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  1. Good advice! Think of pushing the ball down your intended line, don't hit it.
  2. Driver - 9.5* - 265 3 Wood - 13* - 240 2 Hybrid - 21* 225 3 Iron - 215 4 Iron - 205 5 Iron - 190 6 Iron - 180 7 Iron - 165 8 Iron - 155 9 Iron - 140 PW - 130 52* - 115 SW - 105
  3. Laser's can be difficult to hit specific targets with unless you have the steadiest of hands. If people are on the green, it's easy enough to target them but a flag can take several readings before you actually hit the target. I don't have a GPS but I was thinking about going that route instead of my LRF.
  4. My opinion is you're beating a dead horse. Now you can closely monitor him if you wish, that's your prerogative but it certainly appears from the size of the crowd and the fact TV cameras were right there, being closely monitored isn't going to change the way he approaches his game.
  5. He was deemed to not have cheated by the people who are charged with making that call. As long as you can satisfy those folks, what we all think he did or didn't do is irrelevant. Now if you want to subscribe to the theory the guy charged with making that call was either on Perry's payroll or simply incompetent, that's another story. For the history books, he didn't cheat.
  6. The extra rider fee should only apply when, because of your rider someone else will have to take an additional cart. In this instance that clearly isn't the case and people are following the rule to the letter and ignoring the intent.
  7. Vick did his time and Godell will probably let him sit out 2009 and reinstate him for the 2010 season. The Falcons have him under contract until 2013 and they won't bring him back, if someone wants him they are going to have to trade with Atlanta for his services. Whoever makes that trade should be prepared for the onslaught of PETA like groups harassing the team for all of that first season he's back. The away crowds will also be especially brutal and I'm just not sure that a team is going to feel that Vick is going to be valuable enough to offset the grief the rest of the team is going to have to endure.
  8. All I can say to this, thank goodness for blood pressure medicine!
  9. Golf related, Arnie, hands down. Other sports - Ali - Ruth and Gehrig - Jim Brown - Jordan - Andretti - Borg Cereberal Sports - Fisher
  10. I used to be a 1.7 handicap, then I switched to forged and got married. Now I'm an 8. At this point it's going to be much less expensive to buy cast clubs than to get divorced, so I'm subscribing to the theory it's harder to hit forged clubs!
  11. Without seeing your swing this is just a guess of course but if you're starting the ball while lined up down the middle to the middle right then slicing I'd say that you have the ball just a bit more centered in your stance and you're sliding your weight forward ahead of the ball at impact. The ball a bit farther back is the cause of the push or mini-block and the slice is an open club face certainly suggesting your weight is ahead of the ball at impact and your club face is still open at impact. Stand against your couch with you left leg in your living room (if possible) and swing a wedge. The couch will prevent you from sliding ahead of your initial position and see if the feeling is different than your normal swing. If you feel constricted then you're probably sliding forward at impact causing the club head to lag behind and be open at impact.
  12. Age

    Turning 50 in August, let me know when it kicks in for you, I'm still waiting myself.
  13. Okay, you're probably sliding on the ball. At address is the ball positioned forward in your stance (in line with your left heel) or more centered?
  14. Typically too loose of a flex should produce a hook. Is your slice starting left, straight or right, then slicing?