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  1. I love to walk the course as well. I agree about the ball finding, however I wish people would lose a few more Bridgestones than they do. I definitely take in more of the surroundings when I'm walking than I do when using the cart, and let's be honest, most of the courses we all play, are just beautiful parks. A golf cart in my opinion is....."A good walk spoiled".
  2. I was just interested to know. Was this a conscious decision you made to change something in your swing? Was it based on something you read, saw, or was told.
  3. Anyone on this thread who hasn't read the 'Tour Tempo' thread needs to. This simple tone system can be ripped to MP3 and played on your iPod on the range. Also, if you have an iPhone or 'iPod Touch' there is a 2 Dollar App that you can download that has the swing tones for some PGA Pro's on it. Steve Snead
  4. What I love about this book is that the subject matter is so different from any other Golf Book that you'll find on the shelf. You look in the index of any other golf book for the word Tempo, and you'll find next to no help whatsoever. This really is a must have book. Steve Snead
  5. I used the Tones found on the CD included with the 'Tour Tempo' Book. What I loved about it was that I'd got to a point of Paralysis by Analysis and having the Tempo tones as a distraction, really got my tempo flowing and my mind much stiller over the golf ball. Once that happened, I realised that my mind was way to busy, so I then went out and bought the Zen Golf Book.....lol Steve Snead
  6. For me I would say the Swingyde, as it helped me to keep a 'Late Release' wrist cock... And the Tour Tempo Book. I had no idea what my Tempo was and the book and CD got my speed up by 8 miles per hour. Steve Snead
  7. Since recently re-reading 'Zen Golf', I recently introduced a technique that is talked about in the book. That is to take a real slow long breath whilst standing behind the ball and visualizing the shot. I do not approach the ball until I've slowly released said breath. It really does bring a calmness to everything that follows. Steve
  8. I just recently re-read "Zen Golf", by Dr. Joseph Parent. It reminded me of things that had worked for me, that I had let slip. Taking a nice long inhale and exhale before stepping up to the ball as part of a preshot routine. Not ever committing an 'Anyway'. This is where you hit a shot where you know that something isn't quite right, such as.... You have the wrong club in your hand but can't be bothered to walk to the cart to change it. You're not comfortable with your teeing position, but your mates are waiting for you to hit, so you don't re-tee the ball....etc If you don't have this book, it's worth reading. I think that for beginners, working on the swing is number one...BUT When you have swing, I think the mental game becomes Number One!
  9. I have a 51degree, Mizuno Comp EZ (Circa 2001) forged wedge, with a stiff shaft (All my other shafts are regular). I think picked it up for about $20 brand new because the comp EZ range had been replaced. It's my 110 Yard Club. But I can nail this one anywhere between 100 and 110.
  10. I know that we are specifically talking about Tour Tempo here, however I thought you might all want to check this out......IF You have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, that is..... This is a $2.00 iPhone app that has the tempos of Tiger and other Tour Players programmed into it. Unfortunately, I don't have either gadget, but would be interested to see If someone out there wanted to spend TWO Bucks, try it, and then maybe review it for the forum. http://www.mygolfswing.biz/ Steve
  11. I agree, about a 3 to 4 is ideal. Try just sitting with the club in your hands, and rotate the club from vertical to left and right, you will notice that as you increase your grip pressure, you also increase your forearm muscle pressure. This will affect your ability to create a proper wrist cock, as well as your ability to maintain a good release angle on the downswing.
  12. So I'm guessing by all the BLUE that you're not a girl? Nice set. You must let us know how your first round goes with them. Best of luck. Steve
  13. Hey! Great news on your recovery and best wishes to you. I have to admit, I was way too squeamish to open up those pictures and look at them in any detail. They looked nasty enough just as thumbnails. Anyway, I really sympathise with you. Hope you get your game back on track soon. Steve
  14. I've never tried hitting my clubs, though it's an interesting concept. I much prefer to hit balls. I find them much more aerodynamically suitable.
  15. I totally agree with this comment. If you reall do hit it straight, then concentrate on hitting it into positions where you never need to fade or draw! Good luck with the Driver.... Steve
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