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  1. We were listening to this on the way to the tournament on XM on Sunday.. What bookie in the world would pay out early!?!!
  2. Yes he is! But he is making some putts too.
  3. Whats the verdict with parking? Is it easier to park and take the busses or pay for parking at the site?
  4. heh yeah, not just anybody could show up the next week, paired with tiger and keep up with him...AGAIN. I think he's a class act, sure Tigers great but Paddy is good too. I wont count him out anytime soon.
  5. I agree, although I think distance isnt everything, this course seems to have a lot of workability with pin placement and tee placement. Not EVERY hole will be playing the tips EVERY day. I was watching golf channel last night and they were interviewing the Redesign architect and he was saying how he would make some of the holes a driveable par 4 and such. It should be interesting to see the scores.
  6. I love it when they do these streamings! Sit at work, kick my heals back and watch some GOLf!
  7. Thanks! Looking forward to it. Looks like the weather is going to be good!
  8. Good to know! Thanks.. Any suggestions on where some good viewing areas are? I am not very familar with the course. Will it be fairly easy to get by the practice green and driving range?
  9. Thanks... I'm over it now.. Just want to go and have a fun time and see these people. Hopefully we have good weather.
  10. Ok?! -- haha some interesting comments here. I was watching the tournament yesterday (sunday - the bridgestone) and found it funny that several people were wearing cutoff shirts and wife beaters... come one people... Golf is more classy than that...
  11. Ok then.. I guess that clears it up. I understand rules are rules but its too bad that stupid people that dont use common sense ruin it for people that love the game. Thanks...
  12. I am going to the final round of the pga championship next Sunday and have a few questions. This will be my first time at such an event. In looking through the PGA "Spectator guide" found here it states A. no cameras and also B. no cell phones or blackberries, ect. I'm sorry but are they really that picky? If i try to bring my blackberry and my slim pocket camera are they going to freak? Also anyone have any experience with Hazeltine? I have heard that 16 is a fun place to watch the players. I am looking for tips or hints on WHERE to be not who to see. Looking forward to it but don't want to be rubbed the wrong way by them not allowing me to bring in a cell phone and camera. Thanks!
  13. nbukrey

    Soft Turf

    I have, actually lately i have a lot since we have had a lot of rain here in SD. I too seem to start digging when its wet out. You really have to know where the bottom of your swing is otherwise you hit lots of fat shots. For me its keeping the body still and don't swing to hard and let the club do the work. If I try to force it i just end up digging a big hole and chunk it. That being said, i would rather play a course that's wet than play one that is so hard you can't even take a divot. -Nick
  14. Interesting.. any comparison to the Noodle+ ? I currently play that ball and seem to like it very much.
  15. Agreed, I dont think Blair is good enough yet to compete at the required level. Brenda is hilarious, love hearing her comments! Derek is a good player just catching some bad breaks. I do think he made some dumb choices when he hit those shots into the trees.
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