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  1. Ive been really trying to think course management starting at the first tee. Ive noticed that in sets the tone for the round and my scores have gotten lower !! Mid 80's is where im at right now but 92 is where i was. So give it a try and hopefully that will get you in the 80's too. I still have rounds that blow up on me but im getting better. Thats the goal, ya know ? Just get a little better than yesterday. Good Luck to you man. You got this !!!HAHA
  2. @lee34 Ive learned the hard way that you CANT make up shots. You have to settle down and save shots. Once they are gone they are gone. Trying to "make up shots" leads to an even bigger number and will leave you just frustrated and mad. I like to go through my Shot Zones options when pace of play is slow. Managing the course is a great way to slow down and get back on track. Golf is so much fun, haha. I highly recommend LSW !!! I just got mine a couple days ago and Ive read it twice. Very helpful with saving shots before you hit the ball . Great for strategy and focus.Good Luck Bud and Hit Em G
  3. HAHA !!!! Early day !! Headed to range and going to work on my long irons & hybrid ball flight. Also gonna chip and pitch. Proximity practice for one putts. Hit Em Good yall.
  4. @Hategolf Thanks alot for that detailed advice. I really appreciate it. I am working on staying connected and my take away is on point right now. I just seem to maybe turn too far when i really am trying to step on it. I will get it dialed, haha. Its a mental thing , I rear back and try to hit hard sometimes instead of staying within myself and being smooth. The elbow position in the vids are showing how to not get stuck which i think im doing when i try to hard. Golf is great isnt it ? Thanks a lot for your help and thanks to all of you out there. Hit Em Good Yall !!
  5. I was fortunate enough to win the Rookie Of the Month Award yall !!! I just want to thank all of you for helping me with my game and chatting about our great rounds we have been putting down. This thread is my comfort zone. You all are great and it seems we could all go play together,haha. Its nice to be able to talk golf with your own skill level and plus we have a good time. I know its winter but when the spring comes around , lets get those scores lower now. Also, please post pics of the courses you are playing. It would be great to see what everyone is up against out there. Hit Em Good Yal
  6. I named him Bogey . He was a cool little guy, He just wanted what was in my cooler. I gave him a pinch off of an energy bar and right up a tree he went, haha. Good Day !!
  7. AWESOME !!!!!! Made my day ! Thanks alot yall. I really am enjoying being part of this. Im learning A lot and the support from fellow golfers is priceless. Man , im happy. WOOHOO !!!
  8. Late day at work today. No net today. Im doing mirror work (right elbow) and take away stuff --head still. Putting on my birdie ball putting green. Too fun !! Dang im tired today , I got this !!!
  9. @Vinny Cap Im all about polls, haha. Man im telling you there are hills !!!!! Blackstone Golf Club Mossey Head Florida, Maybe they have pics on the website. I know they have this critter. These pics dont show the slopes hardly but you had to allow for how far your ball would roll down hills. It was tough but a heck of a lot of fun !!
  10. I was watching a video of one of the keys talking about your right elbow getting trapped behind you. Where does my elbow need to be ? Should i push it away a little ? When i start getting tired or if im trying to really get on a shot, I know i get trapped sometimes. Ive been watching myself in the mirror and when i push my elbow away a little it feels okay. Im just worried that I will get flying elbow disease. I guess pushing my elbow away but still pointing it down is what I need to do but im worried it will fly when im not in front of the mirror. This is gonna mess with my head , heck it alr
  11. Weather is just terrible today !! I worked in the mirror getting a feel for right elbow position that i learned about in the 5 keys video. Hope it helps with my longer clubs. Also putting using my new putting green i made. (birdie ball)too cool. Chipping into the laundry basket indoors today. Luckily Regina is at work. I got off early so she will never know. Hit Em Good Yall !!
  12. Hit about 20 balls into my net, working on my back swing more than my downswing. I also was chipping balls into my laundry basket from various distances. I made the lies on the chips as terrible as possible. Fantasy football time so that means putting, over and over and over.....etc. Hit Em Good Yall !!
  13. Thanks Yall. The reason i ask is the right elbow away from your body thing. When i really try to step on it sometimes (which i probably shouldnt do) I get my right elbow trapped behind me. I want to find more visual aids on that subject from a reputable source. This is the only place where a really really good golfer will talk to you. Especially about the little things that make such a huge difference. I will go find them all
  14. Ive seen some older videos of the 5 keys lessons. Is there a thread somewhere of recent/newer videos. If not i was wondering if we could get a Monthly Video Lesson of topics brought up by the TST community. I like the way Erik does the lessons ive seen. Really easy to follow and to the point. The 5 keys are great but i would like to find some more. Ive looked around in the forum topics but im still getting this under my fingers so to speak. Maybe i just cant find them. Thanks
  15. @jkelley9 Just curious but what are you hitting and do you like it ? It sounds as if you are disappointed in the feel of the club but the results are good enough to look past that. My driver, when i flush it in the sweet spot feels about like everyone elses description. Like the ball was in the way of a perfect practice swing. This is the first time Ive heard of a great drive feeling terrible.Maybe you are missing the sweets pot a little but you just have a hot faced driver. Rig up a gate drill to make sure your in the center. Heck, you might be able to squeeze out 280. Nothing wrong with that
  16. Went and played 18 at a new course today . Shot 88, not excited about that. After the round I hit a bucket of 4-iron only shots. Gotta get that club working better. Hitting the range tomorrow if the weather allows it. Hit Em Good Yall !!
  17. Whats up Bogey Boys/Girls !!!!! Well , I went to a new course today and had an absolute blast. It was the hilliest place ive ever seen in Florida and the wind was blowing pretty good. Now that I have my excuses out of the way, I shot an 88. Wasnt bad though. For everything I struggled with something equally positive happened as well. I had a little pitch shot chase the flag stick into the hole to save par, haha. I got lucky, because that ball would have ran out the back of the green. 100 yds and in was good to me today but i struggled mightily with the 4-iron and 3-hybrid. Im blaming the wind
  18. Reading LSW and focusing on 5 simple keys. Mainly #1--#3. Putting,while watching Tiger bounce back with a 65. That should slow Brandels roll a bit !! Its nice to hear that scratch is possible with 250+ carry average.
  19. My copy of LSW arrived today !! Thats worth a few shots off my scorecard ! Gonna get that 79 yet. Yall Hit Em Good this weekend and lets bust through to the Breaking 80 thread. Good Luck/Skill !!!
  20. I totally understand how this works now, in the beginning i had no clue but i get it. This is the coolest award you can receive to me. It shows dedicated focus to getting better without trying to find an easy fix which makes you worse. This award will mean more in the long run than any of the others. Outside of a Hole in One, If you're a stupid monkey you will earn the rest by default basically. It will all come together. I want to go down that path. @Iacas disregard my earlier request for explanation. Ive been reading about this for an hour. Nevermind.
  21. @iacas Thank you for doing that for me, Very Very cool !!! --Rick. HAHA
  22. @iacas My handle or name has always been Strat-Pack can you put my name with it . Strat-Pack Rick would be cool. My name is Rick and now that im making friends it would be nice if they knew my name. I tried to edit it but im terrible with computers and couldnt figure it out. If not no biggie but if so i would be very thankful.
  23. @Vinny Cap Im gonna do it !!!! I like being pushed like that. Need a student ? HAHA. Thanks Vinny. Hit Em Good Bud !!
  24. @iacas Im doing the 5 minutes daily this month. This is gonna be great. After this , i would like it if you could help me with the stupid monkey. I will do whatever you ask. I dont really understand how to achieve this one . A little explanation on what to do is all i mean by help. Anyway, going for the clock man. Thanks
  25. Putted while watching Brandel bash Tigers right elbow, haha. Headed to the range to start documenting yardage averages with mid-irons. Will probably do my mirror routine as usual. This is gonna be a good month. Love this !!!
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