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  1. Hmmmm technically speaking I can see that.. Yet, I hit my woods pretty well, even of the fairway and I can assure you that the swing feels and looks different than my irons. Perhaps only slightly but enough to have to make the necessary adjustments.
  2. I play with this buddy of mine who shoots in the low to mid 100s. He is not as aware with pace of play as I am. He insist in putting everything, even the 5 inch gimmies and such, he says he likes to hear the ball going in the hole. I tell them sometimes as we fall behind and for the sake of keeping place he should take my not always generous gimmies. He refuses because he wants to see if he is improving...I say really??? I pick up if I blow up in a hole and I get more than triple and he gives me a hard time. I think there are more productive ways to see if he is improving, if he is shooting 110!...such as fat shots, hooks, slices OBs and such...but 5 inch putts?... What do you think?
  3. To answer the question, YES.. I gave up my 3 iron...is really a shame cause I always thought I would learn how to hit it. The 5 wood however has done well for me. But how can you drop your driver? No way...I can hit mine, not very long but enough to hold my own..I work on it all the time. One of these days I will figure out how to hit 250 plus I keep saying. I went to see an instructor for it, he asked me what I needed help with? I say "I really want to learn how to hit my driver long, he said..well, lets look at your 6 iron...I said, If you don't want to teach me the Driver swing I'm not interested..so I left.
  4. I had a 60 for a long time and it ruined my golf life. Now I have a 58 and is a lot better and I'm using my gap wedge for chipping a lot more...so you are in the right track. 60 is a specialty wedge for the advance player.. I'd say that a large percentage of fairway shots and tee shots don't go in the hole, no matter what.
  5. I dont know what you are talking about.
  6. The US is just too far behind to compete with the amount of quality of Korean girls. If indeed girl's golf in the US is growing we might be able to compete down the road.
  7. Right. I land short more times than not. The main reason is due to not making a fully confident swing. But I do feel more comfortable being short in front than long in the back or long off to the sides. It seems that the safest place to miss is short in front...
  8. I had some success with releasing the head of the putter a little more when the ball has to go over the rough.
  9. Why not? Starting fresh from scratch seems to be a great idea for folks like me who had so many misconceptions of the golf mechanics. My problem was, I did not understand the cause and effect. If i was to be asked to start all over again today, I still would consider it.
  10. I took some lessons from this one guy, who told me I had to drop everything I knew about the swing cause it was wrong, he said it would take me 3yrs to become a lot better. I agreed to work with him. I had a really hard time executing the moves because I didn't fully understand the mechanics. He moved away. Looking back now I know he was 100% correct. I wished I would have know more about the swing then, I would have progressed a lot faster.
  11. That sir is an excellent response. I think @Joeyvee is looking to reduce his score (aren't we all), and although there might be more than one way to skin a cat, I believe the right way to reduce score in Golf is Long tee shots on fairways, GIR, and putting...you can always scramble with the short game and a good bounce here and there and score, but inconsistency would probably be a problem. If I was in his situation, I would certainly focus in GIR.
  12. Of course Paige is going to disagree with the suggested dress code changes. Paige is making money with her cleavage more than with her golf swing. Do not get me wrong, as male I love to watch her videos in skimpy outfits and such, so I am not complaining. In all honestly though, I personally can no longer take Paige seriously, that is the price you pay for using certain marketing strategies that are a little risque. Regarding the outfits in the LPGA, Michelle Wie has pushed the boundaries a little. I went to see her in the Kia classic and her yoga pants were..how do I say it....distracting to say the least ...not to mention with her new swing and posture where she needs to keep her rear end as far out as possible it made watching her golf swing a different type of entertainment. The rest of the girls however seem to be more online with the expected professional look and they were still fun to watch and appreciated as good athletes. I do like the idea of keeping the ladies online with a professional look should be. Golf can be a fun family event and kids should not be expose to certain looks at an early age.
  13. I practice mostly on mats. But I am very aware of contact. If the ball flies well but my contact felt or sounded nothing than pure...that swing in my book was not good. The contact issues I might have during a round are not driven by practicing in mats. I will say however that firm mat practice can make you a picker of the ball where you might not take much of a divot...not a terrible thing in my opinion. I mostly practice swing mechanics and such so I can do it anywhere.
  14. A friendly modest bet with familiar faces I would take just to be social. Never with strangers. I never suggest betting myself. The game is hard enough for me and the pressure to execute during my swing is always present, I don't need any added b.s. to distract me from playing the best I can. When I play well I have the most fun..screw the bet.
  15. @Aguirre You handled it the best you could. I don't know how old your parents are but if I see older folks with a younger fellow, common sense would dictate that there might a family group. In that case I would be more patience and remind myself how important those times can be. If I was in your shoes playing with my parents and keeping pace, I would unfortunately have a little chat with them and tell them. If I'm playing with friends then I would let it slide.... Almost always I can deal with jerks patienly..almost.