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  1. @iacas, I saw one of your videos about "depth" somewhere. I can't say I tried it. When I make a bigger turn it helps me to come a little more from the inside.
  2. I am not an instructor but ill tell you when I fade, if it is not my grip is my lack of better turn, Yes make a bigger turn. As long as you keep your elbows somewhat in front of your upper body and start the swing with your legs clear the hips propertly and keep your posture, it should work. If you still get stuck you are either dropping your arms behind you or you just out of sync. Or flat out not releasing. Cheers
  3. Then Sandbaggers are not real? If you play with a guy who has shot 90 when you first played with him/her and then that player shoots 79..what do you say? I supposed lower handicappers fluctuation range is expected to be shorter. Recently at my skill level my range so far seems to be between 5 and 8 shots. I can see that it could creep to 10 shots in pretty bad round. My best was 85 a long time a go, I just got very lucky....then recently a true 88, meaning good swings, good drives and good fair short game..but most of my recent rounds are in the 90 to 94 range or so. If I was to shoot 82 tomorrow, I would not believe I have improved that much, I would know that I only got away with a bunch of good misses.
  4. Longer than what? longer than 270 with driver for a recreational golfer..I say, it might not be better. IMO those type of drives can be very hard to hit straight...longer than 230yrds...yes, all day long. 250 with a driver in the fairway I think is perfect. 270+ not on line is a problem...it is a balancing act. The longer I get, the more unforgiving my misses are. A pulled 3 wood of the deck that could have left me in the rough a year ago, is now a for sure OB if the hole is tight. I certainly do not want to worry about making a slow swing to keep it on the fairway though..that causes more problems for me. But I do choose 3 wood over driver of the tee many times to close the gap for error. I think that is a fair compromise.
  5. I played on Friday late afternoon and Sunday because the wife is a way for a few days..so I tried to get in a couple of rounds. I shot a 91 on Friday, I started with a few pars and a couple of bogeys until I got a triple of bogey on a par 5! follow by a double on a par 4. I sliced my driver, tried the miracle shot and bladed my 58 degree wedge over the green....just like that I added 5 strokes in 2 holes. On the back nine I wasn't able to make pars because i lost confidence in my driver. I went to the range on Saturday to work on my driver and I was able to find that I wasn't making a big enough back turn and I wasn't letting go at the bottom. I figured I would have a better round on Sunday. Again I started Sunday's round with a couple of pars and a couple of bogeys until I got to a 205 yrds par 3. I usually hit a high five wood on that hole. I was not comfortable with the set up and right before making the swing a cart decided to drive by as if I did not exist..I pulled hook my shot OB so hard I had to hit another one from the tee....I was fuming, rushing to get it on the fairway i hit again and I pulled it OB again!...that destroyed my attitude and I could not keep my head in the round..as it relates to score my round was over in the fifth hole. I decided to make it a practice round and focus and make as many good swings as possible.
  6. I will share with you that I don't really enjoy this much research and practice...i really don't. I can not wait until my swing is established. I want to go out and play and not have to wonder so much about anything other than trying to make a good swing..weather the ball goes a little left or right, is something that I am ok with. I set a goal for myself to shoot in the 80s more often than not by September., becsuse I don't enjoy loosing balls, getting stuck or hitting a 5 iron 150yrs..I finish the round sore and wanting to find something else to do that is more fun than that..so i either get better and im able to play "decent" golf or I move on. I finally shot in the 80s two times out of the last 5 rounds since i finally started to keep "official" score. And the other 3 times I shot 91 or so im getting there. I have being looking for some clues for my swing and I am finding them...the instructors I've seen recently speak a different language and i feel like telling them but out of courtesy I just don't and don't go back. Once i meet my goal ill be able to just focus on improving slowly and have a lot more fun with it. I'm really not interested in becoming a scratch golfer per say...I just have too many other hobbies to enjoy.. So im with you..but right now, I'm posessed..buuuaaaa
  7. There is no concern to be have really. The way I see it, it is very easy to tell what your prefer swing is, but once that is determined, I feel is good to know what to work on that best suits that swing. I envy folks who do not have to think about their swings..I however need to know, needs to make sense and it needs to fell good...no wonder why I suck.
  8. It is really easy to see weather you have a one plane or two plane swing...take your back swing, hold the position and look back at yourself in the mirror, check to see if the shaft / right arm is on a very similar diagonal line with your right shoulder. If it is above because your arms might be higher then you have a two plane swing. There are lot of youtube videos that show the one plane vs two plane swing for you to understand it. Based on the thought you described it sounds like your swing might be a one plane. Please don't let me get in your head anything that might confuse you or disrupt your swing thoughts. For the ones who do more thinking that necessary like me, I feel is important to understand that ones swing has moving parts that might not belong on other types of swing.
  9. Michelle Wie's parents follow her around even during the pro am at the Kia...it was kind of annoying to watch..is the parents deep envolvement a Cultural thing? If one of the young LPGA players was my kid, I would let mom be close and I'd go watch final rounds and such..
  10. This is one of the few videos that blew my mind and has giving me clarity. Such a basic concept, and critical to know because the amount of information available that rarely mentions weather some of the moves/tips discuss are better fitted for one vs the other swing..
  11. The problem with being TW is that he is expected to win or contend..he unfortunately can not just play and seek to get a good finish...people won't welcome it, they would call it a mediocre performance.
  12. Until I am a single digit I will not buy top of the line balls...I don't know how to control spin, I certainly do not need more spin on miss hits. So I save the money. As long as they feel softer, have some spin and the price is right I am in.. Wilson Staff is my first choice due to price. Srixon soft feel. Last, Bridgestone e6 if I want to spend some extra money.
  13. If you believe there are different type of swings then, there is a risk. Their tip might not work for you and even might hurt your swing because it just doesn't belong there..just saying..if you see their swing is fundamentally similar to yours then maybe. one plane swing vs two plane..I just learned that makes a lot of difference and what might work for you or not. Agree high handicapper have good thing to discuss.
  14. Those are call GAMERS..I could not take their swing advice, their focus is on making that ball go in the hole in the less amount of strokes no matter how you do it...got a slice? play it!, can't chip? put it, can't hit 4 iron? lay up...to each its own but that is not for me.
  15. For me, common sense dictates weather indeed the answer make sense no matter who it comes from. A single digit handicapper might not be very good about sharing the information. Maybe some of those folks are a little naturally gifted and don't even think about mechanics the way others do.I have asked some scratch golfers how they do certain things in their swing and they have a very hard time articulating and some times they say.."I just turn back and I turn thru.." that one is my favorite. A high handicapper might do a lot of reading and although is not able to execute he knows the theory...some say those who can't do teach..I am not always sure about that though. So I will answer your question with NO.