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  1. That's what I tried to say but it didn't quite do that it appears. I do see the benefits of supporting the small business compared to the huge companies but at the same time my performance on the course is important. I think I'm going to get fit for a driver as that seems the best way to go now. 

  2. @Hardspoon

    Everyone here is saying that the clubs aren't as great as everyone says. While I know each person plays certain clubs better ot worse, it's what fits your game. I also trust the word of a non-bombtech affiliated site compared to the bombtech affiliated Facebook group. It almost seems like they are having people post this stuff? I know it's s rather lofty accusation but everyone here says it is horrible and everyone there says it is great. Also the comment about getting one cheap online was in reference to this

    On 1/9/2017 at 11:30 PM, acerimusdux said:


    This is data from a test of 20 golfers. It performed reasonably well there, but didn't stand out. Keep in mind, those models are mostly about 2 years old now.

    If you're just looking for performance at a bargain price though, the one that most intrigues me there is the PowerBilt Air Force One (which has had it's own share of absurdly exaggerated marketing claims, apparently involving an infomercial).

    The company that owned PowerBilt last year split off AFO as a separate company, which will continue making those clubs, but no longer carry the PowerBilt brand. Then they licensed the PowerBilt name to Hireko, who have started introducing some clubs under that name. Anyway, it appears last year's stock of AFO with the PowerBilt name is being cleared out right now at bargain prices.

    Again thank you to all who has responded on here

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  3. I think I am going to runaway from bombtech as fast as possible. I don't know why everyone in the Facebook group has to lie about it being so great I almost just wasted some money because of it

  4. Mine has to be sticking a 200 yard par 3 to a couple inches, won closest to the pin and 100$. My friend put his ball to the opposite side of the green, and made a 104 foot putt for birdie! Definitely the best hole out group has ever played ( we know 104 feet because we took the tape measure for closest to the pin and measured his putt 

  5. Obviously the 300 claim was an exaggeration for effect but if you look at their group a lot of people report 20 yards more with the driver. I will take their comments with a grain of salt. Thank you @acerimusdux, your comment is exactly what I was looking for in posting this topic. 

  6. What do all of you guys think about Bombtech golf? I am tempted to get the driver because everyone and their sister can hit the ball 300 with it and as I have an older driver I am looking to upgrade. Can someone who has one or someone with knowledge about clubs and bombtech give me some advice? Also because they have irons, wedges, woods, and hybrids it gives the company more credibility to me at least so I'm not worried about it being a knock off

  7. I clean my clubs really well (warm water and dawn with a microfiber cloth) once a month. I use my scrub brush on my wedges before every shot and my longer irons at the beginning of a round or if they are really dirty before the shot. I feel like the grooves don't matter as much on the longer irons as on the wedges 

  8. My goals are to:

    1) Drop to a 8 handicap (currently a 13.9) 

    2) Straighten out my drive, I have plenty of distance just a little sporadic

    3) Lag putt better, leave myself more 3 footers instead of knee knockers

    I plan on completing number 1 by doing something golf related at least 15 min every day, whether that's playing or practicing. Number 2 will be to hit my driver on the range and practice an inside out swing to eliminate coming over the ball. Lastly 3 will be accomplished solely with time on the practice green. 

  9. The junior yearly membership at my club is $175. If you play 30 9 hole rounds that's a little under $6 a round. People drop their kids off at the course when they leave for work and then they stay till they pick them up. Much cheaper than a babysitter and they get to play golf


    14 minutes ago, Lihu said:

    Smash factor is simply the ratio of club head speed to ball speed, and 1.48 means that you have nearly reached the maximum possible with a conforming club which has a coefficient of restitution of 0.83. That means the maximum allowed "bounce" off the club face allowed by USGA.

    So, if you have an average 100mph swing then the ball speed would be 148mph on average.


    Ok thank you, I thought it was more complicated than that but is actually quite simple. 

  11. 2 hours ago, saevel25 said:

    Both. Game improvement clubs will consistently give you more smash factor because ball speed is maintained on off center hits. 

    If you have a bad swing then you will not have consistent contact to produce the ball speed. A higher handicap can have a driver smash factor from something like 1.35 to 1.50. 

    Ok great thank you. So the smash factor I had was good then? It was with a used 915 D3 if that matters

  12. 1 hour ago, saevel25 said:

    1.48 is a good number for the driver and fairway woods. The optimal smash factor shrinks as more loft is added to the club. For mid irons it's the high 1.30's.


    1 hour ago, boogielicious said:

    Welcome to The Sand Trap. Smash factor is the ratio of ball speed to club speed. It indicates the effectiveness of contact or how good contact you had.  1.48 is very good. 1.5 being ideal.  A center of the face strike at the sweet spot will give a good smash factor. 

    Thank you guys, so is the smash factor dependent on the club or my swing?

  13. I was wondering if any of you guys knew what smash factor was. I was at my local golf store and was testing out a driver and it said my average was 1.48, what does that mean? Thanks in advance, Jacob

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