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  1. 5 min on the bus, using a pole to practice separation of lower body turn and left side pull pretty desperate. Can't wait for visitor to leave!
  2. 15 min sklz swing trainer 7 iron, • right hand only, swing thru • stop at the top and swing thru • pump drill • full swing Repeat with driver
  3. Relatives come to stay at the house so practice routine interrupted 5 min Sklz Swing trainer and that was it grrr
  4. Here's an update for my goals year to date thru Feb. 20, 2017 Goal YTD Reduce handicap to 10 from 15 15 Increase fairways hit from 5/13 to 7/13 7/13 GIRs up from 2/18 to 5/18 3/18 Saves up from 2 to 4 2/18 3 putts down from 2 to 1.5 2 Total putts down from 33.5 to 32 33.3 Professional Instruction January, March, June, Sept and December January, February
  5. 20 min new practice routine aimed at improving my down swing transition. Here goes 1. Sklz swing trainer to loosen up 2. Drill 2: Use wall to help feel transition to down swing on left side 3. Drill 3: Right hand onlly and delivering on right line 4. Drill 4. Pump drill 5. Drill 5. Stop at the top
  6. Hit a bucket of balls before going out to play 18 (where I shot a 99, ugh) New swing felt very good on range, especially with shorter clubs. felt turn and pow using long muscles. The longer the club, the more difficult finding the swing
  7. 49 + 50 = 99 disappointing round.lots of shanking, which is new for me and frustrating. Hit 7/13 Fairways, but only three GIRs. Three three-putts and a total of 34 total putts second and third shots were the killers today. No consistency whatsoever
  8. 30 min first swing practice with club (no balls) since teaching session. key element is transition and promoting proper start to down swing. sklz swing trainer help warm up and promote swing thru. 7 iron swings with first pump drill with a much exaggerated inside track using hockey style swings Did the same with driver absolutely love how club whips thru on this swing. Very excited to try on range and course tomorrow!
  9. On my way home! 5 min practice swings with no club or ball at Bogota's El Dorado Airport started with hands on wall to feel resistance of downward transition from lower body turn on left side next did V structure swings, pushing down to work muscles thru arms to back finally arms across the chest and slow swings to feel turn
  10. still traveling. 5 min no club swing drills first drill. use wall to help feel transition to down swing on left side second drill. structure building V swings pushing down with full swing
  11. 5 min. Swing practice without ball. Worked swing structure with V and pushing downward then worked on transition from top of backswing to swing thru using new exercise https://m.youtube.com/watch?sns=em&v=AZbhyQ9C8ZY
  12. 5 min hand across chest and practicing turn pushing down with V structure held thru swing right hand only
  13. 5 min practice with just hands and maintaining structure in the swing by pushing down as I swing back and thru travel this week so have also begun to research practice routines for first twelve inches of downswing need to find best one...
  14. Played 18. Worked on lag and release. driver and irons were ok. Did too much moving which led to chunks
  15. Played 18 holes in rain and cold 46 + 46 = 92 hit 7 FW, 3 GIR and had 36 putts. A lot of missed opportunities. We hit from provisional tees because of rain so course played very short Drivrr was OK approach shots and short game were poor. Lot of missed opportunities. could not seem get all the pieces together