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  1. Thanks for all the input. I guess I have the bug. Can't stop thinking of the game and itching to play. Hope to be a more active on this site and take my game to the next level. and that's where my mind and heart are at. I just don't like the feeling like 'skating on thin ice' when I swing at 90%. But I guess that's where practice comes in.
  2. I'm 32 former all round athlete so not in my best shape I can be. Working on getting fit which I think can add another 10-20 yrds to my game. And I love going for the gusto on a avg par 4 and wedging my 2nd shot. Really starting to fall in love with the game wishing to take it to the next level.
  3. and that's where my mind and heart are at. I just don't like the feeling like 'skating on thin ice' when I swing at 90%. But I guess that's where practice comes in.
  4. I think I may need to take your advice and make a video of my swing. I would say I saw the greatest distance variations with my longer iron 5-4i whereas I slowed my swing down the most. For a good comparison I would say my 6i there was a 20-30 yrd difference between 70 and 90% swing effort. When I'm swinging with confidence 180-190 yrds is my 6i range but when I slow down and concentrate on contact and control it drops to 160-170 which I can easily hit with my 9i. I just feel I'm not getting the best out of my clubs when I hold back impact feels clanky but when I put in the hammer down I barely feel when I make contact. But I do believe I should make a video and have it analyzed.
  5. You are right. I am kind of a big athletic guy so I like weight behind my clubs which I seem to get from stiff steel shafts. May stick with them and see how well I do. Thanks. I think this is the answer I was looking for. I do believe in slowing my swing down I started thinking to much of rhythm and motion dissecting my swing as I go through it. When I put more power behind it I just swing away which may be the difference. I will give the clubs a shot I've heard pretty good reviews about them.
  6. I have been playing golf for about 5 years now but never really invested time into equipment or training but that has all changed. I got a deal on basically mint JPX 800 pro clubs with KBS Tour X shafts. I had my swing speed clocked around 110 at about 90% effort so I was told the X shafts would work for me but I have some worries. The other day on the range I was hitting shots at about 70% effort which I was spreading the ball (slice/hook/fat) but when I bumped up the effort to 90% I was hitting straight screamers that had penetrating flight with fades. Obviously distances between the 2 efforts were incredibly different (50+ yrds) as well. My worry: at 70% I felt more in control of my swing and more consistent with my technique but at 90% I felt that though I maintained my technique I had little control/stability; yet the ball flight was the complete opposite for the 2 efforts. Was this due to the shaft stiffness and slowing my swing down or was trying to slow my swing down throwing off my timing/ tempo causing my troubles? Or is this just a simple case of needing my practice so that I become comfortable swinging my club at 90% effort? What should I do?
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