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  1. This bums me out. When you are just starting out you take so much info in that you never consider that its wrong. As your own experience grows you can sift through a little better. I wonder why there is so much contradiction in golf instruction. Some of the famous ones just like to hear themselves talk i reckon. I trust things people say here more because the tips are usually filled with the excitement from the person having success. That said, Its a good day when my magazines show up in the mail. Hit Em Good this weekend
  2. sometimes i move up a set of tees so i dont have to swing too aggresive. I call it practice rounds when someone sees me. haha. It helps my confidence alot and my card looks better for sure. Keep grinding, golf is great !!!! Hit Em Good Yall
  3. The Apex irons are great. Im a club longer through the bag compared to my old irons. The Apex CF 16 are awesome and they look great too. Steel Head are nice but the Apex CF or Pro are the best to me. You will love the XR 3 wood. Surgical like Stenson i mean !!!!!
  4. I just got some Apex pros and the XR driver and 3 wood . Man Callaway has got it going on right now. I love their stuff, all the way down to the Chrome Soft ball. Starting to sound like a commercial. Im done now. It is good stuff. Hit Em Good Yall !!!!
  5. Thanks a lot for my Broke 90 achievement. For some reason it does make me happier than i was a minute ago. I will keep you posted on my progress for sure. The achievements i dont understand are the LSW one and the Monkey one. Is the LSW a book i can purchase ? The monkey one seems to be something i can do. I just need some direction. Thanks for my achievement award. Im happier than i was a minute ago. How do i get LSW, is it a book? and how do i get the Monkey one . haha
  6. I wish i had that problem, my problem is shooting 86 and 88 every way possible. You guys are good, geeze. im in the wrong discussion, sorry. Hit Em Good !!
  7. Sooooooo......How do you get all these cool trophies and stuff ? Im a newbie but I shot an 83 once. It was from the whites, not the tips. Does that still count haha.
  8. Im a newbie, i have broke 90. I shot an 83 from the whites though......not the tips. Now that i can address the ball properly, 80 is coming. Open club face at address, I believe it !!!!!
  9. Thank you. I think its gonna make a huge difference over 18 holes. This next month is gonna be a level step for me. Im glad i became a member of TST, you can learn a lot just reading. Hit Em Good !!!
  10. Ive been pulling everything lately. I know coming over the top is the usual cause of this annoying miss. Ive been working hard on coming more from the inside and not getting so steep, but im still pulling the ball. Well, today i opened my club face at address a bit and BINGO !!!! Im hitting the ball straight as an arrow now. I also noticed that i can shape the ball when i want to now, not just hope for the best. I cant believe that a small set up thing like this is so game changing. I knew i wasn't coming over the top. I guess i was just shutting the club face down at impact and pulling everyt
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