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  1. I straight love this topic !! Let it rip boys/girls !! Its the one topic that no matter your skill level with the clubs, you can improve. I have a hole that is gettable with a good drive and entices you with the shot of your life with a bad drive. If you hit the 230 yd driver , you can go for the green, no problem. If you hit it real good though,250yds, your approach is from an extreme down hill lie ! I will never forget my first par here. I made the hero shot and landed on the green . I usually "should" lay-up and take my medicine though. If you hit it short, say 190 yds , That hybrid just
  2. I totally agree with you on making a plan ! I just started doing this myself and have seen small results. I know the results will be better as my plans get better. Way to go on your thinking. I bought the LSW book which opened my eyes to "playing the game of golf", not just hitting the ball as far as i can. Shot zones and knowing where to be aggressive and where to play smart is the difference between scoring and getting beat up. Many props to you and good luck buds !! Check out LSW, its full of great stuff to help your "plan" and helps prioritize your shot selection. I hope this thread grows
  3. That place looks awesome !! Glad you have a great place to practice. Im lucky to have a place too , Hitting into that green looks like a blast. Hit Em Good !!
  4. Practicing the A-6 position ? (keeping my hands outside of the clubhead at parallel position). I hope thats right because thats what im doing. It seems I do it naturally with my shorter clubs but the longer clubs are giving me trouble. Im assuming thats why I pull shots sometimes. In any event im in the mirror and trying to get it right. Of course im putting on my practice green. I got a break pad for christmas, so now i can build a break into my green. These birdie ball greens are pretty cool.
  5. Im in !! Thanks alot for the heads up !! Hit Em Good !!
  6. Played 9 today, had 18 on my mind but a frog strangler came upon us. Raining so hard you couldnt see. 47 out and ran back in. Oh well, watching football and putting my circles.
  7. Nice...... but can you save me $50 a month ? Wear and tear on the ole wallet, haha. Wish I could go that route but I cant
  8. @iacas How do I know if my stance is too wide ? I feel as if I get too wide sometimes which hinders my weight transfer. In an effort to not be so steep I widened my stance and have had zero benefits . With my 5-6-7 irons I havent found a comfortable stance. Right now Im a little tiny bit farther than shoulder width apart with the ball in my left armpit or shirt logo. I realize its probably hard for you to diagnose me from a thousand miles away but please try, haha. Thanks-Rick
  9. Confidence is the key ! Im gonna play from these tees throughout the winter months and record some practice rounds. Come spring, i will go back and go for it again. I really want to break 80 this coming season and confidence building is important. Good Luck to everybody out there and Hit Em Good !!
  10. I think im gonna try this. I sometimes feel my stance getting too wide. With my mid irons I get too wide I think. Im gonna shorten my stance when I hit into my net and see how it feels. I searched for this thread because I had this question on my mind too. Great question , so thank you. If anyone has any more stance advice please bring it. Im really starting to see how fundamentals are the most important aspects of this game.Thanks everyone !!
  11. Played 18 today. Moved up a set of tees and focused on a steady head all day. Good clean and crisp contact all day. Still have a pull issue I need to work on. I will get there. See ya tomorrow, Keep Drilling !!
  12. Good afternoon my peeps, Just got home and im happy as can be !! Moved up a set of tees today and hit 41 out and 40 in. Didnt break 80 but that wasnt the real goal today. Hitting wedges and 9i into the greens was alot of fun. Kept a steady head ALL day and contact was crisp and clean too. Had a few pulls that i wasnt proud of but hit em good overall. I missed a few gimme putts that I should have made, lapse of concentration I guess, just silly stuff. The sight lines are so different with just a 20 yd move up. That was kinda weird but overall a great round for me. Hope everyone has a great
  13. Woohoo !! Something to look at here. I bet I do this wrong more than I do it right with my longer clubs ! I like a little cut but c'mon man, 30 yards aint a cut, haha. Thanks !! Playing 18 tomorrow with one swing thought, Still Head all day ! Maybe a little conscious of the A6 position but not gonna dwell (next week). Probably moving up a set of tees just to to have some T.V. approach shots. I wont count my score for any " under " achievement awards but hope I can get 80 that way. My buddy has a bad back so I will play up for him ??? Kidding . Anyway, Hit Em Good Yall !!
  14. Practice net with 3/4 wedge swings. Putting watching last years round 4's. Playing 18 tomorrow A.M.
  15. Working the line drill and still head while hitting into my net. Also flat left wrist at impact. Chipping into my laundry basket from all over the place. (actually doing laundry too, haha ). Working on my yardage book tonight !
  16. I put a WINN JUMBO LITE on my Bettinardi and i liked it alot at first. On short putts it made the head feel real light to me. Mid range putts felt perfect . I recently got a new putter and it has the stock grip. I was gonna get a Super Stroke put on it but the sales rep talked me out of it for the very reason I mentioned before, Head will feel lite on short putts. Ive kept the original grip and adjusted to it. Those bigger grips do feel great though dont they ? I hope they can make a super lite big grip someday !!
  17. @Fairway_CY Thanks I got an off topic penalty !!! Dropping 2 hittin 3....Crap !
  18. What is an AMA thread ? I have no idea . Getting around in here can be hard sometimes.
  19. @CarlSpackler If you know anyone with a membership at the Raven in SanDestin(exclusive club), will you tell them that im a good guy and deserve 1 round there !!!! I want to play there so bad but I dont quite have enough $$ to fit in,haha. Man that place is nice, what little you can see of it from Mid-Bay Bridge !!! @CarlSpackler Thank you !! But I have too much stuff going on with Christmas and stuff. Hit Em Good though !! Good Luck
  20. @Mico Good for you man. Hope you get the clock, haha. Im going for it too !!
  21. @CarlSpackler Yep ! Fort Walton Beach. I play in Destin and Fort Walton area.
  22. @iacas Dont give away all your secrets that make you great just to make your point. I want to be taught aggressively , like a football coach would be. Do you teach differently per the student ? Or do you have system like kindergarten thru 12-grade ? I feel like I would respond best to "do this like this or pick the balls off the range by hand you dummy", haha. If im paying to get better at golf, I would want to go at it, ya know !
  23. Im not good enough for something like this yet but Im excited for all of you that are. What a cool thing to do. Good luck yall and Hit Em Good !! Does anything cool like that happen in North Florida , haha.
  24. This last pic is a flagless green . I hit 130 and in shots into this green. So much fun. I love 75 yds, Thats my favorite wedge shot or approach shot. I like to throw a ball down and then step on it so the lie is bad. Then i dig em out. FIX YOUR DIVOTS !!! HAHAHA I always do !!
  25. Whats up everybody !! Hope yall are practicing like crazy, haha. I got off early today and went to the practice facility at my home course. Here are some pics of the place. I practice here all the time. The very first ball I ever hit was here. A year and a half ago when i started, this place beat me up daily but now its my best friend. Post some pics of your practice areas. I bet there are some really cool places out there !!
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