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  1. Well, it appears this is our new home.. Don't know what happened over there but always like the sand trap so we'll just bring our ugly faces here I guess. Hope they don't mind a bunch of obnoxious people showing up in a bunch.
  2. Hit every Mizzy they had at Golf Galaxy today plus Callaway Apex and a Ping S55. The S55 (cast) out did them all for feel, distance and accuracy. Who would've thought.
  3. Very good condition black dot (normal) lie. Ping grips. Ping True Temper reg. flex shafts. Asking $230 (includes shipping in continental US). Lighting for pictures made the clubs look gold. They are not.
  4. I quit hunting, sold my rifle and now I'm going to buy a new set of irons. I've always wanted a set of Mizuno's (probably) but need to ask which set would you buy. I grew up learning on McGregor muscle backs and recently had a set of S59 Pings so I'm not a total hack with irons. I can shoot anywhere from 37 to 50 for nine holes depending on where my head is at. Usually low-mid 40's for 9. Here are my choices. Comments please. Mizuno MP-H5's Mizuno JPX-850 forged Srixon Z545
  5. That's for sure. And how about we start this whole thread all over again. Make believe this is my first post. Last summer (July 2010) I bought a new (leftover 2009) Nike Tour cart bag, their best bag for around $150. Then a couple weeks ago (warranty still in effect) the rivet pulled out that holds in the putter tube. It appeared there should have been a washer behind it that wasn't put on. In any case Nike said to first go to Dick's where I bought it. I didn't purchase the extended warranty so all I could do was ask Dick's the best way turn in the claim at Nike and they said they were no longer responsible and couldn't help. I thought they might give me some help because I had spent a decent amount of money there over the last couple of years but oh well. When I contacted Nike the person (Paul) said they would first have to review the bag and to send it in etc. I asked if there was any way (photos?) that we could skip that part but he said that was their policy. I needed the bag as I'm playing 3-4 days a week so I told him I'd fix it myself and I did. The only thing I guess I can really complain about now is the original quality of their best bag. Has anyone else experienced any problems with Nike golf bags?
  6. Well I totally disagree with what you consider cavity backs but in any case this thread question meant only "muscle back" blades? Note what Ping says in their description attached...
  7. I concur also but I HAD a set of these and they were some of the most forgiving irons I've ever hit. Corey Pavin won the US Open using these also. (That sticker is the thingy that absorbs the vibration). My SIL plays these now and does real well with them. ALL the new irons with the NASCAR junk all over them are ugly. Give me an old set of Mizuno's. Simple, clean and pretty.
  8. So both the S59 Ping and M58 Mizzy are cavity backs....
  9. This rib place in Cincinnati... http://www.montgomeryinn.com/
  10. LAG. Don't consciously think about your wrists on the downswing. Look at all the swing photos of the longest hitters over the years and you'll see lag.
  11. The irons haven't changed for years other then they've (again) de-lofted them to make them longer. Driver's are still getting better mainly due to the face technology that makes hitting the sweet spot less critical. And the shaft technology also makes a new driver better then an older one. The ball is what is really helping people hit longer.
  12. According to Wishon YOU are the engine and the shaft is the "transmission". But really who cares, I know what you mean.
  13. I've walked away when I felt I had the problem I was addressing resolved. The only time I hit a bucket is for that reason. Or to watch some gorgeous babe hitting in front of me in a short skirt....
  14. warbirdlover

    NFL Week 3

    Packers got robbed. Refs must live in Chicago.
  15. Wilson makes (made?) the 50/50 ball which was the lowest compression one I can think of but don't know if it came in colors... How about chrome balls? http://www.golfballs.com/PB1597-NY/C...er-6-Pack.html
  16. I have the best solution. Get rid of the FedEx Cup and make the majors the criteria for player of the year like it used to be. The FedEx Cup is so fake and artificial and not needed. It's like when they created the Monkeys to compete with the Beatles.
  17. Excellent book. Especially on driver shaft length. I choke up an inch on my driver now and am hitting it much farther because I'm in the sweet spot more often. And I don't lose any ss. I still like lower lofts though because hitting into the wind with a high lofted driver is hazardous to your ego....
  18. Show me the cavity... I don't think that little 1/16" dip counts. There is a cavity that's filled up by the black plastic but usually cavity backs don't have the cavity filled up, right? This looks more like a muscle back iron. And I know you can have forged cavity backs and cast blades.
  19. There seems to be a trend towards longer par 3's and I hate it. Give me a 120-160 yard par three with some traps or water around/near it and it can be just as tough. The courses the pros play have long par 3's with huge greens. The muni's etc are going to the long par 3's to copy but with small greens.
  20. I bought a chest putter and it has made me a good putter. Different stroke and it's been amazing.
  21. Second shot on a par four went under a tree with long branches so I couldn't get the ball up. I had 100+ yards to the pin with some traps around the green and small trees scattered in the rough. I took my 3-iron, delofted it and hit a punch shot out which ended up 1 foot from the hole for a tap in par. Had the same situation and results a week later.
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