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  1. Putting - DO NOT Accelerate Through the Ball

    Just a quick Thank You for this thread. I've played quite a bit this year on four or five different courses and my putting has really improved! I've learned to read the breaks on the greens and started to get the ball close on the long lag putts to avoid three putts. Even the 6 to 8 footers have started to fall regularly! Next up will have to be hitting more fairways, or just keeping the ball near the fairways so I can advance closer to the greens. I've worked on my chipping and pitching to where I save a couple of strokes every round. Thanks for all the good information that is available on your site!
  2. Putting - DO NOT Accelerate Through the Ball

    Busy this week! Tuesday's round went well as I actually made two breaking putts of five or six feet. The Putting Capture Speed thread was a good read and I will continue to work on that this season. I have been practicing my chipping every other day for the past few weeks and can now incorporate the new putting practice for capture speed at the same time. I have lost about 15 yards with the driver the past few years but the short game practice may help me stay in the 80's for a while longer. Thanks again for the Putting Capture Speed thread!
  3. Putting - DO NOT Accelerate Through the Ball

    "Putting Capture Speed" Thank you, a very interesting read! I'm playing in the morning so I'll try a few 5' breaking putts on the practice green. I'll aim a bit high side and try to keep it down to 6"-12" past the hole. Thanks for all the great information on this site!
  4. Putting - DO NOT Accelerate Through the Ball

    I have followed this thread occasionally over the past few months and started to incorporate the pendulum swing in my putting. I have begun to have excellent results on putts from eight feet on out to thirty feet. Most come up to within four feet of the hole. When I have a first or second putt from six or seven feet though I have been experiencing major problems. My normal miss on breaking putts from these distances is a weak putt that breaks below the hole. I would guess that I need more work on the practice greens to get onto the habit of stroking the putts hard enough to remove some of the break! I am open to any suggestions from someone who has worked through this problem before. Thanks
  5. Pants for less slim guys

    I've been wearing Haggar Cool 18 brand with the pleats. They also have an expanding waist built in. You may have to go online to get the proper inseam length as J.C. Penny and Kohl's do not carry all of the inseam lengths. They seem to carry mostly even lengths (28,30,32) Usually you can find 29,31 on most colors that are available.
  6. Do you look after your equipment?

    Good to see many people take care of the equipment so well! I also stay on top of cleaning my equipment. I wipe the clubheads after each shot as needed and fill a bucket when I get home with soapy water. A short soak for each club, a nylon brush to take off the stubborn stuff in the grooves, a quick rinse of clean water and dried with a towel. Once I'm finished I put them back in the bag. The golf ball(s) I used get cleaned also. Add new tees if needed are put in the bag. I'll usually clean the grips every other time I play as I've found they last a lot longer that way. Shoes dry out for a bit while cleaning was taking place and then I wipe them off and polish if needed. If not, I put the shoe trees in them while they fully dry. I take out the trees the next day. I have another pair in the rotation if I get to play two days in a row.(Rarely!)
  7. When does the PGA Tour season start for you?

    With snow on the ground here since late November I'll even watch reruns of golf! The indoor ranges help but it's a long 4-5 months before golf resumes here! I did watch the October start of the 2016-2017 season.
  8. Picked up an old Ping Cushin Putter at 2nd Swing the same length as the one I purchased 40 years ago. Stripped off the grips on both of them, swingweighted them both. Added a few grams of weight down the shaft of the recent purchase to make them identical. Ordered a couple of matching putter grips and will install them when they get here. One for the current bag here at home and one for the bag at the lake. Plan to go up later in the week so I'm hoping they arrive this afternoon or tomorrow.
  9. "Zen" Series by Joseph Parent

    I just started to read Zen Golf this past weekend. I was given the book a few years back by my wife and put it on my desk. Like many things, it disappeared for a long time! I was straightening out my golf club area in the basement to put away the clubs and found Zen Golf and two other "mental side" of golf books in a box. I'm planning on reading them all this winter and pick up the one that appeals to me the most for a re-read in the Spring.
  10. Favorite Thing about This Time of Year

    I get to see the Grandkids more this time of the year with their birthdays and the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays!
  11. Comprehensive Golf Ball Chart

    IndianaDundee: http://www.golfballtest.org/ scroll down on right side of page to Learn More. seventh item down click on Technical Terms scroll down to cover hardness technical terms or compression technical terms, download under either will bring you to the 10/15/2016 complete chart of 194 different golf balls. Hope this is what you need!
  12. What Do You Do for a Living?

    Hello everyone! I've migrated over from freegolfinfo.com. I don't often post at any the three or four forums that I joined a decade or so ago. Generally I just follow interesting discussions but rarely post. I retired July 1st this year after a forty two year career as a Steamfitter/Pipefitter/Welder. Five years ago I played to a 10.3 index but only played 4 or 5 times a year for the past 4 seasons! Late this fall I played every three or four days for three weeks and there were positive signs that I might play in the mid-eighties more often. Winter put a stop to the season last Friday so I'll find out next Spring!

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