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  1. c. lassiter

    FedExCup = A Waste of 10 Million Dollars

    Totally disagree with AmazingWhacker - I think this concept has taken what was the golf silly season and added 4 compelling events, and something which is good now and getting better every year. And frankly it takes a 10 mil prize to get these guys interested enough to play in these events; I'm pretty sure if it was 500K they'd all stay home.
  2. c. lassiter

    2011 Deutsche Bank Discussion

    I attended on Saturday with my son and was there for about 10 hours and saw the following cool things: Dustin Johnson outdrove playing partners Matt Kuchar and Nick Watney by about 30 to 50 yards on the long par 4's we saw. We were near the Golf Channel's Steve Sands who was walking with the group and he told us the distances were 334 on the 13th hold and 340 on 14. When Johnson walked up to his shot on 13 he greeted Sands with a "Hey Sandy" and a fist bump, which I thought was cool. On the 451 yard Par 4 13th, about half the players we watched (4 or 5 groups) used a sand wedge for their approach shot. On that same hole, Camillo Villegas hit his tee shot well right, hit the cart path and bounded way forward behind some trees. We stood about 5 feet away while he and his caddie figured out what to do, at which time I got a close up look at his bag, which contioned driver, 3wd, 5wd, 4 Hybrid and 7 Hybird. I was very surprised to see that, figuring as one of the longer hitters he'd be playing long irons. Anyway, he ended up hitting a wedge through the trees about 5 feet off the ground, but not before instructing his caddie to "Get that big fat guy out the way" (who was a hefty photographer). Also spent a lot of time behind Jason Day and Tommy Gainey on the range. Day was amazing to see up close, hitting it considerably higher than the few guys next to him, 99% the identical high slight draw. Gainey, on the other hand, hit it much lower, with a lot more variation, but he did seem to have the most crowd support. Few other comments: Ryan Palmer was chatting up the gallery and seemed in a good mood, as did Jerry Kelly and Nick Whatney, who fist bumped some guy in the gallery next to us. Adam Scott and Stevie ignored every comment (and there were a lot of them) and kept walking, as did DJ. Saw Roger Maltbie being driven around in a golf cart while puffing away on a cigarette, not quite the same treatment for Mark Rolfing and Steve Sands, who hoofed it all over the place on a day that was much hotter than we expected. DJ's drive on 18 was amazing, miles past anyone else we saw, flying it to the second section of fairway and ending up with a short or mid iron to the Par 5 when everyone else was hitting long irons and hybrids (or woods) and almost no one else could hold the green.
  3. c. lassiter

    Why was AK DQ'd at the Canadian Open?

    Saw that he shot 81 in round 2 and was DQ'd - but I can't find anything about it anywhere online.
  4. c. lassiter

    Are putter covers worth the hassle?

    Never used one, never needed one - seems like just one more thing to lose.
  5. c. lassiter

    ugh, my first on-course altercation.

    I've had almost the exact same thing happen. It seems like it's always a guy who is playing with his wife, the ball never gets really close to them and he has to defend her honor or something.
  6. c. lassiter

    Hybrids: Ping G15 v. Ping i15

    If you fight a slice, the G15. If you fight a hook, the I15.
  7. Are you suggesting that I give up golf, and instead attend meetings of the Book Club with my wife?
  8. I might not have a clue, but I do have a lot of new golf equipment.
  9. Three words for you: Separate checking account.
  10. c. lassiter

    Worst Player to Win a Major

    I'm not following you - are you asking who is the worst major winner this year ? Or which of these two guys is better? Or worse?
  11. c. lassiter

    Worst Player to Win a Major

    I like Louis, but your assessment that he is definitely above Kuchar seems silly given Kuchar's incredible consistency and repeated Top 10 performances.
  12. c. lassiter

    DG300S in my Driver ?

    I have an old Ping i3 driver with a JZ XS steel shaft in it - I think that is stiff than a DG300S. It works great, though it is 20 yards shorter than my i15. On the other hand, it goes straight down the pipe, and I actually carry it on some courses with monster Par 3's, or if I need to rail one on long Par 5's since I can hit it off the deck pretty well.
  13. Went to the Deutsche Bank yesterday with my son and, as we were heading out, passed by the 9th green just as Ian Poulter sliced his approach from the rough over the gallery right next to the snack bar. After taking a few minutes to get a drop and avoid a TV tower, he chunked a wedge off some wood chips, slammed his club into the ground as hard as possible (I'm surprised he didn't break either the club or his wrist in the process) and generally acted like Judge Smails nephew in Caddy Shack. Which of course prompted the crowd to start making wisecracks about his wardrobe, which included some superb red plaid slacks and red and blue bowling shoes.
  14. c. lassiter

    47 - ? - ? - 58

    I find that luck has very little to do with it.

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