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  1. It is possible that someone bought a set originally and lost/broke the 8 iron and bought a single club (possible fake) off ebay to make up a full set again to sell on.. which would account for the difference. I would assume that the forged clubs would have some bag clatter and if the 8 is fake (would more likely be cast) should have less noticeable marks. The confirmation email just says that a full set was sold not necessarily the 8 iron you have now, if you know what I mean.Is there serials on each club that you could match?
  2. As well as putting stroke I think that when you look down over the ball a center shafted putter is more suited or at least that's what I found after several putters later and advice from a pro having looked at my putting... now using a Nike Method Mod90 and I'd never switch back.
  3. I def think so, even I as I said at the beginning I myself would not buy TM preferring the more nostalgic brands of yesteryear
  4. Ha Ha just wondering how many voted no but are really yes... as was posted the poll is about being a brand snob ... would you look at a club and think no way would I bag that just on the name alone. Are you biased to particular brands, not having ever played/tested the ones you dislike. Now I know that a lot of the smaller company's don't have the R&D/Marketing budget to make them real contenders for no1 and there are people who buy based on budget, but if money was reasonably available is there a part of you that would dismiss certain brands like my playing partner regarding my Wilson Sta
  5. well spotted... No mention of smaller company's but then I assume most people are buying the bigger names because that's where the most R&D is spent which should then imply that's where the quality and performance is... but I could stand corrected
  6. I'm not sure what the service after sale on my Wilson Staff are cause I haven't needed it yet but I would have thought that most of the big brand names that rely on name/branding would have a decent after sales service to be honest. Thanks for sorting the Poll.... ( and adding the link... Gent)
  7. Dangerous comment on this site I think...
  8. Varied mix all right, all good brands.
  9. I recently picked up a new set of sticks, Wilson Staff FG Tour irons and wedges. My playing partner (without even trying them) thought it was a mistake. His motto is that if he’s going to buy equipment he might as well invest in what he perceives is the best, so he bought Taylormade everything except a Scotty putter. . He has a large cart bag; I have a Jones carry bag. As I accused him of being a brand snob, I realised that I was a reverse golf snob deliberately not wanting to buy into what I see as marketing hype but opting for Titleist/Wilson Staff as it reminded me of my youth, allowed me
  10. Brilliant info, I hadn't thought of that... Ha ha I'm afraid it does get very windy and wet here in Winter and I found that the hybrids were launching a little high and just wanted an iron that would keep it down a bit. I figured that the 24* driving iron with the bit of extra cavity/help in the back would be a solid option and then go from 5-PW with my set. I think the shims work well ( from what I googled ) once the prep work is done correctly on the adapter and all parts are sanded to help better contact for the epoxy so should be good to go. Thank you @WUTiger a
  11. Hi all, I want to change out a graphite shaft (Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Black 90) that comes standard in the Wilson Tour V4 24 Deg Utility/driving iron and I have a couple of questions that I was hoping ye could help me with. Info: Current Club length in Graphite is 39’’ Lie 60.00 and Swing Weight is D2 Steel shaft replacement is the DG s300 AMT. .. Club Length will be 38.75. The amt shaft is .355 and the adapter on the head is .370 so it will require a shim. Is this successful? I think the .25 difference will make the swing weight D0/D1 which will probably be not very noticea
  12. Phone is perfect, just run it through swing analysis software.. I use V1 Golf myself, allows me to really slow down the video to see my swing in detail. And if your really intent on a new camera check out the GoPro... oh and Welcome to the site..
  13. Picked lack of time, but bear in mind I only started 18 months ago I'm fully in the early addiction stage where when I'm not playing I'm reading up on equipment, trying to work through swing flaws and fit in a full time job, wife and kids. So def not enough hours in the day for me...
  14. Hi All, Can I get your opinion as I don't have a club to match it with and from the images I found online they look real, but I don't know. The set came with full length shafts that had to be cut to size, gripped etc. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/192265040754
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