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  1. Five rounds so far this year. 3/29 two sixes, 84. 4/5 three sixes, one seven, 89. 4/8 two sixes, 84. 4/9 three sixes, 84. Bad weather for over a week! 4/19 one six, 81! 4/24 one six, 81! Hope this keeps up! Course is only 5900 yards but the ground has been soft and muddy. Greens really got better those last two rounds. Weather is supposed to take a turn for the worst, possible a few inches of snow if cold enough. Ground is warming so maybe we won't miss more than a week this time. Last year we didn't get out until early May!
  2. Anyone have any confirmation what Callaway ball this model at Costco is based on? I was guessing maybe the Diablo Tour or the Superhot but could not confirm anywhere.
  3. Little ball first, big ball next! If I hit the big ball first the little ball just rolls on the ground! Sorry! Just in a goofy mood this morning as the snow hit us again and a chance of golfing won't be possible for a few days!!!!!!!
  4. Would you recommend lower compression golf balls for younger juniors less than 10 years old? Wilson Duo, Maxfli SoftFli or Callaway Super Soft and others below 60 compression, or does it not really matter. I'm sure you work with older juniors, at what age or ability would you move them into a higher compression ball? Thanks for your recommendations.
  5. In the past few years since I retired I have played about 45 rounds per year. I play early in the morning on week days only so those golfers who are still working can have the weekend tee times! If we are in the first group off in the morning I usually find a half dozen or more balls right near the fairways or just into the rough. I suppose the twilight hours makes them hard to find the previous evening. The balls are generally in very good shape and range from top of the line multi-layer balls to regular two layer surlyn balls. I end up with so many golf balls that even the local courses won't take them for their junior players. What I do now is keep the softer two piece balls for early spring/fall/early winter golf and hand off the more premium balls to a couple of guys who like certain brands or models. I keep the premiums that they don't want! Long story short, I play at least eight different brands between the surlyn 2pc, surlyn 3pc and Multilayer Urethane top of the line balls. There are certainly different feels among the different models but poor swings and poor contact are bigger problems for me! There are minor differences of feel with the putter but I am consistent on the greens so I haven't had any problems with different brands. Just got word this evening that the course will be open at 9:30 tomorrow morning. The temps will be upper 20's tonight, probably above freezing by noon so I'll have a first chance to play since late October! Last April it snowed early and often and we didn't play until early May!!!!!!!!
  6. 77.....................Days since I last played! Not a lot of snow so far this winter but we got it late October early November and all the courses shut down almost immediately. If we are lucky, late March will be the next time out barring a trip to warmer climates.
  7. I have not played since October 31. The courses started closing November 4th. I guess I'll have to clean up all the equipment, go through the bag and toss out anything I don't need. This season started late because of a wet and cold April and with late October snow and colder temps since then we will have about a six week shorter season than last year!
  8. Once I am on the green I mark my ball and fix my ball impact mark if necessary. Next I repair the four or five divots left from the previous day or earlier that morning.(Not likely as I am usually in the first four groups in the morning.) If I am closest to the pin I will avoid my playing partners' line and tend the flag. When the rest of the group are finished fixing a few ball divot marks I'll ask if anyone needs the pin tended. Once no one needs it tended I'll set it down away from the area where any putt can reasonably reach it.(Sometimes someone will have to dash over and pick it up!) Even old guys sometimes hit them twice as far as needed!
  9. Haven't played for a week! Temps have dipped below freezing for the last 5 or so days. Some courses closed for the season last Sunday, others announced a November 11th closing date. Weather forecast looks bad through the 13th! Crossing my fingers that we might get out a week from now. Played until December 5th last year! That only happens about twice in a ten year stretch!
  10. Played Monday. I have a 9AM tee time tomorrow. Hope the weather holds for a few more weeks. Years ago we had a Halloween snow storm dump more than 15" on us! Didn't melt until late April! First golf outing that Spring was about mid-May! I hope that never happens again.
  11. Played Monday in 40-50 degree weather. Not many golfers until we finished, Lot's of 70-80 year old's were teeing off on the first hole when we finished. Temp's were in the mid-50's at that time! Good to see people getting out to play. Just set up a time for tomorrow about 9AM. Weather looks good! Hope to play into mid or late November.
  12. Rained every morning this week! Set up a tee time this morning on the chance the weatherman was correct about the rain moving out before 6 AM. Temp was mid-forties with 20-25 MPH winds out of the west. Only encountered a few sprinkles through out the round. We were the first group (threesome) on the course and played in three hours and five minutes. We shot well enough for the first chilly day of the Fall season. 42-40 on a par 70 at 5900 yards. Fairways were wet, bunkers looked like small lakes! Hope to play into December again like last year! That is unusual in the Upper Midwest however.
  13. Try Golfworks.com They have the first generation Maxfli SoftFli balls on sale for 7.99/dozen. I bought some last year for the Grand kids. I gave a few to some of my friends and they all said they were "way too soft!" I've only putted them. They are 35 Compression. Hope they work for you.
  14. I voted for the "This fence is mighty comfortable!" I don't see the game being any different with either number of holes. The game will change as time goes on just like so many other games, occupations or beliefs. When I was young I didn't understand why anyone would play golf. I've been playing since I got out of the Army in 1972. I won't quit playing until it is physically impossible.
  15. I retired two years ago and no longer have to play on the weekends. I like to play at a fairly quick pace. If my group has the first tee time we will easily finish in 3 hours! If we are on the course behind two hours of tee times the most likely time will be 4 1/2 hours. If 12 holes were a round of golf you will certainly play in fewer than 4 1/2 hours but many groups would still play in 3 1/4 or 3 1/2 hours! If that is what the course owners think they can make more money doing then more power to them! Since I rarely play on the weekends I don't know how many under 30 year olds are even playing golf. My age group (69) and older are starting to thin out from poor health or death. I have seen articles that say the younger (1980-2000) generation are not getting into the game. Personally, I wouldn't mind playing a 12 hole round if I could get back out on the course and play another 12 if it wasn't going to turn into a "death march" behind some dawdlers!
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