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  1. @Mico Well because ive broken 90 and I havent broken 80. Its the goal of everyone in the Breaking 90 thread , to break 80. When I finally break 80 I will be worthy of posting in the breaking 80 thread. I tell ya though, these peeps in the 90's thread are great. I sure hope alot of them if not all come with me. I will always talk with these guys/gals. We have grown together as golfers. Its the best. Hit Em Good Bud !!
  2. Got Off Early !!! Went to the practice area at my home course. Spent a lot of time pitching to flags and putting. Practicing Aimpoint kinda on my own. Did hit the range and went through my bag. Here are some pics of my practice area.
  3. Go Callaway Anyway !! Ive never ran out and bought something because Crossfield said something good or bad. If he would be a tick more serious and less childish maybe Taylormade would send him serious equipment. The video was perfect. Thats exactly what he would have acted like if he had the driver in his hand.My Dad said if you dont have anything nice to say than keep your mouth shut. Sorry Pops and sorry to this community as well.
  4. Spent an hour at the chipping green today. Flopped over the bunker and did short to medium chips from man made terrible lies. Also hit several out of the bunker trying to get to 3'. Great little session, tons of fun !!!
  5. Putting practice with my 3-4-6 ft circles. Takeaway in the mirror. Really just grip stuff !
  6. Have you guys /gals ever heard of Bobby Clampetts tic tac toe drill or line drill ? I always thought it was kinda goofy and probably just not that big of a deal. Well I was wrong !! Its a little more difficult to do properly than I thought. Give it a try. I wouldnt call it a game changer by any stretch but as far as putting the club head where you want it, its a good drill. Its easy and you get instant feed back so heck, why not
  7. @Mico Well thanks bud, I appreciate your support. However, I am playing from the whites. Im usually making 85-87 with my best being 83. Ive been so close so many times and I just cant seem to get there. I think about it too much and choke. Im moving up to the senior tees, haha. Come talk with us on the breaking 90 thread. Im supposed to report my practice here but i just got on a rant. See you over there bud.
  8. Didnt play to well today my peeps !!! Ran out of talent on the back nine with an opportunity to score low on the day. I did some good things off the tee early but just got tight or something late. Im gonna move up a set of tees for awhile until i break 80 from there. I need to experience what it feels like so im not so edgy when I get close. My yardage book project is moving along nicely but I didnt execute the 2nd shots very well at all today. Im a head case right now and need to relax for sure. 88 today but felt like 100. If not for some putts falling I would have been in big trouble. It was
  9. Played 18 this morning and ran out of talent again-88. So frustrating !! Im trying to hard or something. Im like the tin man with no oil on the last couple holes. Playing the forward tees from now on until i break 80 , atleast that way i will know what its like to be there. (LSW) abvice. Putting now to blow off steam.
  10. Just made 100% on the 6ft circle putting !!! 1st time ever that ive completed that drill. I started at 3ft and made it all the way through the 6ft circle. Thats 40 putts in a row !! Red letter day !
  11. @mvmac For sure ! Anything less than the 3/4 "feel" i have gets a little sketchy. Getting better but feeling it is the only way i ever do well. Saying im going to stop at 9 oclock on the way back is a struggle.
  12. @lee34 When i get it a little further on , I will post picks of a few holes. This is the course where 79 is gonna happen! Im doing caddie work,haha. Its been fun and educational.
  13. Ive been making a yardage book for my favorite home course. Ive spent probably eight hours shooting yardages to all hazards , landing zones (for me) and greens. Now im gonna lay my shot zones over all the holes . I learned how to do this in LSW and im getting serious about it. In the coming month I believe I can have a really nice yardage book with every ideal path to the hole laid out. When you go to the golf course without clubs to solely use a Range finder to shoot distances, Its amazing what you see. I found most all the places where your second shot would be blocked out and where the best
  14. @mvmac I realize this is an older section of the thread but I think this is something I do. The "clock" system or conscious effort to shorten my backswing gets me all out of whack. I have to do it by feel in the moment. I wouldnt say I have it dialed but Im hoping just plain experience helps with this. I set cones at various yardages and practice this alot. I wish I had one of those swing caddie devices that call out yardages to hit, that would be cool. Trying to make a short backswing to a spot or number on a clock causes every downswing problem I can have. SYNC, DECELERATION, ETC. Time serve
  15. Gotcha ! I guess I was referring more to acknowledging the step, haha. I was just leaving the 54 in the bag and accepting defeat but now its out and gonna get the grooves worked off of it. You are right, learning and improving is the most fun you can have. Nothing is more rewarding than hitting a shot really good that had you beat yesterday. Thanks for keeping me straight.
  16. Headed to the course to work on my yardage book some more. Also gonna take my 54* wedge and try some 3/4 flighted shots. Par 3---- #2---- If you cant hit a draw with your 5i-6i you're dead meat. Tree up the left side that takes half the green out of play. Hate that tree. Yardage book making really heightens your awareness of everything.
  17. @mvmac Thank you very much ! Just what I was looking for. Perfect. And thanks everyone for helping me. Apparently this is a step you have to go through and everyone has made it through. Gives me hope that i can do the same. Hit Em Good Yall !!
  18. Yes i have. Thats what i kinda have to do. I need to get that 54 working. It really bugs me that i cant hit that club properly. My 50 wedge is my money club but i want my 54 to be more of an approach club too. Very frustrating. Such is golf, haha. On T.V. it looks like the pros hit there wedges real high and far. Im hearing though,that they really dont hit em high as much as they flight them lower with a ton of spin. I will just keep at it and hopefully i just get better. Im hoping someone comes in and says "DO THIS" and "DO THAT", i know its a technique problem. I need a light bulb going off
  19. I need some advice on my wedges. 9i 130 avg PW 110-118 50* AW 100-110 54* SW 70-80 max 58* LW 0-60 max When i try to use my 54* and 58* anywhere other than directly around the green, im not confident. I dont even attempt a full swing. 3/4 swing is what i consider my full swing with these clubs. I feel I should be able to hit my SW wedge a little farther than 75 yds. Im not so concerned with the 58 but the 54 is not being utilized properly and I have a gap. Is there a way to get distance out of this club ? Sometimes I can feel it run up the face and It balloons on
  20. Man im doing this the hard way. I thought I was doing good too !! I took the course book and enlarged the pictures of the holes using graph paper. Then I went and shot the holes today with my Bushnell and got accurate yardages. My way is alot more labor intense haha. The problem with mine is that the pages are as big as notebook paper. It will work I reckon. Your way is probably alot better. Nice !!!! Hit Em Good Yall !!
  21. Starting my yardage book today !!!! Im building my own. Im drawing every hole to scale (as close as I can ) and im marking my typical landing zones so i can really dial in my shot zones. I figure I can do 6 holes or more before dark. Im playing Sunday so I can finish up then. Im gonna break 80 dang it. Gotta do work !!
  22. @lee34 Absolutely breaking 80 is on my radar !!!! 83 is my best ever but I usually shoot an 86-88. Course management is what im working on too, as well as just hitting the ball better. When you play this weekend, try to put yourself in good positions on the course. Its easier said than done but its better than HIT and HOPE !!! Going in to the round looking at very small targets and trying to put yourself in good position sets a tone for the day. Its like doing work instead of messing around. Good luck man and hit me up !! Let me know how you did. I will do the same. This is the best place to b
  23. They were all doing that all day. I thought it was illegal but they all did it ????? Guess i just thought you meant something else. Heck, Sneds made a 40 footer after getting a read off somebody !
  24. Set up my net and hit about 30 balls I reckon. Focusing on still head and good take away. Putting practice doing Mickelson's Putting circle @ 4ft and 6ft. Goal is to get 60% at 6ft. That is so hard to do, I use ten balls and only two are straight. The rest break a little to a lot. I love this putting drill. It feels real , just like a putt for par on the course. I missed the DeChambeau thing ! What did he do ?haha.
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