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  1. Where to start

    True. I guess it kind of depends on the person's athletic ability. If there is very little coordination, etc. than yea...get some lessons. But if the person in question was/is an athlete, and can make contact with the ball....I would get out on the course a couple of times. Heck, that is how I did it. I never really got any lessons. I probably could have benefited and still could...but I just prefer to spend the time playing. It is more fun then doing drills on the range with a lackluster teaching pro....which unfortunately seems to be a large chunk of the lower end pro's out there.
  2. Where to start

    Go out and play. See if you like it before pouring money into a pro's pocket.
  3. Is the 5 wood dead?

    I love mine. Play the Ping G10. Love the "tink" sound it makes. It is one of my most reliable clubs in the bag. My question is why do so many people carry fairway metals/hybrids and long irons? Are you really in need of that variance on 200 yard + shots?
  4. Lexi Thompson's 4 Stroke Penalty at the ANA

    My favorite assessment of this was from Wayne Defrancesco. If I had a twitter or instragram account I would post this on her page.
  5. Lexi Thompson's 4 Stroke Penalty at the ANA

    lol, I meant that her swing doesn't look sustainable so I don't expect to her be playing well for an extended period of time. I mean, that swing looks fugly to me.
  6. Lexi Thompson's 4 Stroke Penalty at the ANA

    Yea, she pretty much disgusts me. The more that she opens her pie hole the more I dislike her. The moment I saw the video to this day I think she is a cheat. There is zero justification for what she did and the fact of the matter is that she has real trouble with the short putts. It is also highly probable that she has done that slight of hand maneuver more than once. I root for her to lose every time she tee's it up. If she had owned up to it the whole thing would have been over a year ago. At least with her herky jerky swing she won't be around that long.
  7. The "Stop Conning Yourself" Thread

    I have and continue to con myself into believing that I will get to be a scratch golfer without professional instruction. Why? Because of the occasional round when I break or shoot par. Been relying on natural ability my whole golfing career without taking lessons. I feel like I might be at my current potential without help. However, I am simply too lazy and reticent to take the time to get golf instruction. I would much rather play then spend the time at a driving range...in addition, I simply don't practice. If I have the time, i go play a round and consider that my "practice"
  8. Do I need a 60 degree wedge?

    I like this post as I have been farting around with my bagged clubs for the last year. I had a big problem with my short pitches to the green at around 30-80 yards. I added a 56 degree wedge to my bag for those shots specifically. However, I really like having a 60 degree for around the green shots. I carry a 45, 50, 53, 56, and 60. I dropped my 4 iron from the bag because its rarely used to add the additional wedge. I hit the ball a decent length, so typically my longest approach shots would be dealt with a 5 iron. If I am over 205-210ish distance, I just choke down on the 5 wood and try to cut the ball. However, those situations rarely occur. I realized that most of my shots were 160 yards and in - with that I needed more variety in my bag to deal with those distances. My 56 degree has low bounce and my 60 degree has more bounce . So when its a tight lie my 56 degree comes out. When I am chipping around the green out of the rough, that is when I use my 60 degree. I had a sweet Ping eye 2 gorge 60 degree wedge that I lost at a CC, of course no one turned it in and I haven't found a replacement. That bad boy had standard bounce and I hit it much better from tight lies than my newer 60 degree CTX wedge. I miss my gorge wedge... So, I would say that depending on where most of your shots are coming from depends on what to do. Do you really use a 3 or 4 iron very often? If no, why not drop it and put in another wedge? I rarely used those clubs and even when I did my accuracy was not that good with them anyway. When i have a 3, 4 iron to the green, I am happy with anything around the green or on the surface somewhere. I can accomplish that 200+ yard distance shot with a 5 iron or 5 wood. Sure, I might not end up knocking it stiff, but the results were pretty similar when I compared using my 4 iron for those 220 yard shots to taking something off my 5 wood.
  9. Highest Price You've Paid For Green Fees

    I have played some expensive courses but my company paid for the rounds. The most I have personally paid for a round is about 100 bucks.
  10. Your Greatest Athletic Achievements (Non-Golf)

    1) Lacrosse 2) Midfield 3) Always a baseball player growing up with tons of trophies, awards, and accomplishments. However, the best accomplishment was deciding in my junior year of High School to play Lacrosse instead of Baseball. Never played before, just picked up the game. Started off as the 5th line midfield and by the middle of the year I was on the 2nd line middies and played man down defense. Getting PT was my goal from day 1. My High School team went on to win the state championship that year and it was the only time that I was on a high school team that won anything. I wasn't the close to the best player on the team, but within 1 season I was a contributor to a championship and would get a good share of playing time. It was a great feeling to be a contributor to a top class team. I played the following year and improved my skills and was on the 1st line but we lost some of are all americans...so we didn't win the state championship again...I did get a few letters from Colleges to come and play Lax at their schools which I never went through with because of various reasons. But, I was proud of myself to pick up a brand new sport and worked hard to improve to a level where I was a major part of our team.
  11. Fan Ejected by Justin Thomas - Right, Wrong or Indifferent

    I don't think it matters all that much. I won't look at JT any different than I did before. He is a golfer, I watch golf. That is about as far as my relationship goes with the man. I think that it would have been better if JT could have hunkered down and played through the guy's remarks. How much better does it feel when you stuff shots while someone is eagerly rooting against you? I am just surprised that the guy was able to get that much into JT's head.

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