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  1. I recently purchased the Speedline (Draw model) as well and have hit the ball straighter. I got the 10.5 regular. The club has an extremely high launch, so high that it will stick a ball in the fairway on a soft course! Even on a day when the course is like concrete I get NO roll on the ball. A few days ago I hit the ball as hard and solid as I possibly ever have and went 284yds (according to GPS) whereas my old Dunlop Loco 10 degree could roll them up to the 295/300 marks on a hard surface. Have you had the same problem the higher launch/ball spin leading to no roll after landing? I did not get swing tested before buying the club as the Golf Discount I went do said they could not set me up on the machine because I was left handed! I really wish I tried out the R9 before going with this to see what it was like. Still not out of the question as I could always sell the Adams on Ebay.
  2. Does this apply to a second shot say on a par 5 that may be hard to find? If ubable to find the ball and a provisional is hit I assume you "forefeit" the hole and the max is acessed? What is the correct method for determining the maximum amount of strokes in this case? Thanks! Mike
  3. I have been playing for about 8 months now and am at a point where I can hit the ball fairly well and keep it in play for the most part. I am now trying to keep a more accurate score and am not sure how to play the following: The courses I play are heavily wooded and if you hook/slice something too bad youre in the woods. Frequently off the tee on some of the more narrow holes I will hit my drive up into the trees or near the trees and am unsure if it fell in play or out. If unable to find my ball what is the correct procedure? Should I have hit another tee shot and took the penalty stroke? If unable to find the ball do I drop? Where do I drop? Thanks for the help in advance! Mike
  4. I have a bad problem with swinging down on the ball and letting my lead hand (right for me as I am a lefty) dominate. This results in taking up half the earth and the ball squirming almost dead left (remember I'm a lefty). I can correct this by going with a much steeper swing plane that would resemble something like John Daly or a young Jerry Pate (just saw Playing with the Pros with him). Extend a line through your back shoulder perpendicular to your body and one going through your head vertically. The line at your shoulder is 0 and the one going down your head is 90. I am much closer to 90 on my backswing (probably 75-80) than the shoulder. Make sense? My instructor wants me to swing on a much flatter plane but I slice more and generally cannot make good contact with the ball while doing so because my lead hand wants to dominate and pull the club through the zone. It is evident in my divots when using this as they are generally farther back in my stance and angled to the left. When using the steeper plane the divot is smaller, out in front more and dead straight. Can a steep swing plane work or do all players have a plane that is closer to the line through their shoulder? As I said I can "sweep" the ball much easier and hit the ball straighter when using the steeper plane. Thanks for the help. While new to the site it has already helped me each day I read posts! Mike
  5. When I walked by Vijay at a tourney he looked like a 6'-3" or 6'-4" guy. Stewart Cink also did look to be around 6'-4" when right next to him.
  6. In my opinion a baseball swing and a golf swing are not alike. In baseball you hit the ball out in front of your front foot (for the most part depending on the location of the pitch) and in a golf swing the ball is almost always behind your front foot. To make square contact with the golf ball a baseball player like me would say you need to have a very long, sweeping swing compared to a short, compact baseball swing which is the equivalent to chopping a tree down. Also you roll over wrists or "release" the golf club much earlier than a baseball swing.
  7. Celebheights.com has tiger listed at 6'-0 1/2" and they are pretty anal about height over there. http://www.celebheights.com/s/Tiger-Woods-1569.html
  8. Just purchased the draw model and I am hitting it straight nearly every swing and when I don't it's a slight fade! I purchased the 10.5/regular and am questioning the 10.5. While the ball is going very straight I am getting the ball a mile in the air and it has no roll after landing. Because of this I feel like I am leaving yards on the table. How much difference does that 1 degree of loft (9.5) make with regards to control/extra distance?
  9. Yea Anthony Kim does not look like he is 5'-10" at all... If you look on Playing Lessons he is about the same height at Stephanie Sparks and she looks to be about 5'-7" or 5'-8". I was able to go to the BMW Championship in September and noticed that Vijay, Ernie & Stewart Cink were all everybit of their listed heights and possibly taller. Particularly Ernie Els who looked like a giant out in the fairway.
  10. This is what I was looking to verify... Thanks!
  11. New poster here, been looking around for a few weeks. Just started playing 6 months ago and finally learning to hit the ball with a little bit of consistency. Part of that consistency is the new equipment (A3 iron set, Speedline Draw D & 3W). I do not have any wedges and just purchased the Wason Set online and it is currently in the mail. I am hitting the green with good consistency with a pitching wedge from 90yds or so in but frequently find the ball rolling off the green after it lands. Because of this I'd like to have some more bite on my ball so I purchased the wedges (and ya gotta have wedges!). So to make a long story short should I look into the Vokey wedges and possibly send the Adams set back? Would they make much difference in the hands of a newbie shooting in the 100's when compared to the Watson's? -Mike
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