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  1. I have the original Superfast and have to say that it is light years ahead of anything I have tried out in the distance category. Originally I messed around with it and had it shortened and put an Iomic grip on it which took the swing weight from a D8 down to like a D1 which COMPLETELY changed the driver. This is my only complaint in that the club is so light, ANY modification will affect swingweight terribly. Has anyone noticed a difference in performance from the Superfast to the Superfast 2.0?
  2. I am sure someone has done at least an article on this or possibly it has been explained in a different way, but I was wondering if anyone has toyed with their backswing and follow thru to make a change in ballflight? It appears that a steeper backswing (more upright) that has it finishing closer to your head than your back shoulder would promote swinging the club more out to in vs a swing plane that saw the club set down at your back shoulder. I also think that a follow thru that is higher and saw the club enter the body more towards your head than your shoulder (dtl view) would promote a more in to out swing vs one that was lower and entered closer to your shoulder which would be a more in to out swing path. Am I on to something here? I suffer badly from blocked shots and struggle with getting the club too far behind my chest at the top of the backswing and conversly have a very high follow thru. I was thinking about tweaking one of the two to try and match them (backswing and follow thru) so my swing would be more down the line if you will vs too far in to out.
  3. Did you take it too far? What were you trying to do by yelling at him and throwing the ball? If you were only trying to teach him how to properly act on the course, this was not the proper method for doing so. Think if you were a parent and were trying to teach your child a lesson. Would you use this method for teaching them a lesson? Your reason for throwing the ball and yelling was out of frustration. It doesn't matter if it was because of the bad holes or because you were pissed off you got hit; it was out of frustration. Please keep in mind this is not a post taking sides between you and the other guy. This isn't about you vs the other guy. You asked about your behavior and that is what I am commenting about. With all of that said, I feel for you getting hit by a ball. I am sure it sucked. I have been hit by a baseball many times in my life and some hurt pretty bad. I know it sucks.
  4. This is all I was looking for. Yes, there is thought behind every rule whether it apply to golf or a parent's house rules. Every word, written or spoken requires thought, therefore every rule requires thought. It is poor management or instruction to profess to someone, "you just can't do it", without explanation..
  5. I just watched a putt by Phil Mickelson and they commented that there was a spike mark in the green that was directly in his line. Why are you unable to fix imperfections in the surface when they are on your line while putting? What is the thinking behind this?
  6. How many times have you picked someone's ball up and thrown it?
  7. Huh? I cannot understand what you are saying in the first paragraph, however I THINK you are implying that the balls that go in the fairway are longer than those that land in the rough. That is true when comparing an equally struck ball from the same player. We are talking about guys who are just longer than the short hitters. Bubba Watson carries the ball much further than Mark Wilson (and just about everyone else for that matter). Bubba can carry the ball 330 into the rough, he can also hit it 400 into the fairway (keep in mind all of this depends on wind, landscape etc. I am only talking about what has happened before). No one is saying you cannot be a productive golfer by hitting it into the fairway at 250yrds each time. What they are saying is it will still make for a long day on a 7200 yard layout with rough, greens, and pin placements set up for the world's best.
  8. I was fitted for them. I was never formally fttted for the woods.
  9. Well what makes it harder with the shafts is that they do not match my woods. I play with the Superfast XCon Stiff in my driver, 3 wood, and 18° fairway. It almost takes two different swings to produce good shots.
  10. What about 330yds in the rough with a clear shot and a lob wedge to the green? That's what guys like Bubba Watson and Dustin Johnson are looking at on 400yds+ par 4's. The equipment and design of the courses (seems as if one is dictated by the other) seems to be swallowing up the shorter hitters. Keep in mind that these guys missing the fairway still have clear shots out of the rough more times than not. Now my 330yd drive, its in the pine trees, which also sit 100' below the elevated tee box I needed to bomb it 330 :)
  11. I recently switched from standard TM 105g stiff shafts to 6.5 130g flighted PX shafts. My natural miss is a block, however now it seems that is my regular shot.... I have did my reading on blocks and what causes them but, would like to know if the weight of the shaft/stiffness of the shaft could be making it harder for me to swing the club on a better path. If so, how? Please explain as I'd like to know the why and not just the what. Thanks! Mike
  12. Super good middle, long iron player.... It is hard to believe that there will be guys in the future that are short hitters with the equipment and length of the courses now. It seems to be that there is more of a premium for distance off the tee than there is for control; even with the new grooves. I cannot think of a younger player that is that short as of now. There may be one, but their name does not stick out in my head.
  13. 1. I push fade the ball at times. Better explained as a massive, high block slice. See my thread for my swing,however I have made the mistake of putting videos up of mostly straight shots. The term release the club seems a bit wire in what is actually supposed to happen. I agree with Eric that it seems a bit generic. Why in the world would you promote excessive rolling of the wrists or forearms in a game that requires you to hit a ball to a precise location? he best explanation I have heard to justify this is in Phil Mickelson's Secrets of the Short Game when he describes the path of a putter head during the stroke. He states (and I am paraphrasing), "In an ideal world we would bring the putter head straight back and straight thru, but that is not entirely possible so the swing becomes an arc." The amount of club face/hands/wrists should be the minimal amount to generate enough power to get the balll to the distance you want (I am not saying this varies with the amount of "power" you wish to achieve). If not for distance requirements we would all bring the club straight back and straight forward without and rotation of hands/wrists/forearms. I am not a golf pro, only someone who sees what he sees in videos of golf swings. Take my explanation for what you want.
  14. Thanks. I am at a loss as well. The "blowout" if you will was on the toe end of the clubhead, near the crown. I wish I would have taken a picture because there was not a scuff or scratch, only a 2" "slit" opening, no dents. There is one ball mark of a ball I hit off the toe pretty bad (nothing worse than anyone else has done with a toed shot) but it is a few inches from where the club opened up. Matter of fact to give you a better idea, it is right where the "FCT" logo is.
  15. I am not really sure what happened with it. Honestly, I believe that during some dry swings I hit the loose, plastic ball holder at the range when making practice swings and it pinched the outside of the toe. That is the ONLY thing I can think of as I started noticing the headcover was harder to put on and found out it was because the sock was catching on the side of the driver. There were no scratches or other signs of impact the toe area. Now, if this is what happened, I agree that it should not be covered, however the guy at Golf Galaxy told me that they would most likely replace it. I was honest with what I thought happened and told him I was not even sure that is what actually happened. I would be GREATLY appreciative if they did replace it however, no sour grapes if they do not.
  16. Oddly enough he doesn't even wear his own collection of pants. I liked the pipe like fit of the legs with the wider opening at the bottom and purchased a pair of his only to find out his are high end bespoke trousers that run $500/pair.
  17. You would be better off going to your ball and shooting back to your starting point to measure distance. Iacas will recommend the Leupold and I think they are the nicest looking rangefinders and have the nicest display, however I sold my GX4 for the 1600 Bushnell (with slope) and could not be happier. I get one consistent dimension when using this rangefinder as opposed to 4-5 from the Leupold. Both of these are the top of the line models from each company and run between $350-$500 on Ebay and Amazon new. Good luck.
  18. I turned in my R9 Supertri for warranty last week at Golf Galaxy and they said the club would be replaced. I live in St. Louis and would like to know from others experiences, what is an estimate for turn around assuming the club was sent off last Thursday?
  19. Thanks for the complement, but I am probably not even a 12 right now. I do not keep a handicap but usually shoot from mid 80's to low 90's (last year before these swing changes). This year I have played (3) nine hole rounds and (1) full round with scores of 47, 45, 44, 44, 89. I played my best round yesterday in a 2 man scramble where we scored a 72 (2 over) on a course I had not been on before. My playing partner was my best friend who is not a good player at all and we used a combined 4 of his shots for the round! Needless to say I was very pleased with my play. I even played well enough to drive two short par 4's (310 & 335 both downhill) and make all 5 of our birdie putts! My biggest issues (at this stage of the game, all of facets of my game are weak) are blocking drives (46.4% fairways hit), poor scrambling (12.9%), and poor approach shots (GIR 41.7%). Not to be too hard on myself, but I do not keep the ball in play enough and my approach shots tend to be offline more than they should. In addition, my chipping last year was terrible. It is better this year but the small sample size is not enough to reflect this. If I could keep the ball in play and hit more greens I think my improved putting alignment will show off in a big way this year. I have a good feel for how greens break but have never been taught how to properly hit a certain line until recently. The blocked shots are extremely high and start left immediately. I have been working on firming up the front leg at impact to limit the shifting of my body at impact. I understand the hips move laterally, however I know from the feeling and from the videos of some blocked shots that I am swaying back and forth during the swing which forces me to block it or flip at it and hit a big hook.
  20. Ok well hopefully I didn't offend you with the title :). The title says it all. I have actually started aiming right (I'm left handed) but as you know if you are blocking alot of shots your path is off pretty bad and all it takes is a flip of the wrists to send the ball going just as far in the other direction. My natural shot is a push (natural miss should I say) so I have tinkered with playing the push a bit like a Trevino or Fred Couples however.... I look at it kind of like a belly putter in that it seems like a band aid on a fixable issue. Thoughts? I am a cause and effect type of learner so an explanation of what is going on in my swing and how it translates to the block would help immensely. Here are a few videos to help as well
  21. I just ordered a 24 gram weight and was going to tinker with upping the swing weight on mine. I'll report back to what I find out.
  22. If you had time to look at the different "schools of thought" regarding hitting it would reveal that the difference of opinions are simply a matter of interpretation. Specifically, weight shift vs rotational mechanics. Both "schools of thought" reference the same players when validating their explanations. In reality a baseball swing has weight shift and rotation. The weight shift is minimal and more a function of the transfer of energy at that speed causes your body to move back a bit when setting your hands and to move forward when attacking the baseball. Golf has more working parts then baseball as the swing is "longer" so it adds a few levels of interpretation but, overall there is only one correct way to hit a golf ball straight and that is a square clubface to the path and target at impact. Disagree?
  23. Ok so I have an R9 that I purchased in late fall that somehow (not exactly sure) has a blow out on the side of the heel. It is not on the face, just to the right the face (left handed head). Is there any chance TM would replace the head?
  24. I have tried aiming at the center of the stick, the flag, and the ground at the base of the flag. I am doing my best to stand squared up to the flag. My guess is everyone's hand shakes a bit when trying to aim it?
  25. I recently purchased the latest Leupold rangefinder (GX 4) and have used it a few times this winter. I do not have the steadiest of hands and have had issues getting consistent yardages outside of 150yds. I noticed that the Bushnell's have the flag lock of which is supposed to search for the flag and let you know when it is locked in. Does anyone have any experience with these and are they easier to use than the GX4? If it is I would be interested in selling the GX4 and getting a Bushnell. -Mike
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