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  1. 60: 95-100 56: 110 50: 115-120 PW: 135-140 9i: 150-155 (odd gap between this and PW I know) 8i: 160-165 7i: 170-175 6i: 185-190 5i: 195-205 (Again, greater dispersion) 4Hy: 210-215 yds 3Hy: Approx 230-240yds (more of an educated guess) 3W: 250-270 est (again I have not clocked this enough to know, Don't really use it to hit greens at 275yds out!) 10.5: 270-285 ish (obviously has the most distance dispersion. Longest 345yds (downhill), 320yds on flat lie, shortest, 5yard top! All distances shown are based off of peak season weather. Obviously not hitting the ball these distances consistently in 50° weather at the moment.
  2. Not sure if these are sufficient or not. My first time using Insta-Pro and not real happy with the quality. Driver Side View http://theinsta-pro.com/club/topic/16275/ Driver DTL http://theinsta-pro.com/club/topic/16274/ 8 Iron Side View http://theinsta-pro.com/club/topic/16277/ 8 Iron DTL http://theinsta-pro.com/club/topic/16276/ Let me know what you think or if you can help me post them so no one has to use the links. Thanks!
  3. How old is that video? Everything is very green for it to be shot in Mass in November. Hand path looks pretty good, lifting a little bit or getting too steep. At halfway through the backswing a good checkpoint is to see if the left arm has "eclipsed" the right arm and the shaft with your arms create a 90° angle. This should be a good checkpoint of a good backswing plane that is more around the body. Are our misses to the right?
  4. Is that Bermuda or some type of cool season grass? I would think the Bermuda would be gold by now, even in North Carolina. Oh ya, the swing :). In slow mo it does not look that bad however it lacks a bit of fluidity and looks a bit restricted.
  5. Amaze you how? Calling someone a liar? I replied to your PM. My intention wasn't to call attention to myself, only the club itself. Its a nice club, both the 3 wood and the driver. The 3 wood is extemely hook prone but if you have the ability to open the face up and get it back to square at contact it has a very high ball flight.
  6. BREATHE! Your finish looks like you're holding your breathe because you are so tight. Have you tried an easier, more controlled finish? I like to think the swing really starts accelerating a few inches after the transition begins, gaining speed to the ball and peaking just slightly after and quickly dissapating (sic?), allowing you to maintain a controlled, extended finish.
  7. Fixed. I'll post a video soon but you still will find a reason to say that it's impossible because only a pro or yourself could do it. It wasn't supposed to be a dig me post, only stating how long both the driver and the 3 wood were.
  8. I am a big believer in having evidence or reason to why you think a certain way. This goes for your beliefs in politics, religion, etc as well as golf. So when it comes to the swing I always like to wonder why I do something or to figure out why a top instructor says this is the best way to swing. For me I notice that my stance tends to be more balanced and I stay off my toes when my feet are flared. Additionally, it does feel like it helps make a good rotation in both the back swing and the actual swing. Take note that I write feel as I have not seen a video comparison between perpendicular feet and flared feet Mike :)
  9. I see people doing it, some advocate it, but why? What physically does it do? Does it allow you to do more or less of something (i.e. swaying, hip turn, etc)? Advantages? Disadvantages?
  10. Good info! I thought that the tree leaves fell no matter what. I would assume SoCal courses do not (for the most part) have bermudagrass, zoysiagrass, or other warm season grasses. With that said I assumed they stayed green all year. Here even in St. Louis the bentgrass greens stay green in the winter. Most every course here has zoysia fairways which go dormant the first week of November. It makes for a nice look from a far with Bluegrass or Fescue rough mixed with the golden color of the dormant zoysia.
  11. I was interested to know from those of you in L.A., San Diego, and all of those below the freezing line in Florida if the leaves on your trees change colors and fall like they do in the rest of the country? I've never been to any of these places during the fall/winter and didn't know if your trees stay green all year round? Does the zoysia and bermuda (mainly Florida) go dormant or stay green year round? Thanks!
  12. It was two shots on a windy day for a TV show. 2 wayward shots does not define his career or ability by any means. I'll go back to the story a PGA pro told me about watching Lee Trevino top (2) balls off the tee in an event with both going approx 150yds TOTAL. He said Trevino didn't get mad, show any emotion good or bad, but he par'd both holes. PGA pro's hit bad shots too...
  13. Last time I checked they didn't hand out tour cards for great looking swings or being able to hit any shot someone wants to see on the range.... I think there is probably alot more to playing against the best of the best in a tournament setting than just that.
  14. I have compared it directly with the 07 Burner, R9, and G15 with nothing coming close to the ball speed and distance that the Superfast has. It is amazing how fast the ball comes off of the face on this driver.
  15. Now I know that the right heel (left for me and other lefties) is not on the ground at impact however someone got me to work on keeping mine down longer and it has improved my shot cone at the range with my irons as well as contact. He said I was coming up too much on the downswing. I have not yet been able to take video of my swing when doing it but it does look like it allows my hips to rotate better than trying to get up on my toe. Is that possible? I noticed in all of the Stack & Tilt illustrations it appears they promote keeping the heel down longer and their finishes do not get up on the right toe like I would see someone like Tiger do. What is the proper position for the heel at impact?
  16. I'll use an extreme example to help. If I have a 10' pole and try to hit a ball on the ground lined up between my middle and my front foot I am going to have a hard time swinging the pole "back down the line". Now if I have a 6" stick it would be much easier to swing that back down the line. Conversely the plane of the swing with both would be different. The shorter stick would allow for a much steeper plane and the 10' pole would require a flatter swing that goes around my body. Make sense?
  17. Just a curious thought that I have wondered about for a bit now. Wouldn't a shorter club allow for someone to swing the club on a steeper plane, i.e. more out to in rather than in to out?
  18. Interesting point of view I was given from an instructor last week that made me think. Rather than just thinking of only misses left and right there are also short and long. So in essense your miss can be short, long, left, right, left short, right short, left long, right long. With that said my distance control is excellent. I strike the ball well and hit it with plenty of distance. I have a two way miss according to this view and that is left and right (push and hook). On the rare occasion I may slice or pull a shot but this is once every few rounds or less. With all of that said do others have this same issue? Do you hit the ball crisp with good distance control however you miss the target often? I have been beat out of my mind a few times this summer by guys who don't hit the ball straight however they don't hit the damn thing far enough to get out of bounds off the tee or to miss the green by much.
  19. Birch Creek in Union has Bent Grass greens and they are non-existent right now. For the most part you are putting on sand. The zoysia fairways are in the best condition they have been in however the fescue rough looks about like everyone's yard in St. Louis during August, oh to be in SoCal.
  20. So do they turn golden brown in the winter like what I would consider a traditional zoysia?
  21. You just summed up the thread and what it was really supposed to be. If Bubba Watson came on here he would get ran out of here because people would tell him that he makes a mockery of golf by hitting massive bombs that hook or slice 30 yards and if he was a REAL golfer he would work on hitting straight shots and hit more fairways and greens. Not to say that Bubba couldn't be a better player if he played more straight up but, this is a distance thread, or is was supposed to be. This is a thread that is meant to fish in those who say they hit the ball 300yds + no matter whether it's once a summer, once a round or everytime the pick up a driver and tell them they are liars and how terrible they are by those who have never seen a ball go that far before so it MUST not be true.
  22. I am a habitual hooker and play all Taylormade woods with stock, stiff shafts. Thinking about looking to a stiffer aftermarket or the x-flex TM's as changeouts. I hit the RIP stiff and x flex in the Supertri head and the ball still flew well off of it. With the stiff flex I could still hook however with the x flex shaft my mishits were either pushes or pulls, much less sidespin. Will a stiffer tip reduce sidespin? If so, how?
  23. The consequence to this in golf is it will encourage you to lift your head which would make it tougher to make consistent contact (or so I assume). If you look into the "modern" golf swing it would be my guess as to why people like Leadbetter started teaching players to avoid raising the front heel.
  24. The idea or sensation you are feeling is as your front heel starts down, the rear heel starts to come off of the ground actuating the hips to start moving through the swing. This is something that I have worked with baseball hitters to show them how the lower half properly works in the swing. Additionally, I use it when making practice swings in my golf swing. Bubba Watson, Tom Watson, Payne Stewart and Nicklaus are all examples of players whose front heel came off the ground at the top of the backswing.
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