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  1. Why Isn't Golf Taught Like Skiing?

    The need to consider safety is far greater in something like skiing than it is in golf. If you screw someone up in skiing, there's real potential they could get seriously hurt, or killed. If you screw someone up in golf, the worst thing that could happen to them, most likely, is they end up getting into lots of idiotic discussions on golf forums. This leaves the door open for screwball theories and outlandish pursuit. It also seems that many golfers enjoy the relentless search for magical cures.
  2. Not getting arm extension after impact

    Do you worry about purposefully squaring the clubhead with your hands?
  3. Which wines do you prefer?

    A friend once told me, you have to spend at least $10 on a bottle of wine in order to avoid a headache. In addition to skipping the headache, 99% of the time, you'll get a tasty wine too (especially if you're not all that picky). Any other pinotage fans here?
  4. I quit golf...now what?

    Ask Santa for a metal detector.
  5. Unpopular opinions you have about golf?

    Jimmy Walker has the posture of an undertaker.
  6. Exercises to improve stability and balance

    Starting Strength's answer to everything is low bar squats. Need to increase absolute strength? Low bar squats. Want to improve athletic performance? Low bar squats. Want to get bigger? Low bar squats. Best dessert topping? Low bar squats. Etc., etc.. (I'd argue, if you think this is a good way to improve balance, you'd be better off going with the greater ROM of high bar squats.) Even when doing low bar squats the Starting Strength way (which is pretty good, if you want to do low bar squats), they strongly insist you maintain balance by keeping the scapulae directly over the middle of the feet. But...what if you have bad balance? I've always had pretty good balance and never noticed any improvement, in that regard, through any of the weight training I've done (squats, Oly lifts, every kind of deadlift, etc.). I did notice a reduction in flexibility, but as I had always been ridiculously flexible, I wasn't giving up that much. Ditched the weight lifting and started Yoga in August. My balance has gotten better (hm!), all the flexibility (and then some) has come back, and in some ways, I'm stronger than I had been. (Concerning the last, I'll have to see if that's still the case in a year, or if I were just experiencing carry-over.) When considering the specific physical demands of golf: flexibility, balance, coordination, body awareness, speed, the ability to practice regularly, etc., I think Yoga would be far more effective than weight training, especially heavy weight training, as a supplement to one's game.
  7. My Shadow is killing me!!!!!

    Ok, how about...it's a beautiful day. Birds are chirping, the smell of honeysuckle wafts on the gentle breeze, perfect temperature, and it's so gosh darn sunny, you can see your shadow, clear as day. Better yet?
  8. My Shadow is killing me!!!!!

    Bowling alleys are lit, pool halls, too. Same problem with tennis. Even if you jumped off a cliff, you'd have to wait for a cloudy day. What do you do about trees, water hazards, sand traps, the beer girl's mocking laughter, etc.? (Do you eat a lot of soy?) Think of it this way, there are people all over the world dying of dreadful diseases, children dying of dreadful diseases and all their parents can do Is watch, hopelessly. There are people trapped in the middle of horrible civil wars with their loved ones getting killed, no food, iffy water supplies, etc., so if you see your shadow, and he/she's playing golf, you should probably get over that. Feel better?
  9. Unpopular opinions you have about golf?

    As long as we procreate, our survival as a species is assured. It doesn't matter how far off our grasp in reality is. If it landed on/on/in the fairway/green/hole, that's good.
  10. Unpopular opinions you have about golf?

    Not that I know of.
  11. Da Vinci Code Swing Anyone?

    He looks like he's wearing an invisible straight-jacket, as if he were locked up in an imaginary mental hospital.
  12. 'Sup?

    Yeah? How about that? Thanks for your kind words of welcome. Glad to be here.
  13. Unpopular opinions you have about golf?

    Anal retentive adherence to rigid orthodoxy is the number one distance killer.
  14. 'Sup?

    Howdy, all.