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  1. 5 min Sklz swing trainer. Was hunting the whoosh tonight. Set of regular swings and turned trainer around and made handle Whoosh on swing through Felt good
  2. 5 min Sklz swing trainer. Tried to go as slow as I need to go to put the club in the slot. Trouble finding right form and keeping balance even at slow speeds. Doubts about swing path--am I doing right?
  3. 5 min Sklz swing trainer. Trying feel the over the top move that is causing my skin and correct it
  4. Bucket of balls at driving range. Pre-game warm up. Takeaway felt really good. Set tone for not over swinging. good contact with driver Shanking, ugh, and it showed up on the course too.
  5. What'd You Shoot Today?

    First time out in a month and a half and it wasn't pretty. 52/54 =106
  6. Missed yesterday ugh! 5 min Sklz swing trainer just get my swings in. Tomorrow, I get to play for first time in more than a month!
  7. 10 min Sklz Swing trainer. Slow motion and emphasis on turn and whip action
  8. Am back 15 min Sklz swing trainer feel the lag and work out the over the top motion bit by bit
  9. Last night and tonight, watched golf videos for more than 5 m https://www.revolutiongolf.com/experts/martin-chuck/clubface-control-skip-a-stone-to-improve-your-golf?vrg=ys
  10. 5 min wall drill. Sliding hands on wall and stay on plane versions. Feels like smooth movement. Interested to see how it impacts my swing and to try stay on plane version with a club
  11. 8 min wall drill. Each set of 20 felt better than the last
  12. 7 min wall drills. Sloppy form, but I did not miss practice!
  13. 7 min wall drill. Like combo effect of the two different version and look forward to trying butt against the wall version with a club
  14. 10 min of "wall drill" Worried about my form, I went online to find a video and was surprised to find a zillion versions! So, I picked these two: