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  1. Tamping down ball mark without first fixing with tool?

    I agree that a lot of players have no clue about how to properly fix a ball mark. Here is a great video from the USGA that not only shows the right way but the common mistake of digging in and lifting which as you state is a root killer. How to fix a ball mark
  2. Tamping down ball mark without first fixing with tool?

    I'm leaning towards it being ok too, just get confused by what "repair" means. My feeling is that in order to repair, you should be using a ball mark tool first. I guess using a putter would also be considered repairing if you were to split hairs, just never have seen a definitive answer. Thanks.
  3. Tamping down ball mark without first fixing with tool?

    I guess I wasn't clear about the reason I asked. During a round, if a player is ready to putt and they tamp the old ball mark down, are they in violation of the rules if they don't first use a tool? As in grounding the putter on the line of putt.
  4. The rules say you can fix a ball mark on your line of putt but do you first have to use a ball mark tool or can you just use your putter to tamp down a ball mark?
  5. Playing in the state senior am recently I saw that one of my opponents was mulling over what to do about an unplayable lie. I told him that one option was to take a drop on the line as far back as he wanted which was what he did. I didn't say that he should or shouldn't do that, only informed him of his options. He thanked me for reminding him of the rule after the hole. Was I in violation of rule 8?
  6. Is it permissible to practice putting on a green that is close to your starting hole before a shotgun start tournament? Often times the practice area is overcrowded just before a shotgun start scramble so I like go out to the hole before my starting hole and make practice putts there. So if my first teeing ground is the 13th, I would practice on the 12th green. According to rule 7 "Exception: Practice putting or chipping on or near the first teeing ground or any practice area before starting a round or play-off is permitted". So if I'm "near" the first teeing ground, seems like I should be fine. I have been called out on this though and would like other opinions.