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  1. I ordered LSW last night and im pretty excited but i havent received a confirmation email or anything. Is that just how it is ? Thats fine i just want to know its coming. Should i order it again ? If someone has had the same thing happen and nothing is wrong, please ease my mind before i have 20 books coming in the mail.
  2. I have been really struggling with the putter lately and i think i know why. Somewhere, maybe on T.V., I heard to run your right index finger down the shaft when putting( im a righty ). I never did that before but i have been doing it lately for some reason. Well today i just decided to grip the putter like i have always done it and got rid of the index finger down the shaft. Much better now. I dont know why hearing something like that would make me change but i did and didnt even really notice. I was pushing everything to the right , like i wasnt releasing the putter head. Its funny how the s
  3. P.S. You can sign it if you want. Just Sayin, haha !!
  4. Okay, im in !!!! I just got my copy of LSW ordered !! I see it in most everybodys achievement section so it seems to be a no-brainer. Cant wait to see how many shots i can drop. One step closer to 79 ! Hit Em Good Yall !
  5. @iacas Regina loved dinner and i got the card !!!! I ordered LSW just this minute. Woohoo, cant wait !!! Thanks and Hit Em Good
  6. Im on it !! Everyone is raving about it. Im gonna cook tonight for the little lady and nab the card, haha. I will order it tonight, Thanks for everything. Hit Em Good !!
  7. @iacas Im trying to find where to buy LSW ive followed links but the page doesnt exist anymore. Can i just go to the bookstore ? I would like to order it from you to get the achievement haha. I read through alot of posts and it sounds like if you play this game you should read this book. TST store isnt what i thought it was so im lost. Sorry to bother you but im not very good at this yet. This blog thing is still like hitting my 3 iron.
  8. Thats great , i played on yahoo last year and finished 23rd out of like 545 players. It was the best. Im looking forward to playing again. Thanks alot !!
  9. I totally agree with your strategy . Course management goes a long way to lowering my scores too. I would rather hit a decent 5i than risk a 3w slice. Ive been playing holes even after a good drive with course management in mind. I would rather be a 9i out than a 66yd sand wedge out. I used to try to get as far as could with every shot. Now i try to play to my strengths a little better. So good call on 5i and Hit Em Good man !! This is the oldest post ever, damn it im stupid !!
  10. Does the Sand Trap have a members only fantasy golf league ? I know this site is about serious golf and what it takes to shoot great scores but im just curious . If there is a league set up, how do i get in ?
  11. Forgot to mention i have the best girl ever. She plays with me alot of times. She knows how it is to chase birdies. Lucky for sure !!
  12. Played today as matter of fact !! It was a great day, not busy and you could really get in a good pace. I didnt play that well dang it. I shot 88 , on this perfect day to break 80 haha. Gonna go get after it tomorrow too. Happy Thanksgiving everybody and Hit Em Good !!
  13. Okay everyone, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving Day and you are excited about the holiday season that is upon us ! Tomorrow (Thanksgiving) im going for 79 again. Here in the panhandle of Florida the weather is perfect for 4 days. Im treating it like a tournament on Tour. A round a day til i go back to work on Monday. I plan on going off the whites to give myself a fighting chance to post some decent scores. Hopefully most of yall get some golf in too, good luck !! I will let you know how it turns out. Hit Em Good Yall !! Happy Thanksgiving
  14. Im a Callaway Homer. Its a bummer this is happening. PXG are probably really great clubs but the problem is ,they cost $8000. I have a pretty nice set of Callaways -$2800. Lydia Ko probably isnt gonna sell more clubs because of who she is IMO. The price is redonkulous !!
  15. Nice ! Im waiting for the 2017 thread to start. Thats cool to document your goals and revisit them at the end of the year. Way to go !!
  16. There you go !! Proximity with my wedges will surely gain me a couple strokes. Accuracy is definitely something to work on no matter what club is in your hand. Good luck to you and we will be breaking 80 soon. Stay dry and Hit Em Good !!
  17. I take a lesson twice a month- 45 min at the back of the range. its a pattern i really like. Lesson 1st week....9 holes lesson the 3rd week. The 9-holes week is cool, i get to use what im learning in a game time setting. If i struggle or dont focus though ,he will take me back to the range instead. Its like punishment. I practice every day even if i only pitch balls and putt. Floyd always knows if ive practiced lazy, as he calls it. I like the set up alot. Hit Em Good Yall
  18. Everybody, i really like this thread. We all seem to cheer each other on and its not all stuffy, haha. We have a new thread to look forward to though. The breaking 80 thread is up and running. Several of yall are really close and i hope you pull off that feat. I personally need to shave a solid 6 shots off my card to do it. I will be the guy on the range shivering all winter because come spring im gonna do it !! Good luck this winter, wear out your wedges. This time next year we will be in the breaking 80 thread chasing PAR. Hit Em Good Yall !!
  19. Sounds like a great day !!!! I dont hit it far enough to eagle par 5s unless that miracle happens. Ive had a couple opportunities on par4s in the past but blew it. Thanks for the REP point and well wishes and congrats on your win !!!!
  20. I know that when i make a conscious effort to rotate my hips in the backswing, my timing seems to be so much better. Turning in the barrel (hips too)not just your shoulders was a light bulb moment for me. My ball striking went up a level right then. Looking forward to 2017, gonna stay in the 80's all year. 79 being the ultimate achievement for me . TURN TURN TURN got it !!! .
  21. @iacas Thanks Erik. Thats about the only i can make Eagle. So lucky but i will carry my badge proudly. Thanks again. Hit Em Good !!!!
  22. Yep, Book a tee time pronto. Its the best medicine Golf is hard. Thats what makes it so dang rewarding. There is nothing like hitting a 5-iron pure. Thats what keeps you coming back. Those few great shots a round make you want to do it again and again. Its all about the chase , chasing that perfect approach for a tap in birdie. Go hit a 7-iron and tell me that isnt awsome, geeze.
  23. I think im better than i was a year ago. I can remember when i just wanted to get the ball airborne. This next year is gonna be big for me though. Im gonna focus on course management and short game since distance is never gonna be my strong suit. I think course management has improved a little by just recognizing its importance. Like everybody though, i know i need to work with my wedges ALOT. I hope to find a short game coach around here. I heard about a person that will only teach you if you are willing to start with wedges. It sounded weird at first but im starting to get it. He says "If yo
  24. Thank you !!! I am. Going back tomorrow, cant wait
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