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  1. The course we play a lot has a big container of new or gently used golf balls on a table in the pro shop. If I play a ball for two rounds and it is in very good shape I donate it so someone else may have some luck with it!
  2. Callaway Hex Tour Soft are very reasonable at Costco. I'm not sure if they are still selling them as I have not been in the store for a couple of months. I believe they were selling about two dozen for less than thirty dollars.
  3. Played this morning, 46* and about 20 MPH winds. Most of the leaves were moved off the fairways. (Thank you grounds crew!) I hit a third shot into a par 5 and never saw the ball as it settled down in a low area in front of the green. When we got near the green the whole low area was covered by leaves in an area about 15' X 40' close to the green. Walked around it without seeing it. Walked through it once down and back but never found the ball. Found three balls while playing without looking during the round so I wasn't the only one who couldn't find my own ball. Fall golf is great but play th
  4. "Better safe than sorry!" Always ask yourself if you would like to have someone hit into you in this situation. Many years ago I had about 245 yards uphill to a Par 5. A foursome was putting out on the green and I decided to hit a 3-wood as the green was up on a hill. Of course I hit the shot perfectly and it carried to about fifteen yards from the green and took a big bounce to the green and ran through the foursome! They were rightfully upset even if the ball was rolling on the green. I went up immediately and apologized. One of them was having no part of that, his playing partners were a bi
  5. I have found so many golf balls in excellent condition in past years that I haven't played a new ball for many years. I give most of them to a junior program at a course I rarely play. There must be a lot of golfers who play late into the evening as almost every early morning round I play we find at least a dozen good balls along the fairways and rough in plain sight!
  6. I usually don't lose a ball very often. If I play a ball for two rounds I drop it in a box in the clubhouse where they sell golf balls found out on the course. There is a course in a neighboring state where I almost never finish with the ball I started with! I have lost four balls there in one round and two balls on a few occasions.
  7. I played yesterday and I finally parred both par fives! I did,however, double bogie three of the par fours! Ended up ten over par and missed the "no sixes challenge." Playing again on Friday.
  8. i'm still stuck around 10-11 index. I hit the Driver a bit shorter this season. Irons have been more consistent. I am working on my shorter putts. I've started to pull too many! I usually read longer putts pretty good and that is usually the reason I score reasonably well.The last few weeks my back has given me trouble so it will be another week or so before I actually play or swing a club!
  9. Exactly! It all depends on how low the tree branches are. We have a lot of pines on the course I generally play. They don't cut the branches up about 8' feet from the ground like some other courses do so they can cut the grass so we usually have to punch out sideways or backward!
  10. Five rounds so far this year. 3/29 two sixes, 84. 4/5 three sixes, one seven, 89. 4/8 two sixes, 84. 4/9 three sixes, 84. Bad weather for over a week! 4/19 one six, 81! 4/24 one six, 81! Hope this keeps up! Course is only 5900 yards but the ground has been soft and muddy. Greens really got better those last two rounds. Weather is supposed to take a turn for the worst, possible a few inches of snow if cold enough. Ground is warming so maybe we won't miss more than a week this time. Last year we didn't get out until early May!
  11. Anyone have any confirmation what Callaway ball this model at Costco is based on? I was guessing maybe the Diablo Tour or the Superhot but could not confirm anywhere.
  12. Little ball first, big ball next! If I hit the big ball first the little ball just rolls on the ground! Sorry! Just in a goofy mood this morning as the snow hit us again and a chance of golfing won't be possible for a few days!!!!!!!
  13. Would you recommend lower compression golf balls for younger juniors less than 10 years old? Wilson Duo, Maxfli SoftFli or Callaway Super Soft and others below 60 compression, or does it not really matter. I'm sure you work with older juniors, at what age or ability would you move them into a higher compression ball? Thanks for your recommendations.
  14. In the past few years since I retired I have played about 45 rounds per year. I play early in the morning on week days only so those golfers who are still working can have the weekend tee times! If we are in the first group off in the morning I usually find a half dozen or more balls right near the fairways or just into the rough. I suppose the twilight hours makes them hard to find the previous evening. The balls are generally in very good shape and range from top of the line multi-layer balls to regular two layer surlyn balls. I end up with so many golf balls that even the local courses won'
  15. 77.....................Days since I last played! Not a lot of snow so far this winter but we got it late October early November and all the courses shut down almost immediately. If we are lucky, late March will be the next time out barring a trip to warmer climates.
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