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  1. Can any clubs be fitted?

    Mine are cheap so must be cast, I don't expect much can be done. I'd be interested in buying one club fitted, say a 7 iron, and just see if it makes any difference.
  2. Can any clubs be fitted?

    Ok thank you. I know many places do free fitting when you buy clubs. I imagine getting it done now would cost as much as my clubs probably lol
  3. Can any clubs be fitted?

    As a newbie to golf, I didn't want to spend out a lot of money so bought an off the shelf set for £200 (Fazer CTR20). Having had a few lessons I now stand much closer and taller at address, and get much better and more consistent strikes because of it. At address though, the grooves on the face are pointing slightly down at the toe, and I can see a slight shadow on the heel meaning it must be raised slightly. Is this an issue and if so how much? Should they ideally be parallel to the ground or slightly up at the toe. Lastly, if this is wrong, could I have these clubs adjusted despite being cheapies? I have seen vids where the fitters literally put them in a device and bend.
  4. Old clubs, any value?

    Dropped them off at the Thames Hospice charity shop today :)
  5. Old clubs, any value?

    Cheers, it's looking more and more like a trip to the dump
  6. Old clubs, any value?

    I do...
  7. I have a set of irons 3-9, S, W, and I believe the Brand is "Unique" as it says on the back. On the sole where it says the club number it also says "USA". I have no clue about clubs so before I get rid of them, just wondering if they are compete junk nobody would ever want, or they are worth selling? Or are they worth taking in to American Golf for their double value trade in offer, or would they look at me like a mad person? Thanks.
  8. Do some people just never get it?

    Many great tips and good advice and thoughts here :) Guy at Huntswood sounds good Lee, but my new guy only had one cheap "assessment" hour with him, and my first proper lesson next week. Will see how things go. It seemed to me he was adapting me to my faults, not building me up from scratch, which is good.
  9. Short haul destinations for noobs from UK?

    Lol I am sure it would be perfect, weather and all, but the States aren't short haul unfortunately.
  10. Do some people just never get it?

    Yeah and have done the front 9 at Huntswood a few times too. But if I played 18 there I hate to think what I'd finish on lol.
  11. Sorry if this has been asked a lot, I tried a few searches which yielded nothing. I am still very much a beginner, as is my dad, but he brought up the topic of perhaps a short trip away next year. I know in skiing/snowboarding that various resorts are wholly suitable, or at least very welcoming, for beginners, so I was wondering if the same was true at all for foreign golfing destinations? Is there anywhere sunny worth travelling to as a beginner? By that I suppose I mean courses that's are forgiving but also where people will expect you to be a beginner, and not have low/mid handicap players getting impatient etc. Thanks.
  12. What are your 2017 Golf Goals?

    Consistency and confidence are my goals, I believe the go together. I am still new and plan on some more lessons, my only goal right now is to be able to address the ball and feel confident that when I swing, I will hit the ball and send it up and forward. That's all I am looking for right now. Not fussed too much on distance or absolute accuracy... Just to able to hit the ball with each try on the course.
  13. Do some people just never get it?

    A good day... Used 7 and driver today with another bucket of 50 on the range. 7 went ok with some good and bad, nothing amazing. Driver however went awesome :) started bowing my left wrist on the downswing and bam, my slice is gone! Always had an unplayable slice, ball would go as far right as it did forward, but today the pretty much all went straight! A few bad contacts but no slices, looking forward to using the driver now lol.
  14. Do some people just never get it?

    After yesterdays success, I went out at Wexham on 9 hole par 32 and shot 55 :( and one hole, a par 4, took me 12!!!! I couldn't stop on the green, miss hits sending me one side to the other and my frustration grew causing me to rush.Some good hits, pulling left still with irons, but some good drives even with the driver.Only in 1 bunker today and I got out pretty well.So a bad result but with positives to take away.
  15. Do some people just never get it?

    Thank you all for chiming in :) great to be new here but get a response from so many already!So after my awful time at the range yesterday, with great trepidation I stepped up to the first tee at Lavender Park... and played my best round ever!!!!It's a 9 hole course so played twice. Each 9 is par 28, I scored 39 and 34, for a total of 73, which is +17.I'm sure to many that doesn't sound great but I am very happy with it. It included 5 pars and a birdie!!!I was in the bunkers 5 times, but did pretty well to get out of them too.Also re. the range, I do usually take and hit other clubs. I was only using the 7 iron alone last couple times due to only focusing on my posture at address really. But yes in future I will be back to swapping between clubs and not rapid firing off one club.I did notice today that I generally pulled my shots, which costed me bunker time. But they went straight!