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  1. I re-voted. I selected 3 to 5 this time removing green reading advice. Advice on club selection should save 3 strokes, not so much from the tee as most higher handicappers would tend to be conservative when trying to score better, but rather on approach shots. In my case and people I play with I found we hit shorter irons short of the green but somehow we don't club up. Another 2 on chip vs bump and run and such.
  2. I answered the question with a 9. I'm a 14 handicap (although not officialy) I can tell you that with expert green reading advice, I would save 5 putting strokes, club selection 2 and a little vote of confidence and relax chatting another 2. I would imagine an 18 would be close to that.
  3. The single digit handicapper that missed it off the toe and hit the driver only 270.
  4. I found golf to be a game of tradition and I enjoy that. That is also why I dislike when fans yell...mash potatoes! Or get in the hole! on a 500+ yrds tee shot. As it relates to comfortable and fun. I have a great time with trousers and a polo shirt. I do love shorts for the summer though.
  5. impossible to answer...too many variables, including the swing in itself. I would DEMO the club in mind and take it from there. Some times, I hit my driver 20yrds longer, sometimes 10yrds..it really depends how well I'm swinging that day.
  6. I agree with ready golf. I agree with others putting right after the bunker shot, since all players are by the green. I do not agree with putting out before the guy has even gotten near the green. I think is more rude to the guy in my group lagging behind, than to the group behind mine. Unreasonably slow is one thing but the original post does not read as such to me. I am primarily concern with pace of play over all, yet courtesy to the group I'm in, comes before the others behind. And I'm not talking about a group of buddies either as I might be a lot more casual about the courtesy, but rather 3 other folks I got paired with.
  7. I'm all about paying respects to the occasion by attempting not looking like I don't give a shit. It is a matter of common courtesy. Money has nothing to do with it. Why should you consider dressing up at times? Well, it shows that you care!, it takes time to prepare a nice ironed shirt and a nicely pressed paired of pants if needed be. A wrinkly t-shirt and a pair of cut off jeans IMO speaks pretty loudly. You might say to yourself..I care as much as any one else. The problem however is that it would not show it.
  8. PW 120yrds GAP 105 SW 95 58 60-70
  9. The guy said he has spent quite a bit of money already with the pro. I'm certainly not a great golfer, but a slice should not be that hard to cure for a pro with a guy that has what seems to be pretty decent athletic skills...may be I'm missing something here. But I have taking lessons too from different instructors and I did not find them to be gurus...only one guy made a great difference. I actually learned a lot more on my own based on my research.
  10. I have too and it drives me crazy..and no, I don't give my self a penalty stroke if I'm 100% sure it landed in the fairway. Unless I'm playing with others, out of courtesy and because the rules dictates it. I do not want them to think I'm cheating them either. But if I'm playing by myself I'm mostly practicing, same reason why I would not hit a shot of a tree root and risk getting injured. No I don't take mulligans or give myself 5' gimmes either but I use as much honesty as I can and common sense.
  11. Dang...that sounds like a really difficult course. I thought if you can drive it 250 you can compete outside your average men's club, but apparently I was wrong. The search for longer shots is not an obsession , is a must if you want to compete.
  12. I do not understand why some courses when they move the tees, they provide you with a lousy uneven spot. The game is hard enough and the only place where you get a little break is in the tee box. I don't want to have to adjust my swing because the ball is slightly above or bellow my feet in a tee box. How hard is it to have enough even flat surface to move the box back and forth for repairing?
  13. I don't have an answer to your questions but IMO the challenge for a high handicapper in a very difficult course other than the obvious length is the lie angle on the fairways. Hitting the green from 185 yrds with the ball above or below your feet for a HH is very very difficult, if you hit the green in most approach shots a HH could probably not be able to keep it from rolling out, and finally a HH is most likely going to 3 putt in most holes.
  14. A collar shirt would have made sense to me, but then again, who is to say a baseball cap is appropriate to even receive the trophy? not very classy either. Just playing devils advocate here. I'm not offended by any of it though. Times have changed ask Ricky Fowler, or Michelle Wie.
  15. Wife's don't understand that a round can take 5hrs and the after round hanging and talking about it, is just as fun. It actually sucks to leave the course and jump right in to a wife activity without hanging with the boys after the round, you feel like it is an schedule you have to follow. Be it as it may be..the only thing i know can keep a wife entertain for hours is shopping, so good luck with that. The Spa thing and a little buzz is great but I do a agree that is not enough. If I was you, I would schedule the tee time as early as possible. Wifes on trips don't mind sleeping in..by the time they are ready for brunch is 12 noon, and you are back.