ! I was bangin my 4-5-6 iron better than ever. I dont know when that re-grip issue started but it was killing me. Subtle changes are HUGE im learning. I thought my grip was fine but
  15. Have a good time !! Hit Em Good... Short backswing and accelerate through the ball !!! HAHAHA Good Luck bud !!!
  16. Fundamental Day---- Grip, Stance, and alignment. Doing the line drill out back until i can get away to the range. Slow easy swings focusing on my clubface at impact zone. Playing with my stance a little narrower and seeing results already. I dont feel as powerful but i am alot more consistent . I will take that for now ! @Mico Hope you had a great round bud and saw some results from your practice !!!
  17. Christmas Day, Yep Im Playin !!! Im doing the "Walk It Round " on Christmas Day this year. Its gonna be fun. Im wondering if anyone else has done this before. Its my first time on Christmas Day. I wonder if I will be there alone or if a bunch of us are going to be there, haha. My buddies have little ones and cant go but im good, mine is grown and doing his own thing. Free round of golf with no traffic and no stress at all. It just doesnt get better. Hopefully I can take my time and play two balls. The course may just be mine for one day, cant wait !!! With no cart , I better keep it in the s
  18. Headed to the range to work on the short game a bit. The course is closed Christmas day but you can walk it for free, so thats my plan. Looking forward to that !! When you have to walk to the ball, it makes sense to keep it in the short grass, haha. Might hit a bucket with my long irons as well. Always a good thing I reckon !!
  19. I bet Alex Noren doesnt sneak up on anybody this year, OOPS. Kidding, Dude did play great last year. Bet he has a larger state side schedule this year.
  20. Im not breaking 80 YET !! But I have to say that the chrome soft ball is great. Also when I hit a terrible shot, I know without a doubt it wasnt the balls fault. Piece of mind is worth an extra dollar. After all the equipment we buy going cheap on the ball is weird. Plus hitting an expensive ball over a water hazard will make you focus a bit more maybe.
  21. Just spent about 20 mins doing the line drill in the sand. I cant believe how difficult it is to make 5 perfect swings in row !! Its tough for me anyway. Getting better though, I couldnt do 3 in a row just a short time ago. Have any of you tried this drill. Weight transfer and a forward swing bottom is the goal. You know instantly if you missed. @Mico My practicing in the bathroom days are over, haha. A round of golf is considered practice im sure bud. 5-mins wont be too much trouble bud, you're almost there. Hit Em Good this week !!!
  22. Its a lot of fun ! You will be addicted just like the rest of us , haha
  23. Well you have the right idea, except for the alligators, haha. Its a fun hole that has many ways to approach it. Its the one hole that I dont like driving it to far. Its a driver hole for sure but if you get a good one that rolls down the hill....boy its a tough shot. Your right leg is bent to you belt almost. Its so down hill. If you are ever in the area let me know. Its so much fun man !!
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