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  1. Thanks for the advice. So far it is a work in progress. Trying to feel the clubface staying along the plane during the backswing has taken a toll on the overall crispness of the shots as I am focused more on that then making a good shot. Luckily, it is December and not April :). I'll post another video this week with an update of the backswing progress. Can anyone explain the issues that swinging the clubface inside of your hands and under the plane can cause on the downswing?
  2. 10 yards is miles in golf I would assume. The Superfast 3-wood plays much like what a 2-wood would assumingly play like. My guess is that you will either not see much difference in distance and/or see more left or right misses with the longer shaft/stronger loft club. What about a higher lofted driver?
  3. He does seem to be on the small side however, I'm only 5'-8". I'm really hoping this guy is about 5'-5" so I don't feel as small :)
  4. Odd but I was working on doing this yesterday for awhile, however I cannot tell you of a ball that didn't hit the hosel when doing this. I'll chalk it up to just an odd feeling and trying to do something different. I was not worried about the ball flight or trajectory at that point. I did not know that Grant Waite was a S&T; guy, don't know who he is at all. His swing looks good to me however it does not look like a textbook S&T; swing. Is there rumors out there on the internets that I am against S&T;?
  5. Funny that you put up a video of Grant Waite as the instructor I work with at Golf Galaxy loves his swing and uses it for all comparisons.
  6. [QUOTE=iacas;555949]"The hands and the clubhead act almost like they're on a lever system in the backswing. If you take your hands inside, the tendency will be for the club to stay outside. Conversely, if you take your hands outside the club will have a tendency to roll inside." This is good info "I'm tempted to produce a video on the fulcrum/lever idea." A folcrum point, now you're speaking my language! Yes, I want the clubhead to travel along the path of the target line longer, not my hands. Suggestions or can you point me in the right direction to learn how to correctly start the backswing allowing me to travel this path more naturally?
  7. "Naturally if I start to bring my hands back they start going to the inside. So for me to push straight out is actually like pushing off to the left or outside . I have shorter arms which may help contribute to this." A better explanation of what I want to do is to keep the club head coming back along the line rather than it going inside my hands so quickly in the backswing. If you wish you may look at the new videos I posted for a better explanation of the issue I have. I welcome your comments after that!
  8. Thank you! I am having alot of trouble learning the correct way to take the club back without bringing my hands to the inside. Naturally if I start to bring my hands back they start going to the inside. So for me to push straight out is actually like pushing off to the left or outside. I have shorter arms which may help contribute to this. Any suggestions or tips to think about when taking the club back? I do the "trace the line" drill when I practice however, once I start hitting balls I am unable to keep the hands from going inside.
  9. Here is an updated video which should be of better quality although not great. It is also on youtube which should help. This is of a few 8i shots I took last night. Was not swinging well however both balls were well struck in both views. My focus has been working on my set up position as well as working on keeping the clubhead outside of my hands longer. As you can see I still have work on getting the club working back with the head to the outside. Additionally there is more lateral movement with the change as well as head movement that I would like to cut out. As of now setting up this way is foreign and uncomfortable to me so the movement may minimize or go away as I become more comfortable with more control over my body throughout the swing. Questions, comments, and hate mail are welcome!
  10. No, if warm I will play as well however it does seem that we have less time that our grass is green in these areas as you constantly have one type of grass going dormant. By early July most of our fescue and bluegrass roughs have started to go dormant because of the oppressive heat. Additionally, all of the greens here are bentgrass and it is extremely tough to keep them up during the summer months.
  11. From Late October till the beginning of April you can count on it being a sea of brown. The fairways here mostly all Zoysia or Bermuda which go dormant by mid to late October and it is cold enough that most places turn their sprinklers off by early November and the cool season fescue or blue grass rough/yards start to dry out. Not much green around here until April 1st. So depressing... My guess is if you live in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, West Virginia, etc (transition zones) you see the same thing.
  12. Thanks for the reply! I agree that the hands go too far inside which starts with my set up. Just last night someone introduced me with something called, "the light drill" which has a shaft with two lasers on it that I make a swing with while keeping the laser along the line of my alignment sticks the entire time. This forced me to bring the clubhead back on a straighter line while doing it. About a year ago I started working on getting my hands closer to my body and in a more hanging position. I believe this has been over exagerrated (sic) where my set up needs some work getting my hands the correct distance away from my body as well as not so much bend at the waist. Once I bring my lower body up it does put the weight back to the balls of my feet. I'll post a better video next week with some progress on my set-up.
  13. Competition is good for the consumer! There is nothing that says there is a shorter life span on the material and design of the club they made, right? By them putting out new clubs frequently it does lessen the likelihood YOU have the latest and greatest club on the market in your eyes tho :). I'll hit newer drivers from TM but this one is likely to stay in my bag for a few years.
  14. I thought the thread was only talking about the golf club, not anyone's swing. Somehow this got turned into an extension of my swing thread. VIVA LA SUPERFAST!!!!!! Let's get back to talking about this club, not my swing. I encourage you to comment on my swing thread though! I put it up for suggestions from others!
  15. It was 300 on the dot. From your post in my swing thread it's because I need more weight shift right? Weight shift adds more power, right? Iron Byrons swing on a completely stationary axis, the machine doesn't need to "shift weight" to add length to the shots they hit when testing clubs, only increase the swing speed. Please show me where shifting your weight allows you to move your hands and arms faster to deliver the clubhead in a swing? If that is the case then Aviro Quiros (sic), Hunter Mahan, Sean O'Hair, etc must not swing very hard.
  16. I said went out 300yds once, and it had a ton of roll on a flat lie on a 95°+ day. Again, I said it happened once. Normally off the tee with this (look at my swing thread) I will hit this between 260-275yds although I DO NOT GPS EVERY SINGLE 3w OFF THE TEE!. I just happened to look and see how far the ball went off the tee, just got the club so I GPS'd it off. My only intention was to speak about how this club is longer than any other that I had ever played with. No, engineers, not "experts" would tell you a longer/lighter shaft allows you to swing the club faster which should increase your ball speed which would make the ball travel farther. This is why long drivers use abnormally long shafts on their drivers. You will never see Jamie Sadlowski using a 44 1/2" shaft in a long drive contest, WON'T HAPPEN. What the "experts" tell you is you have a better shot at making contact in the center of the face with a shorter, heavier shaft which is easier to control. Damn, why is it so impossible that something could happen once, ONCE?
  17. I would agree with that point. I was disappointed with the Insta-Pro as I thought it would allow me to download the video to a desktop then post it.
  18. In St. Louis and will keep playing anytime the high is 45° or above. Played in mid-sixties weather this past weekend, low 70's yesterday and mid-fifties this weekend. My guess is I'll able to get a weekend a month for each of the 3 winter months. Early reports show a see-saw December and February with January being well above normal this winter. Not too worried about winter here. I get down to Arkansas frequently for work and could use a 55° day down there to get out and play!
  19. Thank you for announcing the inner thoughts of your mind to the internets.....
  20. Of course you won't learn anything, you know everything already. I purchased it as well.
  21. I recently made a swing change to become more centered with a flatter backswing. Since moving to the flatter backswing my misses have turned from pushes and hooks to slices and the occasional pull (see OTT move at transition). I make very good contact with the ball with great distance control, my misses are left and right. This is most pronounced off of the tee. To be able to start getting into the 70's and become more consistent I have to be able to get off the tee without penalty. Any thoughts on how to improve are welcomed.
  22. I agree that one hand dominates the other at times. Usually it is the right hand (left for your righties). THanks for the view. Mike
  23. As promised... http://thesandtrap.com/forum/threads...ng-(MikeLowry5 )
  24. He should have left the picture of him walking with Sean O'Hair out. I'm only 5'-8" (which I assume is about his height) but man he looks like a leprechaun (sic) walking next to O'Hair!
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