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  1. Golfers are More Confused than Ever

    Couldn't agree more with this. you should only be working on one maybe two things at a time max. Self-diagnosis is pretty dangerous and can leave you more confused and frustrated than ever. Have one coach who you trust and one blog/site you can gain inspiration from. That's all you need. Dean
  2. Golfers are More Confused than Ever

    I think my best advice with this - you need to find a coach you trust and believe in. This may take time, I have jumped from coach to coach and now I am completely settled with someone who I think knows and cares about my game. There are lots of coaches out there that couldn't give two hoots if you improve, as long as you keep coming back, they will be happy. So analyse it after a few lessons to see if your game is going in the right direction. I mean all these coaches know how to swing a golf club but not all of them know how to convey it to their pupils. I suppose this is the key to being a good coach. Also once you get a coach, don't start you tubing as well. You need to stick to one person's philosophy otherwise you'll be more confused than ever.