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  1. Im practicing in the mirror right now !!! Yesterday I noticed my left wrist was cupped a bit at the top. So Ive been over exaggerating a bowed left wrist. Ive got the feel grooved into my brain right now. I didnt notice how lazy ive been getting at the top. Im gonna hit the range tomorrow and hit some balls and see if i can get my ball flight back. This surely has been why my cut has turned into a "power fade" !!!!  Man you have to stay on top of yourself. Mirror work is so important , I will not let that slide again. Bet on it !!

    Also, it feels like my swing is a little flatter when I flatten my wrist at the top more. Ive been steep lately. Just lazy man !! LAZY

  2. We have all seen the guys on the golf channel use a hula-hoop. I was watching this morning and Breed was talking chipping so I was glued. I tried it and keeping your hands coming around instead of down the target line feels weird to me while chipping. Is this something worth focusing on ? I sure will if it is a good thing , It just feels odd. I do not want to practice in the wrong direction. Chipping and pitching is something Im trying to dial in so Im willing to try anything. Hula-Hoop really ??

  3. 1 hour ago, rkim291968 said:

    Bring on the new year!   Good luck & best wishes to everyone.

    I graduated, barely, ending with 15.8 HI on 12/31/16.  For most of the year, my HI was in 14.5 - 15.5 range.

    What's working now: ball striking accuracy, relaxing & having fun instead of being a golfer on a mission.   Less playing and more practice.

    What's not working: short game, ball striking distance

    @rkim291968 I might be on a mission , haha. Thats probably good advice but I cant help it. This year is all about improvement so I can enjoy golf later in life. Good luck with your game this year and congrats on the Index bud !!!

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  4. I just got back from the range. Not surprised but it was busy busy. Everyone is ready to start the new year right , myself included. I went through my bag paying close attention to ball placement. Not just forward , middle and back but also distance from the ball. I think ive been crowding the ball a bit with my longer irons. I just completed the 5 minutes daily challenge but im staying the course. Its a good habit and Ive noticed a difference in my game for sure. Couldnt find the January 5 min daily thread to post there but im sure I will. Get off to a good start everyone and Hit Em Good !!

  5. Hey Yall , The new golf season is upon us. As much as we like this thread I hope we all graduate this year. Time to buckle down and get it done. Im personally gonna treat it like work. Gonna try my hardest to stay focused for 18 holes every single time out. I know its supposed to be fun but it sure sounds like fun to be in the 70's. Good Luck to everybody and Happy New Year !!

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  6. 1 hour ago, mvmac said:

    Nice clubs @Strat-Pack Rick

    I've got the PING i irons in the bag (sometimes go with the iBlades) and looking forward to checking out the i200's which should be announced soon.

    @mvmac Well when you go get em (hopefully) let me know how they work !! With your index being a 1, haha , bet you can work em pretty dang good. Hope you have a great season coming up.

    2 hours ago, Hacker James said:

    nice sticks


    @Hacker James Thanks bud. Set of my dreams really. I got fed up and went and got fitted. Best move ever. Its amazing how much better you play when your clubs arent fighting against you. My old shafts were for guys like Rory and DJ . The guy at the fitting center said "I bet you hate these damn things" haha, too funny.

  7. 40 minutes ago, saevel25 said:


    What level of player are they for? 

    I rock a mixed bag. Ping woods, Titleist hybrid, Mizuno irons, Edel putter and wedges. 

    @saevel25 I used to have mixed bag too. I had Mizuno irons as well. I had way to stiff shafts and everything else was a little dated. So I went and got fitted all the way through the bag and it was the best thing I ever did. Im actually improving and am all up in love with golf , haha. Hit Em Good Bud !!

  8. So Santa has come and gone and the New Year is upon us. What are you using for your birdies this year ? I would like to see everybody's rig and know what there favorite club is in the bag. Post pics and be proud now. Im a Callaway guy myself and my 8-iron is my favorite club. I use it as my bump and run club and my 135-145 yardage. I hope to get longer with all my clubs but thats where I am at the moment comfortably , without swingin out of my shoes.




  9. Just got back from my practice facility. I chipped probably 200 balls from 30-40-50-60 yds. Its an area of my game that is costing me strokes every round. I focused mainly on my 58 wedge but i did do some bump and runs with 7-8 irons trying to attack these distances from all different kinds of ways. I never hit a ball from the same spot so i wouldnt just groove the shot. I will continue this effort forever I think. Dustin Johnson won a major after getting his touch with his wedges so I feel breaking 80 is my major right now. I will get there !! Hit Em Good Yall. Happy New Year !!

    @iacas Im playing a round in the morning at 8:32a.m. Ive practiced my tail off this month and plan on doing it every day im breathing from now on. If i need to post when I get home I will but I havent missed a day and look forward to my clock, haha. Going for 79 hard tomorrow, I will let yall know how it turns out. Thanks for all you do. Happy New Year and Hit Em Good !!!

  10. Im right here with all of you. Im consistently in the mid 80's and always find two or three holes where I lost it . Im getting closer and thats cool. Sunday I played 36 (both courses) and had an 85 and then an 84. That was the best day Ive ever had. I totally agree with the long game/ballstriking being key. The chunks and missed putts are fixable. I think that 79 is coming with a bit of short game practice and being confident with a wedge in my hand. Hit Em Good Yall !!

  11. On 11/4/2016 at 11:46 AM, iacas said:

    Generally speaking, to break 80, you have to hit about 8 greens per round and hit about 14 nGIR.

    • 8 GIR = perhaps -1 or -2.
    • 6 nGIR = about +4.
    • 4 non-nGIR = +5 or so.

    That's 79 or 80 on a par 72.

    So, as always, look at your ballstriking first. Is it getting you 14 GIR+nGIR?

    @iacas Im getting closer. My problem is the little 40 and 50 yd chips that i have on the super long holes.I will fat/thin those shots a lot and if I do hit it on the green im so tentative that I have a super long putt.   Im hovering around 85 and had a great 84 the other day. Had 79 in the bag but a chunked shot blew a hole up and it was over. Gotta get that short game under control badly. I will take any secret you have very serious. Hit Em Good Yall !!

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