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  1. @teropaI have the CF16 and love them. Have never hit an iron that nice in my life. Definitely hold out until you can hit them then make your decision
  2. I ended up finding a good deal on foot joy hyperflexs and I can send them back if they aren't waterproof/don't fit. Will consider those shoes if this doesn't work
  3. Thank you very much! I'll look into those
  4. Does anyone have some recommendations on some water proof golf shoes? I'm looking to spend under 125 but will go up to 150 if it's worth it. Thanks in advance!
  5. jacobo


    That's what I tried to say but it didn't quite do that it appears. I do see the benefits of supporting the small business compared to the huge companies but at the same time my performance on the course is important. I think I'm going to get fit for a driver as that seems the best way to go now.
  6. jacobo


    @Hardspoon Everyone here is saying that the clubs aren't as great as everyone says. While I know each person plays certain clubs better ot worse, it's what fits your game. I also trust the word of a non-bombtech affiliated site compared to the bombtech affiliated Facebook group. It almost seems like they are having people post this stuff? I know it's s rather lofty accusation but everyone here says it is horrible and everyone there says it is great. Also the comment about getting one cheap online was in reference to this Again thank you to all who has responded on here
  7. jacobo


    I think I am going to runaway from bombtech as fast as possible. I don't know why everyone in the Facebook group has to lie about it being so great I almost just wasted some money because of it
  8. jacobo


    I will look into those drivers. Maybe can snipe one for cheap online
  9. Mine has to be sticking a 200 yard par 3 to a couple inches, won closest to the pin and 100$. My friend put his ball to the opposite side of the green, and made a 104 foot putt for birdie! Definitely the best hole out group has ever played ( we know 104 feet because we took the tape measure for closest to the pin and measured his putt
  10. jacobo


    Obviously the 300 claim was an exaggeration for effect but if you look at their group a lot of people report 20 yards more with the driver. I will take their comments with a grain of salt. Thank you @acerimusdux, your comment is exactly what I was looking for in posting this topic.
  11. jacobo


    What do all of you guys think about Bombtech golf? I am tempted to get the driver because everyone and their sister can hit the ball 300 with it and as I have an older driver I am looking to upgrade. Can someone who has one or someone with knowledge about clubs and bombtech give me some advice? Also because they have irons, wedges, woods, and hybrids it gives the company more credibility to me at least so I'm not worried about it being a knock off
  12. You know they don't produce equipment anymore right? That's why it's so cheap
  13. I clean my clubs really well (warm water and dawn with a microfiber cloth) once a month. I use my scrub brush on my wedges before every shot and my longer irons at the beginning of a round or if they are really dirty before the shot. I feel like the grooves don't matter as much on the longer irons as on the wedges
  14. My goals are to: 1) Drop to a 8 handicap (currently a 13.9) 2) Straighten out my drive, I have plenty of distance just a little sporadic 3) Lag putt better, leave myself more 3 footers instead of knee knockers I plan on completing number 1 by doing something golf related at least 15 min every day, whether that's playing or practicing. Number 2 will be to hit my driver on the range and practice an inside out swing to eliminate coming over the ball. Lastly 3 will be accomplished solely with time on the practice green.
  15. For me it would definitely be a 7 iron into the green. A 175-115 yard shot seems to be my ideal shot into a green as I can't really hit a 100 yard shot all that well so I'll take my chances with a seven iron.
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