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  1. Lotok


  2. Lotok

    3 Wood Usage

    I replaced my 15* 3 wood with a 17* 2 hybrid until I can get it working for me. Whenever I pulled it out I was already convinced I would top it, so best to give it a break. I do intend to get the 3 wood working, been working a lot on my tempo which may help a lot. We'll see how the coming season goes.
  3. Lotok

    Golf Shoes

    Decided to go with Callaway Hurricane winter boots, I looked at the FootJoy winter boots, but this years have a suede toe. Why on earth would they put suede on a winter boot?? I'll get shoes in summer and then at least have different ones for in and out of season, may slow the damage :)
  4. Lotok

    Practicing Golf - I Get Bored Easily

    I find it alright for about 20 minutes, then I get bored. I will hit fine and then as my concentration lapses I start making stupid mistakes and shanks. That's when I know it's time to stop. Putting practice is different, I last about 5 minutes. I get so bored.
  5. Lotok

    Golf Shoes

    I will take a look at the green joys. I always associated leather shoes with better quality and longevity but clearly that isn't always the case. Thanks for the suggestion, I will check green joys out.
  6. Lotok

    Golf Shoes

    I'm trying! Finding it difficult but it's a work in progress
  7. I seem to have a problem with golf shoes wearing out very fast. I to tend to over rotate on the downswing which causes my right foot to go over on the toe slightly. Now as a result I am going through shoes fast. I bought a pair of dry joys about 7 months ago and they are wrecked. Friction has worn away the entire toe area and there is now a hole forming, so time for new shoes. The obvious answer is of course to fix my swing, slow the tempo or swing a little less but that's an ongoing battle. Does anyone have a good durable,strong option they recommend?
  8. Lotok

    Getting your kids to play

    I have a 6 year old who quite likes putting and chipping when he gets to the range, but getting him there seems like I am torturing him. Not sure If i should lay off and just not encourage him at this point. He's got a decent little swing but looking out for ideas to make it something he asks for more. A way to make it more fun.
  9. Lotok

    On the green etiquette

    I agree with Runnin on that one. it may have been genuinely thoughtless or maybe he was looking to put you off. Really, just take a moment, realign and putt. No point letting little things annoy you.
  10. Lotok

    Impact of lessons....

    I have no natural talent for the game at all. I did about a 4 month block of weekly lessons just to get to where I am at now. It was just pure tenacity and refusal to let golf beat me. Breaking 100 felt like a miracle! Now I am usually around 90-94 on an average round. They do work for sure, but it takes a lot of practice too.
  11. Lotok

    Massive soles on irons?!

    I was also looking at split cavity Nike VRs at the start of this year. I ended up going for the Nike Slingshot HL's They do have a slightly bigger sole but looking down on then you would never know, its disguised well and not offputting. Also they dont feel chunky liek the Big Berthas with fat soles do. I am a high handicapper and have seen significant improvement with the slingshots.
  12. Lotok

    Taking bad game to the course

    If I hit the ball at a driving range I have mainly good, straight shots yet when out on the course I tend to slice alot. The driving range is not always a good place to fix your swing problems. i would say the best way to learn golf is by playing golf.
  13. Lotok

    Counterfeit Callaway X-20

    When we figured out they were counterfeit I tried contacting ebay/paypal but they have a 45 day rule. If you dont complain in 45 days then its your problem. The seller of the clubs has since removed his ebay account. I am told he had several hundred positive feedback which is why she thought it was ok. These people take advantage of novices and people who know no different. My wife isnt a golfer, she didnt even know fakes existed so was not looking out for them. I have to agree also that purposely buying counterfeit clubs is wrong in my opinion. There are moral and legal reasons for me saying that but also quality. A low budget clubs will probaby be a better starting point, or 2nd hand clubs.
  14. Lotok

    Counterfeit Callaway X-20

    Because I have only been playing under a year I was worried I was learning to hit bad clubs well. If I later moved on to "real" quality clubs I may have developed an unorthodox swing which wouldn't work. I didnt want to risk that. I think of them as worthless because I dont want to risk it.
  15. Lotok

    computer not recognizing device

    It depends on what camera you have, does the snapshots go on a SD card? My canon HV30 is HDV and works using HD tape so not all cameras have the SD card facility. Did you try any of the suggestions in this thread?

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