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  1. graduating to new irons

    Thanks I've been taking lessons as well. I used to hate golf. I would go a few years ago and leave after 8 holes. This summer I played and fell in love with golf. I go play about 2-3 times a week and have a practice net at the house. The good thing about living in south Texas is the weather is always great here. It's going to be in the high 70s for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. My strong point in my game is my irons and short game. Not so much my driving.
  2. graduating to new irons

    I'm playing this Monday and Tuesday. I'm going to play with the AP1s to see how they feel. If I don't like them I'll trade them in for the Apex.
  3. graduating to new irons

    Thanks for the replies guys. Here's an update. I traded in my Ping GS and my wife's Adams set and got me the Nike Vapor Pros and the got me some Titleist AP1s 716. The weather here has been cold so I haven't gone out to the course yet but I will next Monday. Now I'm debating trading in my AP1s for some Callaway Apex CF16s. I'll keep everyone updated.
  4. Im fairly new to golf. Ive only been playing for 6 months. Im currently shooting 84- low 90s. I bought some new Ping Gs when i started playing. When i bought them they really didnt help me get fitted for these clubs. I walked into my local Edwin Watts store today and tried a bunch of irons. I tried mine, callaway apex, callaway xr steelhead, taylor made M2 tours, and the Nike Vapor Fly pro. I hit the Nikes futher and straighter than any of the other irons. They had the Nike Vapor fly pros on sale new for $499. Would any of you guys trade in Ping Gs for the Nike vapor fly pros or am i just crazy to even think about it? some of the salesmen were telling me not to but i can't argue with the results. I was averaging about 165yds carry and total distance about 178-182yds with the 7 iron. Thanks