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  1. Thank you . I couldnt believe it. My buddy said the hole placement was in a bowl but i think he was just mad. Good luck to you on your goals and thanks again .
  2. 1ST EAGLE !!!!! Par 5------ 240ish off the tee. 180 yd 4-iron to set up my pitching wedge. Then the miracle happened-HOLE OUT. I dont hit it far enough to make eagles but what luck.My buddy said the hole placement was in a bowl but i think he was just mad. Anyway, Hit Em Good Yall and Good Luck, hahaha.
  3. 1ST EAGLE !!!!!! PAR 5 -----240 ish off the tee with a little draw. 180yd 4-iron to set up my pitching wedge. Then the miracle happened HOLE OUT. I dont hit it far enough to make eagles but luck is awesome !!!!! Anyway, Hit Em Good Yall !!!! and Good Luck hahaha
  4. Thank you for answering that for me . I appreciate your time. Thank you
  5. Im doing it !!!!Been thinking about it anyway for a while for confidence reasons alone. Plus ive been wanting to focus on course management and shaving strokes by being in better position. What a great incentive to try it. Thanks. Let you know Monday how it turned out. Im gonna play 3 or 4 rounds and see how i feel, haha. Thanks for the kick in the a$$ !!!!!!
  6. Depends on the length for me . Short par 3's ----Wedge thru 9 iron off the grass. Long par 3's i give myself a perfect lie with a tee. If im struggling with my irons and have zero confidence for some reason i would probably use a tee regardless. I do like the short ones off grass, it feels better. Like a normal solid shot.
  7. Its funny you are saying this. My old putter , i had to feel as though i was pushing or that the cup was just right of square at set up.. Now i feel square and aim what feels down a square line. Before i really had to look at it as if the cup was out to right. That is so weird to me. I sure like my new putter its perfect (for me)
  8. What putter are you using, if you dont mind saying ? I have an Odyssey Metal X Milled #6 and im doing way better than i used to with my old one
  9. Well , thanks everybody . I believe that for the most part, the line isnt very helpful . I appreciate the insight and Hit Em Good !!!!!!!
  10. It sure doesnt help me at all. When im practicing, i like the feedback it shows with the wobble but it doesnt help me on the course. Spieth has a line so i figured it was worth a try, haha. BUT he does take the longest to hit a putt ever, geeze
  11. I checked for a thread on this, promise. Ive always put a line on the ball when i mark them for I.D. The line helps when i practice to see a wobble from my stroke. I thought the line would help on the course with lining up putts but i have recently quit using it and im putting way better. The line just causes me trouble when playing but i still practice with it. Just curious about who uses a line and who doesnt. Maybe im just not using the line correctly or its more trouble than its worth.
  12. Hearing Callaway is coming out with a new ball for 2017. I think its a Chrome Soft 2017. Does anyone know if they are changing it or just changing the date ? Im happy with that ball now , i think its the best ball ever actually. I hope they dont ruin it by trying to make it better
  13. After reading the article from the link i was confused about Russell Knox. It said he didnt have enough euro points to qualify but i thought he had a chance at a captains pick but was overlooked for someone else. Im guessing im wrong but all ive heard is how bummed Knox was for being overlooked. I see what they are saying about Paul Casey but not Russell Knox. I guess Rory is going Mickelson on euro powers that be.
  14. Diagonal sweet spot path sounds interesting. Can you explain what that consists of ? Ive done the tee drill and i focus on the sweet spot for sure but have never heard of the diagonal sweet spot path. Please share that one. thnx Hit Em Good
  15. Well James Hahn hasnt had a swing lesson from a pro. He learned to play on You Tube videos(supposedly) Having someone holding you accountable for your practice habits and progression such as a teacher is worth everything. Someone to work hard for other than yourself brings the best out of you,for sure
  16. @iacas So i shot an 85 Sunday after a horrific start. If i hit 80 on the button , do i get the 80 ribbon ? The difference between 79 and 80 is monumental i can tell. I know right where the 5 shots are from Sunday but the 6th one..........Oh boy. Thats somewhere in course management or something.
  17. Is Aimpoint Express expensive ? Sounds fun , useful and expensive ($$$$$ GOLF STUFF $$$$$)
  18. All the stuff in "The Impact Zone" makes sense to me and is helpful except the part about hitting down with your driver. I know there are contradictions to just about everything in golf but i literally have never heard anyone but Bobby Clampett say that. Does anyone else find that odd ? I surely am no expert at all but it just seems odd. I know this is an old topic but im just getting going. If one of you teachers out there can explain this to me that would be great. Is he all by himself in that thinking or should i hit down with my driver a little ? Heck, ive been trying hard not to do that.
  19. I dont know for sure if its 17.6 . Ive put all my score cards into multiple sites and the number comes out different every time. I honestly dont know. On a bad day92....on a good day 83. Whats in the middle of that for an index ? They throw out your worst and best rounds so ??????? Ive had it say 15 and 17.6 and in the beginning it was 19 something. I just put the middle one so i dont look like a lying schmuck. I have more 88s than anything i would say. Thats what i do hahaha.
  20. I watched alot of those guys in college and other tours. I think everyone at this site are huge golf fans
  21. Time changed and i was up and ready to roll this morning !!!! I got to the course early to resume my quest for an 80 breaker. I started off totally opposite as normal. DOUBLE , DOUBLE , BOGEY through three. I forced myself to just laugh. I got it together after that and scraped out an 85. 79 seems so far away , three bad holes like that and you're done. Six shots looking back on it was so doable. I will try again Tuesday, haha. I hope someone in this thread breaks out soon. Hit Em Good Yall
  22. Hopefully Aaron Wise will be a big name soon. Man he is good straight out of college. And im a Callaway Homer i guess, haha
  23. 83 today after starting DOUBLE ,DOUBLE, BOGEY. Got off to a terrible start. Breaking 80 was in my grasp,Ugh !!!!! Oh well, I got together a little the rest of the way. 79 is coming dang it. Hit Em Good Yall !!
  24. Didnt want to start a new thread, this is close. What is the best way keep your grooves fresh and toothy ? My new clubs are great right now but.....I wore my last set out with range balls, i learned that lesson. Is there a way to give your clubs a tune up?
  25. I have had great starts to rounds lately but cant hold that form for 18 holes. I was even through six holes and had the best front ever but the wheels fell off and i shot 86 again. Its like i have a stamina issue or something. I need a game plan to hold it together for 18 not 9. If anyone has gone through this and has found something to help, i would be very grateful for the advice. Well, Hit Em Good Yall !!!!
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