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  1. 30 min Sklz, 7i and driver stop at top, pump (2x set to improve lag) and full swings game on to get rid of my slice again and start swinging from inside w/lag my new coach is really driving me hard too--meet Batuco
  2. Bucket of balls before playing. Short irons were great. Good contact, ball flight long and straight. 3W and hybrid 3 a little more erratic. Driver was OK wgen I felt lost lag, used the pump drill to get it back. Did it on course when I was playing too.
  3. 47+47= 94 slice has come back and now I have a shank too. Losing distance off tee so playing old man golf on a 7000 yard course. 3 shots to get par 4 greens. Put a lot of pressure on my short game. Went 5/13 on ups and downs 7/13 FWs, 2 GIRs and 31 putts have to go back to work on swinging from inside and maintaining lag
  4. 47+53 =100 6/13 FW and only 1 GIR and 31 putts front nine at almost bogie golf but had three putt and mishit on no. 9 for a 7 It was on 12 when things started to fall apart and never got better. Shankopotamus sat on me on no. 15 and would not let me get up at least tomorrow I get to play again
  5. Full bucket of balls at range. Worked on keeping lag in swing PW, 7i, 3W and driver good smooth swing and contact except for some shanks that crept in foreshadowingly before my 18 holes
  6. 8 Min Sklz swing trainer and 10 min chipping practice
  7. 5 min Sklz swing practice. Focus on solid swing path
  8. 30 min Sklz, 7i and driver stop at top, pump, step thru and full swings took it very slow and it was very, very hard to keep form and rhythm. Kept losing it before I could finish a set and would have to start all over again 15 min chipping increased distance 2/11 on first go, so redid first round and did 4/11 on the third round, started to click with 7/11 still not sure if I am generating a consistant swing. Feels like a lot of arms Wife may go to visit sister on Friday, which would mean golf on Saturday AND Sunday!
  9. 20 min Sklz, 7i and driver stop at top, pump, step thru and full swings did an extra set of pumps with added emphasis on full body pump, not just arms 10 min chipping that's all it took 7/11 first round, 8/11 second round, tidied up last three in no time
  10. 15 min Sklz, 7i and driver stop at top, pump, step thru and full swings took extra time with pump drill to make sure that it was full body pump and not just arms. Felt really good 25 min chipping 6/11 with wife talking at me!!! There's a way to practice not letting your opponent's trash talking get to you 5/11 on round two "yes, dear" 4/6 on round three "yes, I am listening" 2/2 to finish
  11. Range work before and after playing 18 pre-work. Holding lag and taking a full swing. I am cutting off back swing post work. Hitting 3-wood with lag. Avoid hitting ground before ball
  12. 48+46+94 6/13 FW, 4 GIRs and 39 putts, with 4 three-putts started out striking ball really well, but short game never showed up. When long game wobbled, things got ugly. One bright spot, no major blow ups
  13. 15 min Sklz, 7i and driver stop at top, pump, step thru and full swings back outside and increased swing speed, keeping a careful eye on maintaining lag 15 min chipping inside house, 4/11 first round, 5/11 and 4/6 before finishing last two. Fast work tomorrow I go to range and play 18. Woo-hoo
  14. 15 min Sklz, 7i and driver stop at top, pump, step thru and full swings raining again so indoor swing session in slow mo. Helped with path even if I did whiff on a couple sets forcing me to start again 15 min chipping 0/11 at New longer distance. Thot about repeating first round and then fired 7/11 on second round so I decided to close out the remaining balls and call it a night Sunday: my practice and play day will have rain :(
  15. 15 min Sklz, 7i and driver stop at top, pump, step thru and full swings slow mo practice session b/c did it indoors b/c of rain. Really forced the issue of swing path and control 20 min chpping 5/11 to start and beat on next round. A bit better stroke. Need more practice through as it comes in fits and starts