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  1. They really are impressive distances! And I agree with that. I wasn't able to find all the lofts for every club used, but most likely I will be able to add that for next years irons to make it a more consistent and comprehensive collection of data. https://www.youtube.com/user/RickShielsPGAGolf The exact iron review videos and data are scattered throughout his channel over the last few years. There are also other golfers like Mr. Crossfield and Peter Finch who I may be able to gather data from in future data collections to add further reliability.
  2. Hello there! I find data interesting and when it comes to golf, it can help make equipment decisions, game changes, or simply an eyebrow-raising topic. The attach docs are data I've collected sourced from iron reviews produced by a notable golf instructor off of YouTube. He utilizes GC2 tech to eliminate any variables (such as lie, wind, temperature, etc.. ) other than his consistent swing and the club of interest. While the data per club is based off of his swing, with such consistency in the reviews and methods, the data provided can provide plenty of details to compare head to head and between brands and info that you may not have had otherwise! I collected all of the data I could for the irons provided. Some club lines didn't offer both a long and short iron option. The numbers provided are averages from 3 to 10 shots (varied occasionally). Ball speed, carry distance, and backspin are the numbers I included. The irons range from brand new to a few year older models. If you have any questions with how I reported the data or about the methods themselves, please contact me. Iron Perf. Review - By the Numbers - Sheet1.pdf
  3. It sucks to say but I don't see him winning or even placing top-10 in an event whatsoever. He showed only brief flashes of brilliance but was then followed up by mediocre play to the fault of his body and possibly mind. It would be a different answer if he'd only suffered muscular/skeletal damage to which the body has an easier time recovering from. However the nerve damage is a much more grim reality and despite "recovering", one swing can relapse his body to worse shape than before. I think mentally, he isn't at his best but could still compete if his body kept up with him. I feel like a lot of viewers see him attempting to come back and failing and see that as him trying to stay relevant but to me it says that he still has the fire to compete obviously but his body has given up.
  4. Hi all, I wanted to swing by here to quickly get opinions on some of the better forged iron sets that are relatively modern (post 2005 at least). I'm in the market for a second-hand iron set to tinker with and wanted feedback on what you all had great experiences with or have seen great reviews of. I'm not locked into any brand specifically but have seen fantastic things about early Nike blades and really any Mizuno forged blades. I'm looking to spend no more than 350 if that helps at all. I'm looking to lock down a purchase in several weeks before the season in the Midwest really picks up. Thanks for any opinions or suggestions! I look forward to scoping them all out!!
  5. Join the club. Knowing that some people can play a round and leave their clubs caked with grass and dirt drives me insane. After each round I soak them, take a toothbrush and detergent, scrub scrub scrub, and take an air hose to remove water from the groves and cavity. Seeing a clean and shining set makes me want to just play again. I'm not as much of a stickler for the golf ball hygiene like you are. I rarely keep a ball long enough for it to show some real wear and tear from grass or dirt.
  6. NO I do not work for RBG. ANYWAYS, their clearance section is 75% off pre-Christmas and it includes really awesome stuff from clubs to shafts and more. I like knowing people are getting great deals on golf stuff so feel free to head over ( http://myaccount.rockbottomgolf.com/mod_myRewards/referralWelcome.php?referralCode=RVUEAE ) and head to the "Clearance Cave". $40 Cleveland 588 Fairway Wood $75 Taylormade SLDR Driver $200 Adams Blue Irons $30 Hybrids from Adams and Callaway ... just to provide some highlights. No I do not work for them. Happy Christmas Eve everyone!
  7. I think the first thing is focusing on just playing the game before focusing on the numbers. Its not a cop-out answer and here's why: I understand the importance of the stats and analytical take on everything but really anything above a 10ish handicap can most benefit from having a positive mentality toward the performance on and off the course. Golf is 98% mental and recognizing that you're playing at "a miserable handicap" is really something that is already working against you. Looking at the numbers and wanting them to drop after analyzing and changing your approach to the game simply is not something that will benefit you at a high handicap. I understand no golfer is the same, but the best thing you can do is to study yourself and the input and output you see in the ball at the range, course, or backyard. Numbers are great and all when you are really at the precision of taking analytics into your play but if I were to give you a tip it would just be to play the game, feel your swing, and watch your ball. Forget the numbers because they set this mentality of minimal improvement despite immediate changes. Focus on the input you put into your swing, feel every angle your arms take and every shift in weight through your legs, and watch the output in the ball flight. Personally, I've deleted the slo-mo swing apps and stat trackers I have and simply feel my swing, hear/feel the contact, and watch the ball. By doing that and just playing more, I improved from a 18ish handicap to an 11 in about a year.
  8. Relative to the entirety of a PGA career, Spieth is still in his childhood years of the tour despite his wild success already. But seeing how the emergence and resurgence of so many golfers to the top of the game has resulted in such a competitive landscape to where a more than a handful of guys can win on Sunday, do you all think he will raise his play to a higher level as we have seen previously? He is still playing killer golf, but his performances haven't been out of this world like we saw in the last couple years. This is NOT a "Spieth is declining" post but rather wondering if he can amp up his play to another level given the golf being played around him is better than the past few years.
  9. More of an off-the-course unpopular opinion: I think the sales pitches and presentation of a lot of equipment is just so shallow and seems negligible when it comes to the average golfer. Sure, there is equipment that is better than older stuff (club tech for example). But now I just shake my head at everything that promises MORE DISTANCE! STRAIGHTER SHOTS! WOW! I understand that it is the job for retailers and organizations to sell their stuff and appeal to golfers. Just practice and dial yourself in with the stuff you have because a more expensive driver is not going to eliminate your devilish slice. ........although some of the new stuff looks so sick.
  10. Really aiming for landing in the single digit handicap performance. At my best I was a 10 and averaged an 11 handicap performance. Last year I saw so much improvement from just grinding a few hours a day at the range, green, spontaneous rounds, putting in the basement, and chipping in the backyard. I didn't take any lessons, just purely learning from myself and feedback from what I see from my shots. Specifically for next year, I will definitely head to the range as often (about 2 times a week) but engage in more quality time there and paying attention to each shot instead of feeling and seeing good contact and being happy with the rest. Specific Objectives Driver: Consistency over distance Irons: Dialing in distances to reach greens in two (often club down and end up about 10 yards shy) Wedges: Better play out of the sand. Don't end up there too often. But if I do, it's game over. Putter: Improved lag putting
  11. haha it is NOT. Really I am not an employee. I dont know how to prove it but I know the hybrids they offered for that deal are retailing for 100+ for sure and it really does make me excited to know other people are getting goods deals on golf stuff. Would have been selfish to not share in my opinion.
  12. yes thank you haha. I am not endorsed or even working for Rock Bottom. I just know its the one of the peak purchasing times for golfers and really know a lot of people would be happy with the deal. I am NOT the retailer to clarify. I am NOT the retailer whatsoever. And I am decently new here which is why I haven't posted much. I really was trying to share the great deal. I know individual clubs are typically 90+ dollars even for a great deal. I do wish I was the retailer though...could definitely use their benefits.
  13. Hi all, It really is the time of year to snag awesome deals and I frequently check one site specifically and came across a killer deal on hybrids. I'm a regular from the site and have received nothing but fantastic quality and service. If you're all looking for a heck of a deal ($50) on hybrids (Adams, Callaway, and Tour Edge), definitely check it out. This isn't some spam thing either. I've attached proof of purchase so you all know I'm not shady. There's an additional 20% off the purchase as well until noon tomorrow. Happy shopping....and if you purchase something...YOURE WELCOME. Head on over and take advantage if you're in the market: http://myaccount.rockbottomgolf.com/mod_myRewards/referralWelcome.php?referralCode=RVUEAE
  14. Turkey day is here! While we all enjoy quality time with family, friends, pets, food, or any combination of them, there are plenty of golf deals all around us today and in the month to come! Just wondering: What are some areas of your bag that you're hoping to upgrade, add to, or simply something to purchase in excess this holiday season? And what are some sites and stores you'll be keeping an extra eye on? Personally, I've been able to get a hold of a Wilson FG Wedge last week that went on a pre-black Friday sale and it was something I've been eyeing for awhile. On the same note, my father was able to buy a Nike Vapor Speed driver for only $100 from a fairly small website. Enjoy the day!!
  15. This is my second year really dedicating much more time and effort in playing. Last year I've played maybe 10 rounds while this year (April to November), I've played about 35 rounds of golf and its showing!...in my bank account too.
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