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  1. Not looking for anything stiffer, it's what he put in my hand. I like hitting heavier clubs (from what I've tested) as they are easier to swing. With the lighter clubs I tend to swing out of control too much. I was hitting a 6 iron. The idea of hitting the ball higher does make sense to add distance however the offset idea confused me. I agree there are optimal shot heights/launch angles/landing angles. If you can see my angle of attack, it is too steep which would aid in de-lofting the club. His theory was, yes I need to shallow out the swing but, since I've always been a lower ball hitter I may never get to optimal launch angles, thus, weakening the lofts would help launch it higher and closer to the optimal number. The offset thing still has me confused. I think his thoughts were, yes, I have a swing issue to iron out however, these changes would provide an immediate improvement. I agree that it all sounds a bit contrary to what you would think however, they are a top rated clubfitter in this years Golf Digest's HOT LIST issue.
  2. Club Speed Attack Angle Dynamic Loft Ball Speed Smash Spin Carry Side Spin (yds) Landing Angle Tour Burner 105S 92.5 -8.4 14.3 127.4 1.38 5544 180.5 4.5 Left 35.3 Epon 6.5 PX 91 -7.7 14.7 128.4 1.41 5097 187.3 5 Left 37.2 Epon 6.0 PX 92.1 -7.4 16.3 128 1.39 5411 186.5 2.2 Right 39.5 MP53 6.5 Rifle 92 -7.4 16.6 126.4 1.37 5473 183.6 4.4 Right 40.1 MP53 KBS X 89 -7.5 16.6 125.4 1.4 5658 180.1 5.9 Right 38.8 I had a shaft fitting last night at Midwest Golf Lab here in St. Louis and contrary to my first experience with them, this was great. John worked with me for about 2 hours and even offered to do the fitting for free as there were some communication errors the first time I came in. Here are some numbers from the fitting showing me with my stock Tour Burner irons and a few others with PX 6.5, PX 6.0, Rifle 6.5, KBS Stiff, KBS X. One thing John mentioned is that he would like to bend my clubs 2 degrees weaker (PW from 46 to 48) and this would give me more distance. The idea was I de-loft the club too much which does not hit the ball high enough to get the optimal distance. Additionally he told me that if I switched irons I should look for something with less offset and it would help me to keep from blocking the ball. The reason being, I hold off my finish for a long time and the offset would just aid in blocking the ball. Anyone disagree with that?
  3. I think an 8-PW will be good for me. There is a good amount of difference between the Tour Burners and the 09 TP's so I am curious to see if there will be any major discrepencies in distance once the shafts are matched up.
  4. I have the 08 Tour Burners and have thought about making a combo set using the Burner Plus and the 09 Tour Preferred Irons. As of right now I have a larger gap between my 8i-7i and between my PW-GW and I don't hit my 5i and 4i as well as I would like. So my thoughts were to use the Tour Preferred's for PW-8, Tour Burners for 7-6i, and the Burner Plus irons for my 5-4i's. Any thoughts? Obviously everything would have to be reshafted. In a "traditional" combination is it just the PW-9i with the MB design or do they go with the 8i as well? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  5. Don't feel bad! I emailed Golf Lab and they called to discuss it. John was very sincere and I am going back tonight. As we discussed things more it looks like they are exactly the place I am looking for. I will report back after tonight. BTW, not sure if I am actually a 12. I averaged out my score/18 last year and it came out to 85.4 so I just assumed it was about a 12. Thanks again, Mike
  6. Ok so I braved the snow tonight to make my appt at Midwest Golf Lab tonight and wished I would have stayed home :( . Once I arrived I noticed they had the trackman set up and he wanted me to hit my driver. ??? I quickly realized the gentleman who took my call on Friday did not put down that I wanted to get fit for a PX shaft or other recommendations. So I start hitting drivers. I am not hitting the ball well, low and off the toe. He gets a reading of no better than a 4 or 5 degree launch angle. Some of them had a negative launch angle. Now I will admit that I hit the ball low off the tee however, I'm not hitting 250yd ground balls out there. He stops the session within about the first 10 swings, pawns me off with an Irish fellow who plays on the Senior Tour . This fellow works on getting my weight on my back foot, releasing from the top so that the "clubface is passing the hands" and I'm better rotating my forearms. While this is going on, John Kelly is talking with a drop in customer about snow, the game tonight and then Jamie Sadlowski. After the Irish fellow finishes his tips, John Kelly asks that I help him set up the trackman to watch the Irishman swing. At this point I wanted to just settle up and get out of there but, I want to be courteous so I stay, watch 3-4 swings before I am handed a piece of paper to fill out for my contact info. At this point I feel like a complete pawn, ask to settle up, shake everyones hands and leave. The one thing I felt he did right was not charging me for the session. I leave and they finally get the uncomfortable feeling as I go. This is the same feeling I had while in there. I am glad there was an awkward silence so they could maybe understand I felt like a complete pawn in their presence. I have decided to email John to let him know my concerns/feelings. I hope he responds. I am not fucking hack, make good coin, and would be a great customer to that place (ask golf galaxy) like that. While leaving I felt like a broke hacker who had no business being there. Mike
  7. Yes, have a launch monitor session with Midwest Golf Lab on Monday.
  8. Ok I did the shaftfit.com fitting and it recommended a Rifle 7.0. I put in an average carry of 150yds for my 7i, standard weight on shafts, mid trajectory and standard length. 7.0 seems a bit stiff, especially thinking about hitting a 4i-5i with a 7.0. I don't think it would be crazy to think of hitting a PW or 9i with that flex but wouldn't want it for the longer irons. The 7.0 is also odd in that my driver flex almost always falls into the stiff flex area (106-110mph ss). I hit my 60°-8i as well as anyone I know. If I do miss with them it tends to be a pull or a straight draw, rarely a block or slice. I know the block/hook and slice/pull are related however, I do not miss left (I'm left handed) with these clubs much. Once I get to my 7i-5i I rarely miss right with these. If I do miss right it is usually a smother hook out of the rough. So...... would it be crazy to have different flexes as I do down my set? Anyone ever toyed with this? I am going to contact a fitter for the Project X here in the area to get their thoughts as well. My only issue is I would like to purchase the shafts online for a savings vs spending a TON of money with a small outfit that charges close to list prices for all of their equipment. Thoughts?
  9. Driver: 10.5° Burner Superfast Stiff Flex-1" butt cut. Iomic Sticky grip, 1 addtl wrap. Club Speed: Ball Velocity: Spin: Launch Angle: 110.58 155.6 2,846 8.7 108.49 162.7 2,544 10.0 108.06 162.1 2,494 9.7 107.41 161.1 2,344 7.7 107.52 161.3 2,313 7.6 Ok as you can see I can generate a good amount of clubhead speed and the spin rate is close to optimal with the current shaft. What does suck is my angle of attack. Ok, it really sucks. Since the launch angle is terrible would I be hurting myself even more by switching out to a heavier, stiffer tip shaft that produces less spin? I would like to have a heavier shaft to help with the transition a bit but do not want to make these numbers even worse. Additionally, I wanted some thoughts to see if I am playing the correct flex? It looks like I am right between a stiff and x flex shaft depending on the model. The shaft I had in mind was an Aldila RIP 60 or a Project X 6.0 or 6.5 (not sure which is the right flex). I have hit both with an R9 and feel good and I can still get the ball in the air fine. Actually I launch it higher with the R9 than I do the Superfast.....
  10. Toe lower than heel = flatter Toe higher than heel = more upright
  11. As you cut down the length the club lie gets flatter. If that is wrong someone please correct me. If I am right, you will want to take that into consideration.
  12. I'm a TM ho. I like their stuff, so I play it. I have not used their wedges, putters, or balls in the past (Titleist) but not against it. This winter I have been hitting an Xft sand wedge because I like the removeable face. Also I did a ball fitting the other day and the number one ball for me was a Callaway iz so I might start playing those. The more and more I play, the less compelled I feel to match up stuff.
  13. Ive been playing golf for 6 years and am actually in the process of trying to go proffesional. For your own sake, don't say things like this. You will only get beat up in here or any other forum.
  14. You may want to re-phrase what you are looking for from compact to deep face. 460cc and compact do not go together :). The Adams Speedline Classic has a deeper face, not sure how the specs compare to the Superdeep. Cool thing about the Superdeep is it comes with a RIP shaft stock.
  15. Thanks for the reply's guys! I have tried an X Forged Callaway 6i in a 6.5 and a X-22 tour in a 6.0 and preferred the X-22 tour. I am not sure if that is the head or the shaft :(. Since it is winter here I am going to have a 6.5 put in my 7i and a 6.0 in my 6i tonight and see which I like better. I am hoping this will give me a better idea of what to do. Anyone ever toy with using different frequencies throughout your set or do you absolutely want the set to be the same throughout? I ask this because i have a 4hy that is steel shafted and I am going to put a steel shaft in my 3hy as well.
  16. I would like to put in a set of Project X shafts throughout all my clubs. I recently got on a launch monitor and here is what I have to help. 7i: 95.56 avg ss, 97.66 high 123.6 avg ball speed, 126.7 high 6,770 avg spin, 7,029 high Wasn't swinging the club very well however I was hitting the ball on the center of the face during the fit. I do not have any Project X fitters in my area to help. Additionally, I should mention that I am trying to get some heavier shafts in my clubs now as my transition can be a bit violent. I believe this may help tame me at the top some. Right now I play the stock Burner Ion 105g shafts in my irons. Any help?
  17. MikeLowry5

    Moe Norman

    Not sure if he's trolling but I did wonder about the S&T; pattern when I read that one line. To be sure there have been winners on the PGA tour who are associated with the pattern however, the swing looks different than most of those swinging on the tour. The best way to put it for description purposes would be to look at it like this. There are more people out there who's swing looks like David Ledbetter than Charlie Wi on the PGA tour. My apologies for getting off the topic of Moe Norman.
  18. MikeLowry5

    Moe Norman

    Quote: Originally Posted by TheLauncher The elephant in the room. And honestly I can't even begin to answer it. It's a big elephant I'd say. Wouldn't you agree that if you could mimic the exact movement of an Iron Byron you would hit perfect shots all day long? I've never witnessed an Iron Byron personally so I do not know if there is an variance in the results with these.
  19. It is a bit frustrating. Not dying to see the video so I will live. It looks like they may have launched the video a bit too early.
  20. Any word on when/if the new Superfast will have pics leaked? I am hoping it is not white as well :(
  21. Hmmm.... Pretty brown? That's about how I would describe my home course right now!
  22. I have a nice set of clubs and I do feel embarassed sometimes because people will make comments about them. I like nice stuff but don't like attention at all!
  23. He has a very nice swing. Not sure there is a beef with S&T; on my instructors behalf. It seems as if the S&T; crowd often feels slighted however, I do not believe you are as hated nearly as much as you might think. You will get your credit in due time. :)
  24. While Cape town is still a nice climate, it is SUMMER where you are right now too!
  25. First day since February that it has been dry and sunny with no golfers out at the course next to my office (High of 29°F today). It is officially Winter 2010-2011 :(
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