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  1. I would (and i do in my own set) favor the 19 degree hybrid over the 18 degree 5 wood as it is more versatile, better out of the rough and generally I am straighter with it.
  2. Unfortunately, nearly every event I've ever participated in, or attended as a parent when my kids were playing, has had some kind of BS rule breaking going on.
  3. I could never keep the G15 on the short grass, but I loved the i15. I hit the G400 on the monitor and the dispersion was all over the place, but the G400 LST was deadly. Your friend really needs to try out the various heads / shaft combos for himself and find out what works for him. If someone just ordered me a G15 years ago I'd have probably quit the game by now.
  4. 1. It's you're, not your. 2. If you want serious input in a chatroom, it might be best not to begin by stating you can hit your 1 iron further than Brooks Koepka. 3. You're hitting into a farm field but have access to a yardage wheel? OK, sure. 4. So you wheeled your way out into this "higher grass" but found all 4 balls and were able to take a direct measurement from the tee? I think everything you've posted so far is complete nonsense, but by all means keep going.
  5. I stopped reading after the 300 yard claim.
  6. Realistically, I doubt one mulligan per hole would be adequate, so I'd say 2 per for an even 36. Would be fun to try - my guess is 2 per hole I could shoot roughly around par.
  7. I actually lived in Japan at that time and had one of these. It was good, and long, but I was too inconsistent with it and I eventually went back to my old wooden Ping Zing driver.
  8. A couple of thoughts: 1. While it seems logical, and smart, to carry and use whatever works best, I just hate to have more than 3 headcovers in the bag. Maybe it's mental block or something, but I just can't do it. So I go with driver, 3W and 3 Hybrid. 2. In the past, when I have experimented with many different clubs and shafts, I find that I do not hit Hybrids predictable or expected distances. At one time I tried 17, 20 and 23 degree hybrids and found the 20 was virtually identical in distance to the 17 and went higher, while the 23 was useless since it was about the same as
  9. In the old set I had an i15 W, and then whatever their old equivalent of the Glides were in 52 and 58, and I hit the 52 a lot around the greens. If I go U wedge in the G700s it's purely a full shot club IMO - those are too big and unwieldy for finesses shots around the green. So while the lofts would suggest adding the U and then moving to 54 and 60 wedges, a 54 around the greens is a different kind of club for me and less versatile on tight lies. Which would suggest U, 52 and 58. I guess.
  10. So what are you saying? 85/15? 95/5? Surely you are not suggesting that it makes no difference at all.
  11. "Just let your hands drop from the top of the back swing" Nothing screwed me up more than this, primarily because when I tried that my hands ended up way behind me forcing a pronounced in to out swing and years of hooking/drawing. I didn't realize how bad this was until an instructor with a video camera (long before the days of cell phones) showed me on film.
  12. I'm a ping fanatic, but I don't buy into the mega-head driver concept. If you pound balls on the range and hit it 15 times in a row I'm sure it works great. The problem comes when you hit it off the tee and then pull out a wood or iron for your next shot and it looks like a thimble. The few times I've used something like this I find it screws up my other clubs and I never score better with them.
  13. Let's not overcomplicate this. To me there are three things to consider: 1. Your grip is too weak 2. Your swing is out to in 3. Your equipment is poorly matched to your swing Very easy to experiment with 1 and 3 (separately). If neither of those help, take a lesson.
  14. Just swapped out my old i15s for G700s (older, slower swing speed, need a little more help hitting it higher, etc.). Set up is as follows (I've always played 13 clubs - I like fewer options, and frankly can't stand wrestling clubs out of my carry bag): G400 10 deg LST Driver G400 3wd G400 19 deg Hybrid G700 4-W Glide2 Wedges 50 and 56 Trusty 20 year old Pal2 putter Love em so far with one exception: The lofts are all goosed and now I'm hitting the W about 125. I've avoided carrying a U wedge for years now, and instead went the Glide2s in 50 degrees and 56.
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