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  1. I had this problem yesterday with my driver. I was hitting it better than ever and it was 50 yards short on 2 holes from where I would normally be with a good drive. Then it happened with an iron. I looked up and the trees were blowing at the very tops, however it was not windy on the ground.
  2. I was calm all day and didn't even get upset because I wasn't hitting the ball badly. I was not good off the tee but usually I overcome that with great approaches/chips and not 3 putting. My issue was I chased down that 8 all day whether it was consiously or unconsiously and made bad second shots on every hole. Of that score I had 2 birdies, now you must see how bad I played :). I posted this to help with the pain for one :) but for others as well so you might see how you lose shots. I think course management is a huge part of the game and it is the sole reason why I have got down in the low/mid 80's in the last 4 weeks. Yesterday was a flashback of the guy who put up 95's at the end of last summer.
  3. So I shot a 52 on 9 holes yesterday.... :( The worst part was it was with two guys who work at the local course and I had been talking about all of the improvements that I made to my game and I was finally getting into the low 40's, high 30's on 9 hole rounds. A few things that contributed to the worst score on 9 this season: 1. Not picking a specific enough target from the tee. -I know when I am going well I am not focusing on my swing, only hitting a target. Just like in Sniper, "One shot, one kill". 2. Not clearly recognizing my goal of par for each hole. There were a number of shots that I hit not knowing what my goal was or what I stood to gain or lose by hitting that particular shot. Example: -I hit a very long drive I pushed terribly into the middle of the next fairway on a par 5. I had a clear line to my 90-100 yard landing area needing only 160 to get there. Instead of taknig out an 8 iron and hitting it to that spot I chose to hit a hybrid trying to get as close to the green as I can. I hit a high draw which works away from the green, rolls off the side of the hill and I lose a stroke. 3. Chasing a number. -I got off to a horrible start posting an 8 on the opening hole and from there on I was chasing my tail trying to make birdies even though I've never made more than 3 birdies on 9 holes ever. This dictated my thought process (as non existent as it was) the entire round and caused me to make poor decisions with club selection and chasing down flags in tucked areas. Hopefully this is a lesson to me and to all others who read this. The game is as much about thinking as it is the physical part. I did not hit the ball bad however stupid chance taking and not focusing on where I wanted the ball to end were the death of the round.
  4. Well I know the distance from the GPS is right, don't know about the Golf Galaxy simulator. I must swing faster than 105mph.
  5. Demo'd an RIP last week in an R9 head, thinking bout hooking up the SF with one..... I'll keep you updated.
  6. Ok I'll bite and be the guppy to get blasted..... According to this and to other threads/calculators I see someone has to have a swing speed around 115 to hit a ball 300 yards. Are these numbers for carry distances? I have only looked at my swing speed once in my life, 105ish at Golf Galaxy for about 5 swings however it said the ball speed was anywhere from 158-162mph which apparently isn't possible. With that said I had 3 drives over 3 hundo yesterday with the longest being 317 off my gps. Def. not a dig me thread because I still shot an 88 :(.
  7. Is it just me or does he look about a half a foot shorter than 6' Tiger? Something I couldn't help but notice.
  8. Where is that info at? I am sure there is some type of math element to get some kind of correlation with swing speed and the travel of the ball, just don't know what it is. I do not think my swing is over 110mph (Only been tested once and was at 105, ball speeds 158-160) but have had a number of drives that I measured over 300 with a GPS. I have even got a 3-wood (Superfast folks, check it out) to roll out to 300 on a hot day and a great tee shot. With all of that said I promise that I do not average 300 on my all out drives because I simply do not make good enough contact with a good enough swing path to get a straight ball up and out.
  9. I am having the same issues, actually thought I wrote the original post for you when I was reading it. Mine have been of the toe hook variety which lead me to believe that my hands are over active. To further substantiate that thought, my ball flight has been lower which also would lead me to believe the hands are way too active in closing the face. From my limited experience there are a few different things that cause hooks: 1. Too strong of a grip which leads to a closed club face at top and at step 6 in McLean's 8-step swing (sorry best way to describe which position). 2. A swing path that is too far inside out with a club face that is closed to this outward path putting a ton of hook spin on the ball. This same swing gives you a severe two way miss as if you do not close the club face you just blocked it 100yards in the opposite of your target. 3. Flipping the wrists during the downswing that closes the clubface off to the path which can lead to push or pull hooks. 4. Not enough rotation of the lower half when coming into impact (poor impact postion with closed off hips). swings at home for a few days then go hit balls and see if you make an progress.
  10. Close it to your target, not to your swing path. If the face is closed to the swing path and you have an open stance its going to be a pull. I am a terrible hooker with the driver and my woods. Have tried to work on hitting this power fade you speak of however it has been with mixed results. My ball either goes dead straight with a piercing path or is a huge push slice.
  11. No, I chase flags way too much. My tee shots do leave me in tough shots to the green more than I would like. Penalty shots in last 7 rounds: 2, 5, 2 (9 holes), 2 (9 holes), 2, 2, 2 (on 9 holes) The 5 was on an 84 which I made an 8 on the last hole when I would have broke 80 with a birdie :(
  12. 6600yds and most all approach shots are with full wedge shots however iron play is my strength.
  13. Swing plane is the same everytime, wrists are very active, very good! I will post a video from a golf galaxy lesson later to see what you guys think.
  14. Wow good guesses! Yes my main weakness is getting off the tee to the fairway. I hit the driver max 3-4 times per round, using a 3 wood for the most part all the way down to a 22 degree hybrid. Two main courses I hit almost exclusively: 1: 3 wood 2: 3 wood 3: Driver (open fairway par 5) 4: 3 wood 5: Par 3 6: Driver or 3 wood (Par 5) 7: 22 degree hybrid 8: Par 3 9: Driver or 3 wood (up hill wide open Par 4) 10: 3 wood or 5 wood 11: 3 wood 12: Par 3 13: Mostly 3 wood (545yd Par 5 tight fairway) 14: 3 wood 15: 5 Iron or Hybrid 16: Par 3 17: 3 Wood 18: Driver My main miss is a hook with the woods. My stats show I have a 2 way miss but that is mostly from earlier rounds. The misses left are pushes. I am not sure that I am an 18, here are my scores from these rounds: 83, 84, 42,41, 85, 86, 92, 47, 41,39, 42, 47, 43, 95, 45, 41
  15. Thought it would be interesting for someone to take a look at my stats and see what sticks out to them as the weakest part of my game that needs improvement. Fairways hit: 43.5% Left: 25.6% Right: 30.9% GIR: 37.9% Scrambling: 14.6% Sand Saves: 20.0% Putts per hole: 1.94 This is over 10 9-hole rounds and 6 18-hole rounds. Any input would be welcomed!
  16. Can you expound upon exactly how the shaft makes a difference? Is it anything more than a whippier shaft will "kick" more aiding in closing the face quicker?
  17. And also can you tell me how big of a role can the shaft aid in hooking the ball? I doubt highly that the shaft is not stiff enough (105mph area swing speed) but I have no idea how much or little this aids in the hooks.
  18. I am having a hard time straightening out my driver. While there is no doubt my swing plays a role in the ability to hook it around about anything, it does not help that the club is 1° closed. I equate this to giving a habitual slicer a 1° or 2° open face and getting him to try and straighten out his swing. I love the driver and the ball comes off the face extremely hot however, it is no good if 7 of 10 shots are sweeping hooks that even when aimed at the far left end of the fairway (I'm left handed) are sliding off the right side of the fairway. With all of this said, is it possible (and if so how likely) is it to bend the driver back to neutral?
  19. I just purchased the 8 DVD set and was impressed with his ability to point out what is critical to focus on and what acceptable positions you can be in and still hit the golf ball well. His method of showing you the great players throughout time and the moves they made (very much similar to S&T;) is a great tool as well. I am a bit surprised he does not get as much credit by the average golfer for his work. I would venture to guess that more people know Michael Breed or Hank Haney yet McLean has a more distiguished career and seems to be able to back up his teaching methods better than both.
  20. I just replaced my Burner 5w with the Adams 17 degree Super Black. Hit it a few times on the range and it has a significantly lower ball flight however after using it twice yesterday out of the rough from longer distances it fits for what I purchased it for (needing a long club for rough shots longer than 220 or so).
  21. You must like Sarah Palin too.... I don't know if it's the fake bubbly attitude, the showing off, or talking like a 5 year old that bugs me the most about her.
  22. I know! I'm 5'-8" but only 27! I'll make it to 5'-10" by the time I am 45 guaranteed!
  23. Well I am left handed so it would be my right but, yes it is sometimes slightly cupped. Only very slightly.
  24. My clubface points at almost a toe down position in the top of my back swing. Unfortunately I do not have a picture showing it however, you have the visual. My questions are: 1. Is it imerative to have the clubface match the lead arm angle? 2. What is the determining factor in getting the clubface to match that angle, swing path or grip or other? I use a neutral grip/overlapping. Thanks, Mike
  25. I bought a 56 to try it out and did not like it much. I decided to re-up with the Vokey's. It felt a little hollow, as if I was hitting it off the toe each time when I was hitting the center of the face.
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