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  1. I don't always hit my driver dead straight 270 yards, but when I do, the group ahead is always standing right there.
  2. Britney Spears have songs that are very appropriate: (You Drive Me) Crazy [Hit Me] Baby One More Time On a second thought, maybe the second one is bad omen...
  3. Moniker


    Not softener, that stuff destroy your clothes. Especially golf clothes.
  4. I believe professionals are defined as players who earn money from competition, so technically YouTube personalities do not count as pros, unless they are otherwise qualified.
  5. Moniker


    You must have phenomenal hand-eye coordination.
  6. Moniker


  7. Moniker


    I don't recall having ever seen any wedge with 6 degrees of bounce by any major brand since I started playing.
  8. You can think of spin in term of axis and rpm. For a wedge, because the face is near horizontal, it can impart massive back spin on the ball, whereas the side spin component is negligible. The "spinning top" effect then keeps the ball fly straight. For the driver, because the face is near vertical, it is hard to impart a lot of back spin on the ball with it. As it happens, unless you hit the ball relatively straight, the side component of spin usually takes over and makes the ball turn to the side more.
  9. I think the ball doesn't know back spin from side spin. If spin is increased, then all kinds of spin are increased. For short irons, back spin is increased, so the ball flies straighter. For longer clubs, especially the driver, side spin will be increased more.
  10. In my line of work, it is absolutely crucial that I always keep all my work tools in tip-top order, both in function and in presentation. I guess that just carries over to my golf hobby.
  11. For years I used to play whatever ball I can get my hands on, including old balls I fish out of the water. Last year a friend gifted me a box of Pro V1s, and I swear I can visualize and shoot better with them. I feel like they give me both distance on hard shots and touch on finesse shots. I've tried V1xs, too, but don't like them as much compared to the V1, seem more mushy. It's probably all in my head, but in any case I've been playing only V1s for the last 6 months. I'm sure my bank account has taken a hit, but the plus side is that I'm much more deliberate now and don't hit stupid "hit and pray" shots any more. I don't lose as many balls as I used to, and actually had to retire a few balls due to shell damage, which had never happened before the switch. I played the TP5 and TP5x, didn't quite like either. Last week I bought a box of Z-Stars and TourBs each to see if any of them can replace the V1s.
  12. I hit my driver about 230 on average on straight shots, with really good ones going 250~260. My fairway wood goes 210 on average, 230 solid hit, but I can't hit it off the fairway really well. The next club which I can consistently hit from the fairway is my 4 hybrid goes 200 on average and 215 on solid hits. So the absolute farthest par 4 I can consistently play is about 420 and the farthest par 3 about 220. As a result, I don't play from any tee which causes too many (4 or 5 is maximum I can tolerate) par 4s to be over 420, or any par 3 over 220, as I'd rather not hit driver on a par 3. Luckily, that has never been a problem with men's tee around here, except for a course that has a 230 par 3 over water. I always move forward a tee when I play that hole. Sometimes guys I play with mock me, but mostly I get the last laugh when they hit ball after ball into water on that long par 3.
  13. To me, polishing my clubs is like ironing my shirts or polishing my shoes. Is it absolutely necessary? No. Is it nice? Yes. Does it burden me or others unnecessarily? No, it takes a minute to do each club, and I only have three of them.
  14. Not the face. I hit all my woods with a sizable draw anyways
  15. I like my clubs looking nice, too, so I use car wax on my woods once in a while. If you can afford it, buy the really nice carnauba kind. They work wonder on the shaft, too.
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