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  1. We'll have to start a "Any love for the 975" thread
  2. Again not old in the true sense of the word but my current ( never to be replaced) driver is a Titleist 975, when I walk up to a tee I sometimes get asked if it's a 3 wood.
  3. Lost the love

    @Davie81 As the other posters have mentioned see what drives you to play golf. Is it to reach some level that you now feel unattainable or are you happy to just play for the social aspect that a 4ball would provide. Are you preoccupied with the shots outcome to enjoy the course and the health benefit’s associated with fresh air, green grass etc instead replacing the good points with frustration. I read this last year when I was always struggling to hit first tee shot in front of people, may or may not be relevant. “Most of us intuitively know that we regularly mistake our golf shots with our selves. If our golf shots are poor, our self-esteem drops, even if for a moment, despite our conscious mantra "It's only a game." Our conscious minds know that this is how we should feel, but our unconscious minds don't buy it. It's hard to feel that it's "only a game" when we're in a bunker, trying to hit a high soft one onto the green, and instead skull the ball 50 yards into the woods. “Michael Bader, D.M.H
  4. Which steel shaft to use in a hybrid

    Good point to def go with the AWT As far as I know Graphite shafts tend to be less rigid than steel shafts and tend to have more whip and flexibility which is probably why you preferred the stiff in your hybrids, I think the steel in regular should be match/work out ok for ye...
  5. Which steel shaft to use in a hybrid

    It's not an informed opinion but I have tried a DG s300 in a 5 wood head and found that the overall weight was very heavy. I was able to get the swingweight down to d2 but the whole club felt like I was swinging a mallet. Since the DG SL is about 20grams lighter ( lower ball flight) or AWT ( Mid Ball flight) I would opt for either of these, bearing in mind that the shaft would have to be parallel tip hosel .370 to fit the Adams Pro .370. ( I could be wrong here but hopefully someone that knows more will pitch in )
  6. Sorry, another chipper question

    Thanks for advice it turns out that I tried the chipper for a round and didn't like the results, (limited amount of options I thought off various lies as mentioned... and didn't seem to get airborne enough and stop as desired it kept rolling off the same as I was hitting the 7iron with putting stroke) I did however get a tip from someone that I was playing with , he said that he uses a 52/56/58 and gets really handsy with close chips as opposed to using putting stroke. I tried this and like the movement, so for the time being will stick with feet together and wrist/flip action next the greens. Not sure if this is the best move but so far best for me... thanks to all for advice and comments.
  7. Don't forget to lets us know how it went oh and bring a rain jacket and extra balls there starting to plug here now with the rain all week..
  8. Hi I started last year for the first time and down to 22HC at the moment, unfortunately everyone is different so what takes some a year can take someone else 2 or 3, but there are some things you can do to give yourself the best chance of making it. Get a couple of lessons. Focus on stance/grip and 75 % swings. Learn drills for the swing. The most important part of the swing happens before you even hit the ball. Remember at this stage you shouldn’t have ingrained many bad habits, it is easier to learn a good swing now at the beginning than try unlearn/change from a bad swing later on. Practice as much as you can on quiet times on the course (where allowed) and work from putting backwards so start chipping and using the small clubs 9/PW/SW. When you do have a swing that’s fairly consistent and hitting most greens within 100 yards see what distance your hitting each of your longer mid clubs and build an idea of what club to use from 120/130/140/150 yards etc. Enjoy your new found sport, it will be a rollercoaster for you with both ups and downs as you progress but that's all part of the game.
  9. Newbie injuries - help!

    Believe it not consider weather your carrying, pushing or carting I'm finding my knees are very sore this year carrying over 18 holes each time anyway Best of luck and as others have said don't over do the driving range.. the best part of golf is playing and hopefully watching the ball sail to the green.
  10. If you’re going to be in and around the Dublin area I suggest you set aside one of the nights and stay in the Midlands area preferably Athlone. It’s about 70 miles from Dublin (about a 60-70 mins on motorway direct route down the motorway so easily found) where there are wonderful golf courses surrounded by water. My recommendation would be to play in Glasson Golf Club ( €40 green fees) first day and grab some lunch there ( or in the small Glasson village, quaint pub etc ) then head the 3 miles into Athlone book a hotel and head to Sean’s Bar for the night (Irish Bar with a great crowd / usually music just beside the Shannon river) then the next morning play Athlone Golf Course (they offer savings for certain times of the day, particularly the early morning and then head back to Dublin in the evening the following day. Two great golf courses, nice views , bar, music all 20 mins from each other. Either way enjoy your trip to our fair isles...
  11. Sorry, another chipper question

    Thanks for the advice guy's... I def check out the videos and to be honest the Cleveland smart sole looks like a runner (didn't know they existed) .. thanks again
  12. I’m probably bringing up an old topic/thread and apologies if I am any advice so I can get it clear in my head would be much appreciated. I started to play last year and I struggle most now with my game just off the green. It’s the shots that require feel rather than a full swing. I have a 52 and 58 degree that I can hit well on a full swing but if the ball is just off the green on a tight fairway I sometimes cause the ball to jump forward a few feet or skull it to the back of the green. When I was reading articles on here, the mention of a chipper came up and was advocated quite heavily by David in FL, so I started to think that maybe bagging one was a possibility. Yesterday when I went to local pro shop to possibly buy one, when I mentioned it to my local pro, after looking at my swing he said that I had the shaft leaned forward too much and the ball too far back in my stance decelerating too much in my hit for such a short swing with my 52/58. He agreed with the chipper but advised to use a 7 iron gripped down with the same putter stroke and that is in fact the same as a chipper so why waste money and bag a club that I already have. I asked why they made a separate club then for chipping. He explained the bounce and loft are much the same and it was the putter stroke that was the key to a successful shot just off the green. He said that the idea was to keep the ball as low as possible and let it roll to the pin and the 7 iron with a putter stroke would solve all my woes. Does this make sense? And again apologies if I’m hashing out an old question.
  13. Golf is about who can get the ball into the whole in the least amount of shots. It doesn't matter how you get there.... how long or short the drive was how good or bad putting is after that, bottom line is if you get the ball in the hole in fewer strokes than I do, then you beat me. As I said earlier I started last year and play with a guy (same handicap 22) who bombed it off the tee and always looked to see where our balls when when we went to take your next shot. He'd always comment on his distance ahead of me but when I put it in the hole before him there was never a mention, just a curse of how his putting was letting him down. Either way it never bothered me because I was playing the course and trying to work on reducing my handicap so my concern was not how far behind him I was but how I could save strokes to lower my score/handicap. We still play together a year latter, he still bombs it ( Probably 300 for all I know ), I've less OB's and look like I'm going to be lower next year as a result of my effort. At the end of the day he gets what he want's out of golf and so do I .. there just different things.
  14. I play a guy who swore his drives were long until we both got GameGolf ...