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  1. Here in Maryland the courses are open with some guidelines to follow as of August. They are busier then ever and the courses have all raised prices and removed the ability to purchase a 9 hole round regardless of the time of day. For some reason the coronavirus has effected the ability to play and pay for a 9 hole round. We have foam in the cups (does any of this have any scientific basis behind it?) The one thing that bothers me the most is the termination of all of the tournaments and events. All of my favorite summer tourneys have been cancelled. I am not sure I understand the po
  2. Hitting it long will save your butt. For me, it hides my weaknesses in my long irons. I rarely need to pull a 4 or even a 5 iron if I am stroking the driver out there 280-300 yards...at least at the courses I play. In fact, I dumped my 5 iron recently and instead I have loaded up my bag with a myriad of wedges. Reason being, I am not trying to "score" so much when I have a 4 or 5 iron into a green. At that point I am just trying to get anywhere on the green or near it so I can save par. However, When I am 160 yards and in; I am thinking about molesting the flag.
  3. The modern era Greg Norman?
  4. It is pretty boring. The thrill of it is the annoying fans and potential of a fan fighting a player. The only other interesting thing about the course from a fan perspective is that we can play there rather easily(if you live on the east coast.)
  5. Spieth takes forever to hit the ball. Just hit it!
  6. In the last 3 years I have shot a low round of 68 and a high round of 94. Out of 130 rounds during that 3 years I have had about 20 rounds in the 70's(1 in the 60's), 100 rounds in the 80's, and about 10 in the 90's. For me shooting in the 70's, is basically eliminating catastrophic mistakes, duffs, chunks, and 3 putts. Generally speaking I cannot make it through an entire round without having at least one or two catastrophic mistakes which is why I tend to shoot in the 80's more then the 70's. When I do shoot in the 90's it is because I have exploded a few holes, something is serio
  7. Well, the beauty of it all is that we will find out soon enough if he catches Jack. Personally, I think he will do it.
  8. I guess you are missing my point. It doesn't matter. It seems like you are arguing that its the other golfers that are going to stop him from winning more. My point is that if he wants it; he will get it. So, its not that he is being held back by himself...it is that if he wants it bad enough I don't doubt that he will get it. But who knows? Maybe he is content with the one major victory and he will go back to running his restaurant...which I seriously doubt.
  9. I didn't say that the only thing "holding him back is himself." I don't think any thing is holding him back. I said if he wants it bad enough; he will get it. That is all. And back in his prime he did in fact have the mindset that he would win every tournament he enters. If some of that focus is rekindled...look out PGA tour.
  10. Well, he beat the world's best twice in the last 6 months; was in contention in the last two majors of 2018 taking 2nd place in the PGA and 6th in the British...in his first year back. Those 75-100 golfers are capable...but he has proven that he can not only "hang" with the young guns...but beat them solidly.
  11. I have watched him throughout his career and one thing I have learned from him is that his determination and dedication to being the best is unheard of. I think that if he wants it bad enough; he will get it. The only thing that can stop him from achieving that goal is himself.
  12. He has been in contention in the last 3...I see no reason to doubt he will win more. I think getting to Jack's record is certainly feasible.
  13. I hope that this means that there will be a Tiger Woods golf game again for PS4
  14. And then he hit a horrendous putt.
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