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  1. So I got myself a lightly used Mizuno MX560 driver. I like it. Hot face and quite forgiving. The sound it makes...like a hammer striking a metal tether ball pole! Loud. Somewhat like those Nike Sumo drivers. So I enjoy the driver in every respect but the sound. I'm asking for some help from those of you who know equipment. How can I change the sound of the driver? Is there an easy way? Thanks all, you're the best!
  2. Thanks for the articles. I'm really, really struggling with this part of the game...all year. My hips turn too far on the backswing and I am unable to get them back into position as I come through the ball. So I push it, or hook it. I get the idea of pushing your feet into the ground and swinging. But is that it? Is there no conscious effort to push a little bit off on the right foot (for righties) on the downswing? Does anyone have a good drill for working on the lower body? Thanks again.
  3. For the last few weeks I've been having a ball striking feast. Hitting the ball better than I ever have. Today I went out and couldn't do anything right. Push, hook, slice, top - you name it. I have been playing a lot of Tiger Woods 10 with the Wii motion plus (awesome game). I think I've been playing it so much, that I've incorporated my Wii swing into my real swing. I really do think so. I don't really fully understand the reason for this post, other than I think it's somewhat humorous. Has anyone else ever felt this way? At least I broke 60 the other day...in the video game, of c
  4. All I can say is that I started out with a top flite iron set and I was really pleased with them. They were forgiving, felt great and looked sharp. I think they were great game improvement irons and were cheap mostly because of the name. That's my opinion.
  5. Do many of you sharpen your own grooves? If so, how easily is this done? Is there any considerations that need to be thought out before someone does this for the first time? Any particular devices that work best? I've always been curious about if this is a useful practice. I have a 5 year old sand wedge that has some miles on it. I'm thinking freshening up the grooves might help. Thanks!
  6. I think the audio video files are the most important part of the whole deal. I read the book in one sitting and haven't looked at it since. The concept is simple. The audio tones and practicing the Y and L drills and tempo is the meat of it all.
  7. Bingo. If nothing else, it's nice to rid yourself of all those thoughts that mess things up when you are playing. I was driving myself crazy, but concentrating only on tempo really, really felt nice.
  8. I played for the first time since practicing my tempo with the micro player at 24/9. Wow, best ball striking day I ever had. I was hitting the ball further with every club...which was frustrating when I kept missing on the high side of the greens. But I am extremely happy with the results so far. Now if I could only get my short game back on the rails. So count me as a believer in this system.
  9. Well I just got the Tour Tempo book. It emphasizes 3 main drills: the Y drill, the L drill and the tempo training. All of these you can do without hitting a ball. I can honestly say these drills have really helped my ball striking and consistency. I also practice my swing in extreme slow motion. I've heard doing this can really help with muscle memory. I also have a mat and net that I can practice with. After a year, I don't use it much anymore. I think it can help, but the big thing I need is to see trajectory and the path the ball takes in the air. Needless to say you can see this
  10. I hear ya, I've noticed the same thing too. In my opinion, I think it's fine to switch grips depending upon the type of putt. I think cross handed keeps everything square on the shorter-mid range putts, while the regular grip helps with feel and speed of longer putts. I think I might try that myself!
  11. Did anyone say Brad Faxon yet? Seriously...Stricker, Stenson, VJ, Mahan, Carlos Franco (you gotta love a pro who gets by while not practicing)
  12. I think the high end srixons are pretty darn close to a pro v1. Golf Galaxy had last year's premium ball, zurs, going for $20 bucks a dozen. I bought 8 dozen immediately.
  13. I figured. Rats. I did, however, order the micro player. Hopefully that provides the feedback I need for tempo training.
  14. I have the book without the CD. Can someone tell me whether or not the CD that comes with the book is critical for practicing tempo? Seems like it would be after going through the book. Also, has anyone tried the micro player? Any thoughts about that? Thanks.
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