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  1. Take him to the driving range and drink beer! Then put in a three some on a prime time weekend. He'll either never comeback to golf or decide to take the fight.
  2. Well what can I say. When I started I really didn't care enough to even quit. As I got better I had less tolerance for stupid bad swings that creep in and I want to quit more often than not. I'm gonna get grill for this but, be it and please don't take this the wrong way...my advice to you...is Quit while it doesn't mean much to you. After investing time and money and trying almost everything you'll find that what you learned might just be enough to get you going and get better...well may be, just may be. But then it will be much harder to quit. Golf is not for everyone. I don't think is for me but I'm too freaking deep in it now.
  3. I remember looking at these before I bought my second set of Mizunos. What kind of player are you? Do you seek distance over feel? The M2s were the longest irons I tried. They were less costly than the Mizunos, the shop had a small discount on the TMand they were quite forgiving YET.. I paid quite a bit more and bought the Mizunos. I do not considered myself a good golfer. As of matter of fact, my swing sucks a little more than before.haha..but if there is one thing that keeps me a high handicapper coming back to golf, is the feel and the mute sound of a well stroke Mizuno iron. The ones I have are forgiving and long enough for my game. TM M2s did not fill the gap of enjoyment despite the impressive distance. Don't get me wrong, if I was to win a set of clubs I would probably like them more than if I would have bought them and perhaps keep them for the range and second rounds. I would be curious to see your take on the TM after you get them. Congrats on the win.
  4. http://www.golf-monthly.co.uk/videos/long-game-tips/why-do-i-shank-my-wedge-shots That drill is not enough to fix a shank if the problem is an in to out swing issue. Diagnose the type of shank is first IMO.
  5. Woooow. I thought I was a rarity. Since I got serious about my swing and started working on it, I experienced the Shanks. I shanked a full buckett a full round, chips, pitches, wedges, irons...you name it. It takes me a few days to get rid of them. The shanks have affected the way I swing...it has created insecurity, tension, shorten my swing and restricted my lower body movement. Yup, all to prevent a shank. If it wasn't for the shanks I would be a single digit handicapper. So I have being study the issue on and off. First you need to understand what kind of shank you got. Swinging in to out shank? , out to in? lack of release shank? Too close to the ball shank? Other? Yup, there are several types and reasons that cause it. Mine is mostly a combo..coming too far from the inside and my left (right for righty) knee moving towards the ball during the down swing. But I had a lack of release shank before while working on lag. *Posture is number one. But you need someone to video you. Turning your hips while keeping your butt out can be tricky. *An in to out swing is actually fairly easy to fix. There are many drills online to help you taking the club away in the upswing with the club more in front. *The lack of release shank can be fix with a more relax grip and proper forearm rotation and without loosing the connection. *To test if you are getting too close to the ball watch a video of how far to the ball you should set up. And check if you loose your balance forward from time to time, you might just be leaning forward in the downswing. * Check your right shoulder in the down swing make sure you are not throwing it at the ball on the downswing. *Learn to stay connected..throwing your arms out towards the ball during the downswing creates all kinds of problems. The shanks suck and people who rarely experience them they don't understand what a struggle it is to swing with the thought that they can show up any time. My biggest petpeve from those folks is when they tell me.."you are over thinking it"...it makes me want to put them in my shoes..lol. Search videos about the shanks but don't settle for the simple "stand further from the ball"...there is a lot more to it..not everyone has the same shank problem. Good luck.
  6. I sent a pm with a little info. @gregsandiego, the more you make it an issue the more it grows on you and it becomes an obstacle. I played a full round of shanks once and lost about 6 balls while playing in a foursome. I was pretty upset and discouraged... I had to go back the next day and play again to get over it. It is not as important to play well as it is to be pleasant and polite...as of matter of fact, a series of bad shots and swings with good sense of humor can be perfect ingredient to drop the pressure for the entire group. @Hacker James, I played that course and it is fun. Great place to practice Iron shots. If you need a playing partner to play it again, let me know.
  7. This is an interesting posting. I am very much and arm and upper body dominant swinger. That is because when I activate my hips, I end up dipping a knee or simply turning towards the ball and and shanking. I also find the hip mvement o be the most complicated piece of the swing. When I'm swinging well, I do fell my hips moving sideways a little towards the target while turning at the same time and I hit them further, but is difficult to repeat under pressure. I noticed that the hip turning w/o moving a little sideways is easier to execute. If you could post a video it would be awesome.
  8. I'm with you on that. I was making a joke cause the chances of getting a resident rate at Torrey for non SD residents are slim to non. As far as I know so far we have a foursome that includes your daughter. Howie, you are welcome to send me pm. If you want to play or do a range session. I'm in north san Diego county.
  9. ...I live in Carlsbad and I drive to Coronado to play. I also would drive north and have drove to Yorba Linda to play Black and Gold. I tell you what, get us all attendees the SD city resident rate and I'm in for Torrey! With that said if there is a course that is conveniently located for most I personally would be ok to drive.
  10. This is an interesting topic. I don't battle with it as much as I used to. I would show up solo at a course during prime time to get paired up with strangers and put my swing thru the test. Over time I started to do better. Jason Day,s routine works for me.. Close my eyes, really breath, picture my mechanics and the shot, then one last deep breath and commit...if the shot doesn't go well, I analyze and prepare for the next one.
  11. I pmd you and @Hacker Jamesonly, since I do not recall anyone else expressing interest. But if there are other folks willing to join by all means, we can work it out. My reference was score related but I got the joke. @Hacker James, I'm glad your daughter is willing to join.
  12. I also think that San Clemente muni is a nice summer choice. Lets pencil Saturday 08/19 in the morning. San C!emente does not take tee times until 7 days before, so the earliest we can secure a tee time for the 19th is the 12th. I will PM on the 10th to make sure you are still on.
  13. OK folks is time to put something in the books and play a round. I'll start with my preference, feel free to share yours. Days : Thursday, Friday or Saturday Dates : 08/ 04, 05, 11 or 19th....I prefer sooner than later. Times: Am or Twighlight ? Afternoon works best but I can do mornings with a little notice Course : *San Clemente Municipal, Is on the coast, usually in very good shape, is double digit handicapper friendly and a good value. http://san-clemente.org/recreation-community/golf/book-a-tee-time/rates *Marines corps golf course, I never played it before or don't know much about it but I have heard good things. http://www.mccscp.com/golf/ * Arrowood, a little more challenging, I never played it either but I have heard great things about it. http://www.arrowoodgolf.com/ After round activity : A couple of beers and some food. Please respond if you are interested and able to play. I will send PMs to the folks that expressed interest. My game is in transition and is highly volatile...so I can make most players fell comfortable with a nice 90 or a warm 100. Looking forward to it.
  14. Hmmmm technically speaking I can see that.. Yet, I hit my woods pretty well, even of the fairway and I can assure you that the swing feels and looks different than my irons. Perhaps only slightly but enough to have to make the necessary adjustments.
  15. I play with this buddy of mine who shoots in the low to mid 100s. He is not as aware with pace of play as I am. He insist in putting everything, even the 5 inch gimmies and such, he says he likes to hear the ball going in the hole. I tell them sometimes as we fall behind and for the sake of keeping place he should take my not always generous gimmies. He refuses because he wants to see if he is improving...I say really??? I pick up if I blow up in a hole and I get more than triple and he gives me a hard time. I think there are more productive ways to see if he is improving, if he is shooting 110!...such as fat shots, hooks, slices OBs and such...but 5 inch putts?... What do you think?
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