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  1. I voted yes. I believe that if you respect yourself you should dress the part. I don't have a problem with business casual. Jeans would be ok if they are not ripped up and clean. Shirts with collars are not hard to find nice for low prices. If you wear shirts with out collars there are good ones again for not much money. Shorts to me as long as they are presentable.
  2. I have some health issues recently. Now that I am able to play again my swing speed is slower. I have worked on it but still not what it use to be. Looking for good shaft for the driver. Keep in mind I am a recreational golfer.
  3. Not sure of the exact model. By the way the signature looks on the clubhead it's quite a bit older than what they have posted. My guess is it's an older forged blade. The clubs are in good shape and the shaft appeared to be also. Thinking about re-gripping them cleaning them up a little more and possibly trying to see if they play.
  4. My uncle recently passed and these were his clubs. Can anyone out there help me to know what they are. They are not for sale or anything like that, just want some background.
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