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  1. I like how darts is less boring than golf to watch. Haha. Who watches dart matches?
  2. Golf Carts With GPS

    Sometimes the GPS systems are good and fairly useful, but most of the time they are not worth it. If I can drive the cart anywhere on the course, than I find them to be somewhat useful for distances. If it is a course I have never played before and they offer some type of "tip" than I will use it. But trying to use the screen and figure out distance when its cart path only is useless. The ads are annoying. When they were first introduced to golf carts I thought it was really cool and it helped a lot. Now, with the advent of smartphones and the accompanying golf apps, range finders, etc. there is not a lot of need for the in the cart GPS. I have also found that the in the cart ordering rarely works properly and its much easier to make a phone call.
  3. Why the hurry?

    Well, I didn't say it was impossible...just difficult. I can keep up with any group but in my experience, it is rare to get done in that time frame...its been done but not typical. In the end it really doesn't matter because the only way you are going to get done that quickly is if the course is completely empty. Even if I am speeding through, I really don't want to be playing through on 9 of the 18 holes either...which is what it would take to get a round in on a typical saturday around me in sub 4 hours....and most likely there will be a group that won't be keen on letting you play through anyway. So a 6some or whatever playing in 4 hours is great...but there was not anyone in your way...so that is totally feasible.
  4. The Best Golf Courses in Every State

    Yea, me too. Some of the country clubs in Maryland on that list are extremely exclusive and the initiation fees are in the 300 - 500K range. Way out of the budget of for most of us and pointless to list in a magazine as 99.99% will never have the chance to play them.
  5. Why the hurry?

    I think its fine to get in a 3 hour round if possible. But It might have happened once or twice in my lifetime with a foursome and the conditions and play allowed that to happen. Short couse, and all of us playing well, extra golf cart was used, etc. In a typical foursome of even single digit handicap golfers, it is unlikely everyone is going to land on the fairway and everyone is going to be on in reg. Most of the time at least one of the players is going to be hitting from the rough and one person will be off the green. I would say that it is very difficult for a foursome to play in less than 4 hours and take the game seriously enough.
  6. The Best Golf Courses in Every State

    I have played Worthington a few times. It is okay, but different from Whiskey. IMO its more difficult...but its been awhile since I played there and the last time it was after a US Open qualifier and the conditions were difficult. They are both a bit unnecessarily expensive which keeps me from going there. My friends and I play in Montgomery County a lot due to the selection of courses close to all of us and the prices. The prices are not cheap by any means, but on a Saturday morning we can all get out for around 40-50 dollars if you get the special tee time offers they have. Because of this, we will end up playing at Rattlewood a lot, Little Bennett, and Northwest park. We always discuss going to play some of the courses out past Frederick such as Maryland national, Musket Ridge, etc...but the drive plus cost to play never makes sense Friday afternoon when we are getting our tee time. Some of those courses need to get a grip on reality. Musket Ridge and Maryland National are nice courses, but its like an hour drive(for me) and 60 miles to get there and the rounds cost around 100 dollars?! It is just not worth it. I have always thought those courses need to lower their prices to get more play. The land costs out there are nowhere near as much as they are in Montgomery County. Sure, the courses are somewhat nicer but it takes too long to get there and I burn up a half a tank of gas(and my entire day) in addition to their ridiculously high green fees.
  7. The Best Golf Courses in Every State

    Its not really fair to tease people with the exclusive C.C.'s. I live in Maryland and have never played Congressional. I have played chevy chase when a friend was a caddy there. But it kind of sucks to have to salivate at uber expensive golf club courses. Whiskey creek I have played a few times and don't think it is all that great. It is okay, but nothing spectacular. I think there are better public courses in Maryland then Whiskey Creek. Haven't tried Bulle Rock yet. It is a bit pricey...
  8. Why the hurry?

    I am okay with a round that is done within 4 hours. I have had rounds with friends that have lasted 3 hours and rounds that have lasted 6 hours. I have noticed people get really upset about what seems to be a long time spent on the putting green, but I think the bigger problem with slow play is that there are many golfers that take 3 or 4 shots to be out of driving distance for the following group. But I like to spend time with my friends on the golf course and I don't get too cranky about a long round. I am just happy to have friends to spend time with me while playing a game that I enjoy. The courses that I play want a round completed in 4 hours and 15 minutes. That is the pace they want to have. I am cool with that pace. If I am done in that time frame I am happy. If its shorter...great...let's play another 9. If it goes any longer than 4 hours 15, than it starts to get annoying. Tolerable up to 4 1/2 - but after that I might start to get annoyed. I live in the DC Metro Area and on the weekends you will never be done in less than 4 hours unless you belong to a C.C. In regards to the putting, I think if you rush a group to putt...they end up three putting and taking longer anyway. I know that is how it is for me. If I take my time, I am taking usually one stroke less on the hole.
  9. Need a new club

    I would look for something around 19/20 degrees then. What irons do you play? I am guessing your 5 iron is probably 24 or 25 degrees of loft. There are some advantages of using irons vs woods vs hybrids. A long iron can be tricky to hit and control but will provide you with more spin. You can use it out of the rough or the fairway. But fundamentals need to be down pat. A hybrid provides you with more forgiveness than an iron and mimics the ball flight of an iron. You can use it as you would an iron for the most part. A traditional wood(7 wood) will have a flatter ball flight, roll more, and is at its best off the fairway. You can use it on the first cut or some very light rough, but out of deep rough you can forget about it. That is at least how I look at it when thinking about the different clubs. I don't really like the hybrids because you don't really get the full advantage of using an iron or a wood...you just sorta get an OK shot as your best result. IMO A purely struck fairway wood off the fairway is a great feeling and the results are usually spectacular. If I am in deep rough at my fairway wood range...my goal is not to hit a green but to get the ball out and advanced down the fairway. So...i go with fairway woods.
  10. Need a new club

    I would try a 7 wood out. What is the loft of your 4 hybrid? Typically a 7 wood is 21 degrees...that might fall right in between your 5 iron and 4 hybrid. Maybe even a 5 wood as it doesn't seem like you have one in your bag.
  11. Need a new club

    Or you could go with one of these:
  12. Need a new club

    I struggled with this for awhile. Currently, I have a Driver, 3, 5 wood, 5-9 Iron. And my wedges are 45 degree PW, 50 Degree UW, 53 Degree SW, 56 Degree, and a 60 Degree. I removed my 4 iron to add the additional wedge. My logic in doing this is that I realized that I would rarely ever use my 4 iron when I played a round. I could go an entire round without ever pulling that club. However, I like to have a lot of flexibility from about 150 and in so it made sense to pull the 4 Iron. I can hit my 5 iron about 200...205 on a great day. My 5 wood I can hit about 235-240. So I have a big gap between the 5 iron and 5 wood. when I have a shot that is above 205 and below 230 - I just choke down on the 5 wood and swing easier. That distance rarely presents itself to me during a round unless I am going for a par 5 in 2 or I duffed my tee shot...in which case I have bigger problems than a 30 yard gap. I used to worry a lot about the 200+ clubs/distances. I have a bunch of different 3 woods and 5 woods with varying lofts, I have a 2 iron, 3 iron, a couple of 4 irons....I used to work hard on getting comfortable with those clubs. But as I played more golf, I was only really using those as driving irons. I can accomplish all of that with the 5 wood and 5 iron. So I pulled all of those and added more wedges. I am playing a lot more shots within 150 yards than I am at 225 so it only made sense.. I think you are generally going to be in better shape to always take your longer club, choke down, swing easy. I don't consider that longer club distance to be scoring range anyway(unless its a par 5) - I think that I would use that space in your bag for another wedge.
  13. Cold weather golf?

    That takes some guts!
  14. Cold weather golf?

    With the horribly cold weather that many of us are dealing with right now...I am curious to know if anyone has tried to play golf in weather like this before? What is your low temperature limit for playing a round? Mine used to be about 39 degrees if it was sunny and no wind...as the years go by I really don't want to go out and play until it gets at least into the 50's...and even that is a stretch. Except, right now that would feel like a heat wave.
  15. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    Yea, I get it. It is interesting to think about it in different ways. I have never really considered the empire's point of view. I always enjoy discussing star wars...everyone has their own opinion on what the franchise means. It is pretty amazing that we are debating a movie franchise that came out 40 years ago.

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