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  1. Made some sourdough English muffins. Always proud of these guys. They are delicious
  2. If I qualified, I'd do it to say I did it. Why not? What if you win? What if you keep winning? Nothing to lose makes you dangerous
  3. Barry Bonds is unquestionably one of the top 5 hitters to ever play. He is arguably the best. Steroids do absolutely nothing to your hand eye coordination. He was intentionally walked with the bases loaded. That's screams GOAT. Pete Rose deserves to be in the hall. He is one of the best ever. He broke a rule, sure. But he was the best. And honestly, I don't care if someone cheats, it's fun to watch guys like him play.
  4. USA in the championship game?!
  5. I walk with a couple guys that ride and I easily out pace them. They have the advantage off the tee but after that I win.
  6. Shock top is a gift from the gods. If I'm drinking liquor it's whiskey sours or old fashioned. If I'm trying to party, it's tequila. I'm a simple man with simple tastes
  7. Yes. I'm a big believer in responsibility. For better or worse. What happens to you is simply what happens. That good shot you describe, isn't actually a good shot. The process is good, sure. But the result sucks. Just like in my example, the process sucks, but the result is good. Ultimately, you focus on the process to maximize the frequency of the results. But just like with everything in life, results reign supreme. It's the harsh reality. I actually feel that this topic sort of epitomizes what is wrong with modern society. When it's going bad people con themselves and say it's bad luck. When it's going good they they suck up the credit and develop entitlement. Rather than understanding that if they don't want to go through spells of "bad luck", all they have to do is bust their asses more.
  8. The statement is in no way garbage. Golf is the sport with the most room for interpretation. When I make an unbelievable shot, why would I want to give credit to anyone or anything other than me? I did it. I made the perfect contact required for the result that was produced. You are zapping your confidence by chalking things up to luck. I don't care if I hit the cart path and it bounced off an acorn onto the green. I'm taking credit for that shot. Doing anything but is basically saying "I wasn't good enough to make the shot but some higher karma/power stepped in". If you want to think that, go ahead. I'd rather play with a confident attitude than an unsure attitude.
  9. After a long stretch of almost daily range visits, I have to take a break due to a back injury from my repeated range visits. Will continue the journey soon.
  10. I think it's ridiculous for that. I have mine from high school but I can't remember the price. Not one time have I ever even put it on. I mean it literally has never been even tried on. Same for my college one, except that the college one was provided to me and I didn't have to buy it. Unless you are a high school hero, you will never wear that jacket again. I'm not saying it was a bad purchase, I'm just saying it reminds me of the wedding I'm planning right now. An absurd amount of money for very little substance.
  11. Bunker shots like that don't bother me too much. Im hitting driver and hoping for the best. If I make good contact I'm clearing the bunkers easily but either way, im taking the chance.
  12. I love the dive back into the room by the mom. Makes it a lot more dramatic.
  13. If you are serious about improving your scores and playing the best golf you can, getting fitted will allow you to see the best results. That's the bottom line. It's expensive and time consuming but it's the best way to go about it.
  14. If these guys aren't in the WBC right now, they are still playing every day at spring training. It's almost the exact same thing. I know I'd rather play for something to get ready for the season than play for nothing other than getting ready at spring training.
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