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  1. I would pay the 250. But getting my friends to spring for that would be tough.
  2. 750 bucks is a quite a bit of dough for some golf. I am sure it will be higher by the time it finishes. I know that it is probably a good deal but I can't see myself dropping a G for a single golf round
  3. There are many of us that are envious of your situation. I have 4 local golf friends and its a challenge to get everyone together any more then a couple of times a month.
  4. No, it is not. I did join a league a year ago for this very reason. I am happy to say that I did make one golf friend from the league; which was the goal. Not necessarily winning the league. We have played a handful of times since we met and he is a nice friend to have. However, it is hard to make golf buddies. I play as a single a lot and play with strangers almost every time. Some rounds with strangers have been a lot of fun and we have exchanged numbers to play again at a point in the future. However, that has rarely panned out as a true golf friend for very long. I do play with the same singles fairly often at my local muni and I would say we are quasi-golf friends in that when we are both there; we will agree to play with each other but never call each other beforehand to arrange a game. I am guessing that some people prefer it that way... I joined some weekend hacker tours thinking I would meet some golf friends there...but that did not work out very well either. Not saying that I won't say hello to the folks when I run into them at a course at a later date if we recognize each other...its just that when playing in the tournaments; no one seems to be in the mood to make friends. Which is understandable. I also joined this forum(as with many other reasons) with the hope of maybe getting to know some other avid golf fans in my area.
  5. I disagree. I think this will hang around for awhile. It is too easy to label someone a cheapskate and even harder to shake that stigma. I have no idea if he has a mgmt team. I didn't suggest it. I simply said that he got some bad advice from someone. Personally, I would think his sponsors probably have people employed to handle social media firestorms. I am sure they would have happily reimbursed Kuchar to avoid this. Yes, it will hurt him financially on future endorsements as his image is now tarnished. Part of his ability to obtain endorsement deals was his polished appearance to the public. That is now gone.
  6. Lol. yea, probably. They probably saw that if the caddie got 50K then they wouldn't get as much
  7. Yea, pretty much. In today's world almost anyone in a position like that needs to have a PR management team that thinks about these issues. Sad but true.
  8. Yea, but he should have done it upfront. His less then generous behavior most likely cost him much more then 50 grand. He got some bad advice from someone.
  9. I think that it is clearly stated that what he did was pretty cheap. He wasn't required to do anything more than he promised but his actions as a high profile professional athlete were rather stupid. The reason there are the 5-10 million dollar purses are because people pay to watch and we glorify these pro's to some degree. Having some generosity would have gone a lot farther with Kuchar's long term income potential then shorting the guy 40-50K after winning over a million. I guess that skecher's commercial will not have the same panache as it did before knowing that Kuchar is just another stereotypical entitled pro golfer in the eyes of the public; instead of the friendly next door neighbor that he was purported to be.
  10. I would like to agree with you but the moment he starts accepting sponsorship dollars from the brands he endorses; he has an image to keep. If he doesn't, those sponsors lose money. If he had zero sponsors I would be all in with you on him not making a "mistake." However, in light of the fact that he has...as some would call it...soldout...he needs to be weighing these decisions in a totally different way. Yes, that means catering the SJW crowd. As much as that makes me nauseous to type it is true in 2019.
  11. Well, its a new year...and I am back to thinking about this. Still gaming my 510TP. This video caught my interest recently because I have similar swing speeds as the guy on the video...not quite as good but not far off.
  12. Who is supposed to be keeping the clock on the 3 minutes? Is that on the opponent or the player themselves?
  13. Nutsmacker

    Golfer Elbow

    there is a fine line of giving it rest, and keeping it mobile. I would suggest using the therabar as a PT treatment to help strengthen the muscles and tendons. Go out for some cardio, swimming, pilates, etc. I think it will help and just cut golf out for now.
  14. When I got the golfing "bug" so to speak; I would hit a lot of balls on the range until I hurt the tendon in my wrist from hitting the ball too fat on the mat. That was 15 years ago and the wrist pain will occasionally creep up on me again if I try to play 36 holes or I play more than two days in a row. Now, when I do go...I keep it very light...about 50-60 balls and I stick to one or two clubs that need work. This year I have been fighting tendonitis in my elbow which has cut my range time down to nil. I have played much less...however, I haven't seen a dramatic drop off in my game. I have shot some of my better rounds this year....I would say that I have been a little more erratic with my scores than before...possibly due to not practicing hardly at all anymore. However, as I get older I have to be mindful about how many "good swings" I have in the tank. The only way I am going to do a long range session is if I know I am not going to play for at least a few days. I would like to save my strength for the course. Getting older definitely sucks....and catches up to you much quicker than you want!
  15. Nutsmacker

    Golfer Elbow

    I started using the flexbarand doing the therapy exercises everyday. I have noticed it helps. Its surprising that doing an exercise actually improves the condition. I have been doing it for a week and they say give it 3 to 4 weeks before you start to see a good deal of improvement. However, I do feel better after using it. I think for myself, I like to do a lot of pull ups and pushups for exercise. I also drive probably 30 hours a week and of course, like to play golf. I also turned 40 years of age and almost immediately got the infliction right after my birthday. The doctor mentioned that it starts to crop up at 40 years. Great.... Anyhow, I will let you know how I feel after about a month of using the flexbar.
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