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  1. John Boudreau: I don't recall if it was the Callaway site or not but I have the Callaway ChromeSoft 2018 at 75 compression and the Callaway ChromeSoft X 2018 at 90 compression. I believe you are right by choosing the ChromeSoft.
  2. Maxfli U/Fli Speed is available at Dick's for 2 Dozen/ $45. Have not used them so I don't know how well they stand up as far as durability is concerned. Maybe someone who has played this ball for a while could reply. I am considering picking up a couple dozen for my son.
  3. I keep a second card on each round where I write down each club I hit, how far it went and where etc. I keep track of the number of putts, the distance from the hole on first putts, total feet of putts etc. I throw the cards away only when I have more than twenty of them. I keep a list of all rounds for the year so I can keep my own handicap index as I don't carry a USGA Index. By looking at the cards I can almost remember every shot from the last ten or so rounds. Beyond that, only the really terrible shots stand out!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. BogeySwine

    The (No) Sixes Challenge

    I had read this thread a couple of times last season. I worked on my chipping a few times a week last year and it helped me lower my average score a few strokes. In addition to the chipping practice I thought I would work on the less than full swings this year. After reading this thread again today I think I should probably follow the advice of iacas and stop trying to make the "hero" recovery shot! I went over all of my rounds from last year and found so many double and triple bogies (or worse!) that started with a poor drive and escalated with an ill advised recovery shot. The season is still about 5 or 6 weeks away here in the Twin Cities so I'm writing myself a note to attach to my bag! I'll check back here in late May or early June hopefully with a No Sixes round!
  5. BogeySwine

    Winter Depression Thread

    Snow moving through at the present time, forecast is for 6 to 8 inches ending after midnight. Had two storms last week where we had 8 inches or so. March is the snowiest month of the year. We are ahead of average snow fall for the season but that doesn't mean much! We were spoiled last season as ZANDER1994 mentioned in his post. Maybe this month will remind us how it snowed back in the middle 1960's. I guess I'm just moping because I haven't played since December 4th!
  6. BogeySwine

    Precept Power Drive at Home depot

    Was in Home Depot on January 18th and they still had 23 Dozen Precept Power Drive on display. They were marked down to 98 cents/dozen! I bought them all. Left a message for the local head pro to see if the First Tee Program could use them in the Spring.
  7. You could probably find the Sun Mountain Sync online for about $140 +/- including shipping if you don't mind it being a 2017 model. There are several colors available from different suppliers. The Sync is designed to work with the Sun Mountain Speed Carts.
  8. BogeySwine


  9. BogeySwine

    When is it too cold to golf?

    Usually it's too cold when the course is closed. However, about 45 years ago, myself and three others decided to play on a Saturday morning at a local municipal course. It was late November or early December. We were there early in the morning and no one was in the clubhouse. We often start before they are open so we never gave it a thought! We were carrying our clubs as usual in those days. We teed off on the first hole and away we went. The front nine goes away from the club house so we never saw the parking lot from where we were on the course. The 9th hole is a short par 4 with water on the right side of the green. Normally it's water, but it was frozen! There were also small snow drifts on the course, but not on the greens. The clubhouse was behind the pond and right of the green! One of my playing partners faded his shot right of the green and it bounced off the pond and skipped into the side of the clubhouse with a big bang! Before we all got to the green the man on duty came out screaming, asking us what the f**k we were doing. My buddy answered "we're playing golf!" Evidently he didn't see the humor in this remark as he told us "get the f**k off the golf curse, we are closed!" I told him we didn't see a sign to that effect in the lot or on the door to the pro shop. His response was didn't you see the snow on the greens? I told him there was no snow on any hole on the front nine. "Get the f**k off the property before I call the cops" he shouted and so we did as he said and left. I don't think he recognized us the next spring because he never brought it up when the new season started! I still laugh about that when somebody brings it up at a get together.
  10. BogeySwine

    Do you play a "winter ball"?

    I switch to a less expensive ball. Those who keep USGA indexes cannot post past mid-October in the area. By the time fall hits I've found enough cheap or mid-level balls to more than get me through November or early December. The ground is so hard during this time of the year that no ball will stop very well. More like "pasture pool" than golf!
  11. BogeySwine

    What ball, and why

    Thanks for the reply. Two of the people I occasionally play with use Callaway balls. One uses the Supersoft and the other plays the Superhot 70. They both are very well pleased with each! The Supersoft is about 35 compression but doesn't check up as well as the Superhot 70 does. I was told that the 70 was a 70 compression ball. Can't say that I saw that anywhere though.
  12. BogeySwine

    What ball, and why

    Some what off topic! Does anyone have a comprehensive list of golf ball compression? I tried to search for one online with no luck. I compiled one myself a few years back. Most on my list are no longer in production or the names are changed. Perhaps I could contact all of the brands I see in the stores for the information but I doubt very much that all of them would respond. Thanks.
  13. BogeySwine

    The three tree ricochet ball boomerang

    I see what you did there! I agree completely!
  14. BogeySwine

    30 Birdies or Bogey Free: Which Would you Take?

    I'm going to have to go with even par. I usually shoot 10-15 over par.
  15. BogeySwine

    I've been harping about this forever - give people space

    Sadly, one of the people I play with occasionally is of the opinion that he payed his money so he can do whatever he wants to do on the course! A particular incident of his was finally the last straw. I called him out on it and his reply was "I can drive anywhere I want! I payed my fee!" I spoke to a worker at the course and pointed out what he had done. I asked if he would come up and talk to our group a few holes later about what happened on that particular tee. The worker caught up to us and told us he was going to keep a eye on us and that we would be banned from the course if we didn't behave!

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