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  1. Ive figured this putter out finally !!! I have the #6 which has more toe hang than the #1. I liked it because it help me with pushes , it seemed to rotate better for me. Ive always kept the weight equal in the toe and heel as i was advised to do. Well, i put 20g in the toe and 10g in the heel and now im putting better than i ever have. If you have a Metal X Putter with the extra toe hang, #6 or #9 Try that weight set up. Its counter-intuitive but it works so good for me, Maybe it will for you too. If you have an arc to your stroke and dont have a straight back and straight thru stroke, it work
  2. I have an arthritis issue and have gotten the MCC4 grips in the past. I noticed a big difference in the weight of the club head, or what it "felt" like anyway. Ive been told over sized grips affect swing weight but are there over-sized grips out there that are made light on purpose to avoid this. I like the way my new clubs feel and dont want to make that mistake again. I like the way the bigger grips feel in my hands but dont like the weight change. Is this in my head or is it real ? My hands dont hurt bad enough to mess my game up. Nothing is worth taking steps backward. Thanks. Hit Em Good
  3. I would hit the 7-iron. If we are talking about a 160yd 7-iron. If its a D.J. 220yd 7-iron I guess i would try that 8' slider !
  4. @iacas Yep Yep !! No Problem. Hit Em Good Man !!
  5. I had a job fall through today (thanks tile man) so you know what i did. 41+42---83. Thats a good one for me but disappointing too. As usual , i see 4 easy ones that would have gotten my 79. It was a windy day here in the Panhandle so i slowed down and played my plan. Im proud of myself for that but i started counting strokes from about 15 in and just missed the mark. It jacks me up every time i start counting but i cant help it. Im gonna break 80 dang it . Well Hit Em Good Yall !!
  6. I cant open notifications or messages. Also the Forums tab wont open. I have to go to the browse tab and then go to forums. There are few other things too. Is something going on ? Ive restarted my computer in case it was just me. Is anyone else having trouble ? I dont know , im not very computer savvy at all. Everything worked yesterday.
  7. I vow to be the best golfer i can possibly be. Your tips and advice will be taken seriously and thank you in advance for everything that all of you do for me and my game !!!! Hit Em Good Yall !!!

  8. Hey !!! Thanks alot. Im really interested in that thing. I saw it in some videos on you tube (with Erik using it) and ive wanted one ever since. Thanks for the hook up bud !!
  9. @iacas Hey, Im a serious student !! I just cant carry around a bunch of stuff. I put alignment sticks behind me that basically does the same thing. Saying im not a serious student is crap !!!! Didnt see that coming, damn. Thanks alot
  10. The Chrome Soft 16' ball has honestly changed my game ! When the Chrome Soft 15' came out i liked it but the new dual core 16' ball is even better. Im not long off the tee anyway so the "softer " feel doesnt affect me there. In fact, it springs off my driver and might give me an extra few yards. The 16' ball is so good from 130 and in that i have that "feel"thing. Its hard for me to describe but a ProV1x feels like a rock to me now. If Callaway carries both balls like Titleist does with the 1 and 1x , then thats great. If they were to stop making this current Chrome Soft I would be in trouble.
  11. That seems cool for an instructor or something but i dont see myself carrying that around with me. Im moving around the facility too much. I like that thing that looks like two yardsticks . It helps you with diagonal sweetspot and ball striking. That is probably the best thing ive seen for path training stuff. I have no idea where to get one. If i see it out one day, it will come home with me for sure. I think it will fold up and go in your bag even.
  12. @iacas Thanks Erik, Just want to say i love this place man. There is always something getting learned and passed on. Its really a good thing you got here.
  13. Ive gotten to where i love my 4-iron but i had the same issue with my 3-iron. 3 and 4 would go about the same distance but the 3 cut, im gonna call it a bit more than my 4. I replaced my 3-iron with a 3 Hybrid and now im good. My 4-iron is a club that I made a huge effort to learn to hit well because it has a great ball flight as far as launch, height and that little cut action. Its my favorite par 5 tool now. Good luck and Hit Em Good !!
  14. Love it here, As soon as i can eat , play golf and be a supporter I sure will, haha. Cant wait til it gets here. Ive read alot of posts about it and its a cant go wrong purchase. Thanks for your help and Hit Em Good !!
  15. Happy Birthday ! Hit Em Good

  16. @iacas My confirmation Email came for my copy of LSW. Looking forward to reading it and getting my learn on . If you want me to read it first I completely understand but you have my word thats gonna happen. Thanks for your help through that process. Hit Em Good !!
  17. The ultimate goal is breaking 80 this coming year. To attain this goal I must meet many smaller goals including: NOW PAY ATTENTION RICK (me) #1--- Continue my lesson with Floyd I respond best to aggressive teaching. I need to make it clear to Floyd that I want to be pushed in an uncomfortable aggressive way. The pleasantries are over time to go to work ! #2--- Yardages and gaps Take the time to log accurate yardages and work on having proper gaps through mid and long irons. #3--- Practice Make and maintain a strict schedule for practice time. Focus deliberate not
  18. Wow, that was getting heated,haha. Im no expert,I shoot 85. But i do know Floyd(my coach) told me weight shift moves the swing bottom so i wont hit fat shots. Thats my 2 cents now im broke. Hit Em Good Yall
  19. I want to earn this award the right way. Do i post everyday starting Dec. 1st about what i did that day , without missing a day? Truth be known, I putt and hit into my net everyday and have for a year and a half. I also do alot of mirror work before bed at night. Its like clockwork so i should be able to get this done. The trick will be posting it everyday. My net is the best thing ever for tempo and rhythm between course sessions. They are cheap and you dont need a whole lot of room. I love that thing.
  20. Im shooting in the mid 80's on a good day. Breaking 80 is my next goal and im focused on it for sure. The 2017 goals thread opens in a day or two and im gonna document my commitment so to speak. Look forward to seeing what everybody is shooting for. 79 for me and PAR for you, haha. Lets make it happen !!
  21. I am a marble installer, how exciting !!!haha. I work for Kitchen & Bath center (21yrs) Marble , cabinets and granite. My job is the reason i need MCC4 grips, thanks for being there Golf Pride. Im using golf as my mental retirement since there will be no physical retirement. Hit Em Good Yall !!
  22. @iacas She controls the money or my house would look like Edwin Watts. Just the way it has to be, haha thanks Erik.
  23. Impressive !! especially on a new course, way to go. 71 is just a dream to me, thats awesome. When you go back a second time and are more familiar i bet Par is in the bag. Good luck and nice round !
  24. Im looking for a weight kit for the Odyssey Metal X Milled #6. The weight kit for the #9 and #7 wont fit which is dumb but true. The putter comes stock with the 15g weights installed and the 10g and 20g weights are in the tool box that comes with the putter. Well mine doesnt have the 15g weights because i bought the demo putter and somebody nabbed them because they seem impossible to find. Ive checked everywhere but here for the weights including Odyssey, nothing. If some one has a #1 or even a #6 , i will buy the putter to get the weights. Kinda irked at the whole thing. Those 15g weights are
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