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  1. I agree, probably not too much. The older generation loves to talk about hitting "three finger" shots which is basically removing all pressure from the right index finger and thumb during the shot. That being said I have heard Johnny Miller call the trigger finger a power source
  2. First two things that stood out to me when I watched the first video– 1. your weight goes to your toes at the beginning of the backswing and stays there which is probably what causes your head to move so much. 2. Shaft is super steep in the downswing which probably why you have some early extension. Just your body compensating so that you don't hit some insanely errant shots
  3. @iacas thanks! Appreciate it. and yeah I understand, my presence on here has been pretty lame since I joined but I'll step my game up.
  4. I've been Playing Golf for: about 10 years My current handicap index or average score is: around a 10-12 My typical ball flight is: fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: weak fades/blocks If someone could just go to town on these swings I'd appreciate it because I'm trying to get better (aren't we all) and this would be a good first step. Videos: Down the line: Face on:
  5. Hey guys, thanks for all the replies. At the range this morning, I really tried to focus on shallowing the shaft on the downswing which not only helped me stop rushing, but overall just improved every single one of my strikes. I think it's because when you really exaggerate shallowing the shaft, you almost force yourself to slow down and not to cast.
  6. For as long as I've been playing golf, I've always been a mediocre-at-best ball striker. I tend to believe I have no excuse for this because I have developed, for the most part, a textbook swing (firing hips first, then shoulders, then arms following). In my opinion, the lack of ball striking is a result of rushing my downswing. I tend to get so preoccupied with the result of the shot that I end up rushing and not focusing on the strike as much as I think I should. Am I correct in thinking this, or am I focusing on the wrong thing? Tips? Much appreciated.
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