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  1. I've played the course where the Arkansas qualifier was played and they absolutely change conditions for the qualifier - grow up the rough, speed up the greens, etc. The layout is the same but longer rough and faster greens at that course will change the dynamics a bit. Obviously the longer yardage playing from the tips has an impact, as well. At work I sit right next to this 20 handicapper that is the subject of discussion and I think Kyle is right in saying he's more along the lines of a 25(ish) handicap. He doesn't practice much and plays maybe once a week. From 6000-6300 yards he'
  2. I'm a HUGE advocate of the Orange Whip and carry mine in the bag with me pretty much full time (unless I'm walking the course because I don't need the extra weight). I'll use it for about 15 minutes every night while watching TV in my living room and always start my warm up on the range with 15-20 swings. Great at getting the 'feeling' of tempo and swing plane planted in my mind before I pick up an actual club.
  3. Are you referring to our mutual buddy? Because, if you are, I'd love to be there to witness that round of golf. No chance he breaks 127 from the tips in Qualifier conditions.
  4. Driver / 3 Wood / 3 Hybrid 4 iron thru PW Gap, Sand and Lob Wedge (50/54/58) Putter
  5. Modern tech really allows for more adjustability than anything IMO. Go get fit, like others have suggested. The right shaft/head combo and getting those head settings in the right spot will make the most difference. Honestly, a good driver fitting is something I really need to go through myself.
  6. I did Crossfit for about a year with a co-worker. We loved it but didn't dedicate as much into improving my diet as I did in working out. Sadly I was doing one of the Open workouts and went WAY past where I should have on a workout and really hurt my lower back. Also ended up getting a hernia (not really that big of a deal) and had to take a break. I haven't gotten surgery for the hernia yet but plan to this winter and I might go back to Crossfit next year. The instructor for my morning group ended up opening his own box. He's a really solid guy and preached 'go at your own pace' rel
  7. Played in a 2-day Golf Channel Am Tour Major while I was down in Orlando (won my handicap flight). Shot 86-86 both days, which I'm pretty happy with given how windy and hot it was all weekend. 1st Round @ Championsgate CC: http://www.gamegolf.com/player/cacesmith/round/1611314 2nd Round @ Championsgate International: http://www.gamegolf.com/player/cacesmith/round/1611315
  8. I've got a couple rounds under my belt now with the i200s and so far I really like them a lot. Coming from a forged set previously the feel is a little different. Not bad, per se, just different. That aside, the looks and performance are outstanding. I love the white line on the bottom groove and have always been a huge fan of the Ping alignment aids on the grips. Ping clearly gets it when it comes to making the game easier.
  9. At my old home club I always told myself I'd move back to the Tournament tees (the "tips") when I could shoot even par from the Member tees. That never happened so never moved back. That said, maybe try it out once and see how you score. I think it mostly depends on your comfort level and ability with a longer club or two for your approach and your short game to get up/down if you miss the green.
  10. I have a friend who played Augusta in October 2015. Zero grandstands anywhere on the course outside of the Masters.
  11. You nailed it KP. Hell, I'd say that many folks don't understand or appreciate the amount of work required to get to a low single-digit handicap, let alone what it takes to turn pro or even play at a high Am level. There are a lot of really good golfers around here and the fact that no one advanced in the Mid Am says a lot.
  12. I play on the Golf Channel Am Tour and I'd say that everyone I've played with either holds a legit or a vanity handicap. That said, I played on another Am Tour when I lived up North and it was a joke. You'd have guys playing in handicap groups claiming to be a 16 or 17 handicap card an 80 multiple tournaments in a row. It was so bad I had to quit that tour. Thankfully the GCAT keeps it tight (for the most part). As for scrambles, I enjoy playing a few charity events during the year but I never have any expectations of winning, especially with a large group because I know someone will
  13. Kind of a busch league move by Dufner but I'm not losing sleep over it or offended in any way. He was looking at a nice win and a big paycheck so I can understand where his frustration would stem from. I'm sure he and his caddy discussed it after the round.
  14. I've never rooted against anyone on Tour before but you better believe I'll be pulling for this jerk to miss the cut.
  15. Nice work!! I just got my i200s last week and have played one round and a couple range sessions. Still getting used to them but so far I'm pretty impressed with how they perform all around. Coming from a forged set of irons the feel is a little different...I'd say it's marginal...so that's the only thing I've really noticed right away. Distance is spot on, though and they fly straight so no complaints there.
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